How could a huge, technically fit Russian passenger jet be downed in the middle of the Sinai?

The airline Kogalymavia, which uses the brand name Metrojet owns the Airbus A321 that crashed in Egypt just 20 minutes after it took off Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport. isAll 224 people on board died in the disaster, making it the deadliest incident of this kind in Russian aviation history.

Kogalymavia/MetroJet Airbus A321 Photo Credit ©AFP

Kogalymavia/MetroJet Airbus A321
Photo Credit ©AFP


Twenty-five children are believed to have been on board, along with 192 adults, from which nearly 140 were women.

Of all, it’s tiny Darina Gromova that has become a symbol of the tragedy and where most of the Russian’s sentiments are focused on right now.

10-month old Darina Gromova, passenger of the Kolavia flight 7K9268 downed in the Sinai Peninsula, Saturday morning 31 October 2015

10-month old Darina Gromova, passenger of the Kolavia flight 7K9268 downed in the Sinai Peninsula, Saturday morning 31 October 2015

People across Russia took to social media to say how touched they were by the story of little Darina.

This “symbol” is ad hoc to show the situation of the passengers of that fatal flight.

In a sense baby Darina indeed represents the 224 people trapped to their doom:  Innocent, unassuming, defenceless.

That description comes to mind as the common denominator of victims of accidents but, more revolting, also the victims of terrorism.

At a press conference,  Aleksandr A. Smirnov, Metrojet’s deputy director for aviation firmly stated:  “We absolutely exclude the technical failure of the plane, and we absolutely exclude pilot error or a human factor.”

However, “The Russian airline does not exclude a terrorist attack or an explosion as reasons behind the 7K9268 flight’s deadly crash.”

Yet, there are some undeniable elements:

The plane had received its bill of technical fitness before departure.

The crew must have lost all control of the plane before the crash as they were not even able to alert what was happening or going to happen.

For the plane to be blown up in two, they suggest  an external mechanical impact may have brutally hit it.

Again, Russian authorities are being careful not to hasten to declare it the result of a terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, declared the owner of the Russian airliner, “Only [an] external force could have broken apart” the jet.  .

Russia has long been concerned about Islamic militant attacks against it. The Russians have fought a long-running Islamic insurgency in Chechnya, where two women armed with hand grenades destroyed two separate domestic flights in 2004.

More important, Russia recently deployed its armed forces in Syria to defend the rule of President Bashar al-Assad and to attack his opponents, including the Islamic State. That prompted calls for a global jihad against Russia.”

New York Times, November 11, 2013 

In fact, when one of the journalists asked them to comment on the statement by the Islamic State claiming the crash was their doing, Kogalymavia representatives call the attention to the fact that such came bearing a slightly different logo than the usually utilised by the barbaric Islamic State terrorists.

But, in the Muslim world nothing is about precision except for their acts of terrorism that they cowardly commit against innocent civilians, for all we know.

No matter how much they are keen in denying anything surrounding the crash, we know there is much more behind.

Obama’s mouthpiece, the New York Times reported hours before the Russian air crash that the anti-American president was deploying 50 highly trained boots in the ground to… Syria!

“WASHINGTON — President Obama announced on Friday that he had ordered several dozen Special Operations troops into Syria for the first open-ended mission by United States ground forces in that country, deepening American involvement in a war he has tried to avoid for more than four years.   [Bold, mine. EB}

He, once again plays with the lives of troops placed under his anti-American leadership.

It is as if though the man was playing on a checkerboard and has the faculty to move the pieces according to his whim.   A tyrant.

He is being pushed to do this, as the NYT explains with clarity:

The escalation came just weeks after Russia inserted itself into the multisided civil war to support President Bashar al-Assad, bombing opposition forces, including some supported by the United States. Although not characterized as a response, the dispatch of American troops further complicates a kaleidoscopic battlefield with varied forces and sometimes murky allegiances.  {Bold mine. EB}


The move was meant to bolster diplomatic efforts by Secretary of State John Kerry, who on Friday reached an agreement in Vienna with countries with opposing stakes to explore “a nationwide cease-fire” and ask the United Nations to oversee the revision of the Syrian Constitution and then new elections. The accord represented the first time all the major outside participants had agreed on the start of a political process to bring the war to an end.”

