BBC news announce what at first sight seems like a change in policy in Sweden, one of the most welcoming countries in the West towards the Muslim folk.

Muslims from all venues have been welcome for many years already, when in the 1970s Sweden opened their doors to Muslim immigrants.

Muslims have been welcome in Sweden since the 1970s.

Muslims have been welcome in Sweden since the 1970s.

In fact, one of the places preferred by Iraqis to go on exile during the regime of Saddam Hussein was Sweden.

An important detail is that only those coming from the lower levels of the Muslim society would go all the way to the north of the planet, where it is terribly cold in the winter, with temperatures far below, from below zero.

Notwithstanding also the long, endless nights that replace the daylight during winter and the endless days from summertime where one can barely have 2-3 hours night.

Many experts indicate that such geographic characteristic may result in psycho-somatic changes in the human body.

We may be even inclined to question if that could be one of the reasons for the sickening and suicidal symptoms of liberalism in the Swedish folk?

Making a parenthesis, I once had interviewed an important banker from the Muslim world, and I suggested he buy a bank in a Nordic country.

He explained to me, he was not that interested because of the weather.

The gentleman surely prefers to work and visit Monaco or China.

So, let us not hold our breath.

Sweden has announced only the introduction of temporary border checks to control the flow of migrants into the country.

During my visits in 2008 to Stockholm, there was nothing much to be seen or felt.  In comparison, nothing like it was obvious in London at the same time.

Other than a Bangladeshi Muslim woman and her son, complaining about Sweden on the way back to Frankfurt on the plane, there was nothing major to report.

In the last seven years, however, increasing reports of Muslims’ crimes and misdemeanours have percolated the media.   Rapes, honour killing, even beheadings have happened to the gullible Swedes.   But, also there, no one complains.

Yet, we also are aware how the Swedish government has gone out of their way to hush crimes committed by Muslims.

Therefore, no major turnaround can or should be expected from the intrinsically liberal Swedes, as the Swedish Minister of Interior explains:

“…the centre-left government had acted “in order to obtain security and stability… not to limit the number of asylum seekers, but to get better control of the flow of asylum seekers to Sweden”.

Swedish immigration officials say the introduction of temporary border controls will help them register new arrivals and prevent people from staying in the country illegally.”

Fredrik Bengtsson, spokesman for the Swedish Migration Agency, says his organisation picks up people by bus at the border and drives them to its offices, but “once they get there quite a lot don’t enter and get registered but disappear”.

Obviously, Muslims will speak Arabic and will not make any effort to be understood, so most certainly they can give any name.   If the authorities get to understand them.

The overflow  of Muslims coming from Syria to Sweden will continue.

This news is a pure band-aid.

And sadly so, as there is no sign that the Islamic invasion will be stopped anytime soon.



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