News have announced that Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are as of today receiving the protection of the American Secret Service, as the top Republican candidates of the 2016 electoral campaign season.

On the democrats side, Hillary Clinton has anyway her own secret service as former Secretary of State.

“As prescribed by statute, authorization for Secret Service protection for presidential candidates is determined by the Secretary of homeland Security after consultation with a congressional advisory committee composed of the speaker of the House, the House minority leader, the Senate majority leader, the Senate minority leader and an additional member selected by the committee,” DHS spokeswoman Marsha Catron said in a statement.

The Washington Post revealed that nominated presidential candidates from both parties began getting protection from the Secret Service following Robert Kennedy’s assassination in 1968. Meanwhile, frontrunners in each party or candidates who face unique threats against their safety get protection under a new process established in 2008.”

Me:  What unique threat can there be against retired neurosurgeon Dr. Carson?   Seriously.


“Secretary Johnson approved the candidates’s requests on 4 November after looking into their poll standings, contributions received and the threat environment the two found themselves in.USA Today reported that despite requesting protection, Carson indicated he was not looking forward to receiving it during a book signing in October. “I don’t feel the need for it, quite frankly, but the Secret Service thinks that I need it, so it is what it is,” the retired neurosurgeon told reporters.”

Carson is right.

The Obama Administration has been dragging on to grant secret service to Donald Trump simply because he has been the only leading force in the fight to take the power away from the Obama team for the upcoming elections in 2016.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie and Governor Mike Huckabee received bad news today.  They have been moved to next week’s minor GOP-debate

Despite their low national poll numbers this has nonetheless delivered a crucial blow to both their campaigns.

On the winners camp, it has been an absolute rule of Donald Trump over all other candidates.

While at one point Senator Ted Cruz was being looked as a potential threat, for now he has been overpassed by Dr. Carson.

Marco Rubio is lost in his in-fights with Jeb Bush which is keeping both on the same side and at the same level.  Losers.

Major republican donors are desperate about Trump’s rise.

They see their fates changing should The Donald win.

The difference between them and him is clear cut:

They have constantly contributed to their favourite republican candidates, grooming some of them since their beginnings, as in the case, for instance, of Marco Rubio who in his quest to become a senator, has been funded by Miami real estate mogul Stanley Tate, an important figure in various administrations, close to the Bush, Romney families.

Official records for any and all donations are available for all interested.

The traditional republican donors have pulled the strings of power on many occasions and have used it only for their and their families own business benefits.

The Donald is a proven leader, well-known to the Chinese president and to President Putin and to all other leaders where the Trump empire has expanded.

Trump has created jobs and his businesses have given jobs opportunities to tens of thousands.

When Trump talks about building a wall, well, he knows what building entails:  From top architects, to civil engineers, designers, materials, just name it.

Surely, his fortune of 10 billion is not huge compared to other few billionaires, but compared to you and me, it is “yuuuge…”

The difference between him and a Gates, is incomparable.

The Donald wants what’s best for America as his country, his people.

Gates has amassed his roughly 60+ billion fortune and he is part of the globalising devil that wants to destroy each and all the countries of planet Earth, beginning with America.

The difference between Donald Trump and the Bill Gates in America is  as sharp as in day and night, life and death.

From day one, Trump has been in it to win.

His reason may also be selfish but it is also altruist.  I could denominate it as selfish-altruist.

From my point of view, the billionaire now wants to be the president of a prosperous country, not of a collapsing country.

He has said it:  “Get rich.”

I know and have met many billionaires.   They are not generous.  Not generous with family, friends or country.

None of them tells the average people, “Get rich.”  It is more likely that they will tell you:  “Get a life!”

Trump is one of a kind.

And on this, many of us agree with him.

The American people at large deserve to improve, progress and prosper through education, jobs, health system that is adequate for people and country, and more.

There is nothing wrong aspiring to have a country where when you tell someone about Erbil, he or she will understand what we are talking about.

Erbil is not a fruit.  No.  Erbil is the capital of Kurdistan.

American children should not be taught the handicapping Common Core of course, but real education to make them learn in joy and prosper with happiness.

The point is to elevate America, not to ruin her.

This is what is guiding Trump.

Now, back to the secret service.

The manipulative Obama Administration has agonised as much as they could not to give The Donald the protection of the American Secret Service that was overdue.

The wicked Establishment have slowly removed Ted Cruz from the limelight, or his donors have slowed down.

Be it as it may, now is the time for them to move forward their other pawn, the only black republican candidate, Ben Carson.

That is why he now looks like he’s closely trailing behind Trump.

More manipulation from the Administration evil mouthpiece, the main stream media.

It was obvious the Administration would not give Trump the rightful secret service he deserved because in doing so, it was almost like admitting he was a serous contender to their democratic candidate.

However, Carson most likely unwittingly is providing them the opportunity to dilute the pill and present him as part of the tandem of Republican candidates at the top.

No matter what the Administration wants to do, they cannot control all polls, and bad news for them came two days ago, when Reuters published these results:


Nothing can hide now that Trump is the absolute leader of the republican pack.

Now republicans and democrats have to deal with it.

God Bless America.



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  • Posted: November 9, 2015 08:14

    Ray Pendleton

    The one thing I try to remember during this process is that ANY candidate will have their proposals sliced-and-diced by Congress and the power structure. It is going to take a VERY strong-willed person, someone with a broad, over-arching vision for America to keep any reform effort on track. I think Trump is that kind of person and manager. They criticize him for no details, but I want someone with a big view, not a micro - manager like Obama that is best suited to obstruction, not creation. As for his "selfish" interests, first I know of no love that ISN'T selfish. Second,that's good. I want someone that has something invested (NOT just money) in this country. I want someone that actually does understand that their interests coincide with American prosperity and security. They will do the job like their life and their loved ones depend on it. That's good, because they do! I still think the comment in "Wall Street" is great, "greed is good", I just modify it to "ENLIGHTENED greed". That's when you realize if everyone else is doing great, a little will probably rub off on you!
    • Posted: November 9, 2015 10:43

      Eliana Benador

      What a thoughtful comment, thank you so much. Keep them coming. Thoughtful, reflected comments are always much appreciated and welcome!