The timing could not have been more telling.  It shows how the actions of President Putin are causing the reactions of his anti-American counterpart.

A parenthesis:

On May 1, 2011, the anti-American Muslim president Obama announced at a press conference that our arch-enemy and the brain-leader-feeder of terrorism, Osama Bin Laden had been captured and killed.

Obama and his vice-president, Joe Biden, unveiled for the world the existence of Seal Team Six, until then purposefully unknown to the broader public.   They were the ones who caught Bin Laden and who killed him.

That’s the way Bin Laden’s life ended.  Or so we were told.

Be it as it may, on, August 6, 2011, a U.S. Boeing CH-47 Chinook military helicopter was shot down while transporting a quick reaction force attempting to reinforce an engaged unit of Army Rangers in Wardak province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan.

The resulting crash killed all 38 people on board, including 25 American special operations personnel from Seal Team Six.

There is no way that could have happened had it not an inside job within the Obama Administration, maybe a sort of sacrificial offering for having “killed” brother Osama.

My point in mentioning this is that just as the Obama Administration placed impediments in the case of Benghazi, the same has happened in the case of Seal Team Six.

Their manipulation seems to have succeeded blocking the efforts of numerous patriots to indict and condemn Obama and his numerous accomplices, chief among them of course Hillary Clinton and Valerie Jarrett, as well as all his comrades around him.

That is the line of action of the Obama Administration.

Theirs is not a smooth path but a twisted and convoluted one, where they stop at nothing to reach their goals.

By the way, in 2011, all began with Osama Bin Laden’s capture, then was the tragedy of Seal Team Six in Afghanistan and it was finally followed by the Benghazi massacre.  And the Obama Administration was directly involved in all of them, uniquely in one year.  Imagine what we do not know.

Obama’s loyalty to Islam can no longer be disputed by anyone.

It was that loyalty that made him give perform a fake-war against the Islamic State only giving the sub-humans extra time to expand and invade now Europe and the United States.

So, it was no wonder that the Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to assist and save the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from falling prey to the barbarians of the IS.

Which brings us back to our case of the fallen Russian plane.

Again my question is why would it fall precisely in the Sinai, when they fly over so many other countries?

The next question is who hates the Russian president so much?

The answers, respectively, are:   The monsters from the Islamic State and… yes, the anti-American Muslim president.

About the Islamic State, many consider them unable and incapable of performing such a feat.

I disagree.

The Islamic State is playing on both fronts:  Against Western Civilisation and is also using its infrastructure and style to fight us.

By that I mean, they are the oligarchs of terrorism.

They are the billionaires of their field and are investors, financiers and everything in between and beyond those roles.

There is evidence that they count with the backing of kings and sheikhs and probably unsurprisingly with George Soros’s help as well as with the help of the American president, much more worried in showing his allegiance to Islam and the Muslim world than to America.

Desperate times demand desperate moves.

President Assad had recently paid a visit in Moscow to thank his saviour, spiting the evil American and his will to depose him by any means, just as he had done with Gaddafi.

One can say whatever one wants about Assad and Gaddafi but both, with all their imperfections, were part of Team America in the Pre-Evil-Obama-Era.

Think about it, under Gaddafi, Libya was sharia-free.

Thanks to the military help Obama gave the terrorists fighting to depose the Libyan president, they massacred him, took over the power and imposed sharia.  Now, we rarely hear news from Libya as all is nazi-like controlled.

So, when I am told Islamic State could not have brought down the Russian MetroJet Airbus A321, I respond, that the only way they could have done it would have been with the aid of a foreign power who hated enough Putin to stab him in the back and remove the aura of balance and power the Russian president enjoys.

All seems to indicate it was not an accident.

But we must wait until there is enough proof one way or the other.

If it was manmade, only cowards could have done that.

The American people is used to deal with one of them.


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