On this Shabbat we learn how our Matriarch Rachel’s tears and cry are heard by G-d “And G-d heard Rachel…”   G-d answered her prayers…

So too, on this Shabbat which we are about to begin, G-d is telling His Chosen Children how He is with us, close by, listening to our prayers and feeling our tears.

After 30 years in the exile of the American prison, today Jonathan Pollard, reunited with his wife Esther will celebrate Shabbat in the freedom of their home.

And we, American Jews and Jews at large rejoice with this couple on their first Holy Shabbat together.

After 30 years, Jonathan Pollard and his wife Esther prepare to celebrate Shabbat at home

Some argue that Pollard’s fate could have been another had he not been seen as a high profile prisoner.

I disagree.  I don’t want to dwell in what could have been had we behaved differently.

I say there have been different presidents and different administrations that could have done something to liberate someone who has committed a lesser crime than others but with the only difference that he was and is a Jew.

That has a name.  That’s anti-semitism.

And we should stop excusing that.

All is in G-d’s Hands, therefore we have to accept that our fate is what it is with joy B”H

Let us always remember what G-d Himself said to us:

“I give you life and I give you death.  You should choose life.”

today dafyomi- there is a mention near the bottom about a jail… Pollard


Thanks to Joshua Maraney, from Facebook, who points out that in today’s Daf yomi there is a mention near the bottom about בית האסורון a jail.  An allusion to Pollard leaving jail?  Most certainly.   There are no coincidences.

Amazing our G-d, right?

As Shabbat begins, we send Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Pollard our wishes for Shabbat Shalom u’mevorach.

I cry for happiness for them.

On another note, THIS was written by Yossi Frenkel on Facebook, I am just copying to share it with you:

“I just had one of my most moving experiences at Mike’s Place.

3 women come into the bar, sit down and order, as my waitress isn’t working, I’m working the bar.

When it’s time to pay they call me over to the table and say, “you don’t know who we are, since the attacks we have been coming religiously to mikes place for one reason, to support you”. “Why me”? I ask, “we read the article in the Jerusalem post and decided that we will go every week to support you while you’re out there risking your life to support us”.

I charge there credit card, they leave, I go to clean the table to find ₪360 under a plate, I run after them to let them know to which they say, “we didn’t forget it there, we wanted to be your guardian angels hence the 360, 180 for one side and 180 for the other. I walked back shaking and touched, this is what pushes me to continue

Yossi Fraenkel, Deputy commander of ZAKA’s Jerusalem Team”

G-d bless you Yossi Fraenkel and your team.

And, last but not least, the story of goodness and kindness, of chesed,  that is touching Sara Litman’s life

Sara is the young bride to be who lost her father and brother in last week’s terrorist attack near Otniel.

Sarah has received a special gift from a generous donor from New York.

An anonymous donor has given to Sarah THREE years of rent to start her life off with her husband to be, without having the burden of paying rent.

The planned wedding has been put off due to Sara having to sit shiva (the customary week of mourning) over her father and brother’s deaths.

As we all know,  this is one of the biggest burdens any young couple has while trying to start their lives together.

May the donor be blessed, as we know that HaShem loves and protects the widows and the orphans.

We also know that HaShem blesses the newlyweds, and as such this donor is participating in the work of Hashem.   With thanks to my friend Alan Silver for this good news.

As we celebrate ONLY GOOD NEWS, RAK BESOROT TOVOT, our thoughts and prayers also go for the Malian people, as their country Mali is the victim of today’s brutal terrorism.

In the joy of HaShem my heartfelt wishes for Shabbat Shalom and all the Blessings from Heaven to protect my mishpocha throughout the world.

Now, let’s welcome Shabbat and let’s join our hearts and prayers  on this Special Shabbat as is each of our Shabbat.

From my heart to yours…







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