Just please understand that a “zionist” is by no length and definitely not necessarily a Torah Jew.
I can almost hear you saying, a Jew is a Jew, he does not need Torah.
You would be so mistaken.

G-d. Torah. Judaism.
Those three are at the origin of the existence of Israel and us Jews.
Without those we would never have existed.
Furthermore, without G-d Torah or Judaism, we would not even be who we are.
And who are we?  We are rather a small group of people whose existence has been mentioned by G-d in the Torah, the book he dictated to Moses during the 40 days he spent up in Har Sinai while millions of Hebers or Hebrews (our direct ancestors) waited and witnessed natures miraculous events until he returned.
For those who know, such a humongous book containing the Divine Wisdom could have never been written by one man and especially not in 40 days.
Unlike Islam, whose prophet has to be believed on his single word, Judaism and Torah are a long standing affair of knowledge and wisdom transmitted for well over 3,300 years.
The intrinsic link with our sources such as G-d Torah and Judaism make a Jew who a Jew is.
While many may choose not to associate with those key elements of our nature, they remain latent in their beings and they are still recipients of G-d’s largesse, of His Kindness and His Miracles.
That’s what explains the brilliance of so many atheistic Jewish scientists.
That’s what explains the magnificent splendour in the Land of Israel whenever the Jews have come back from exile, because no matter what that Land, by Divine Decree, was given to us and to no one else.
It was also never mentioned that we would have to give away any part of it to anyone else.
In plain words, The Land of Israel belongs to us Jews and to no one else.
This is an issue that touches the fabric of who we are and who have we been for over 3,300 years, because FYI, Israel and we Jews were not “created” in 1948.
1948 is the date where the godless Jewish zionists from Europe officially inaugurated their stay in Sion, one of the names alluded by G-d when referring to the Land of Israel.
For all I know they could have as well chosen an empty parcel in Africa or Antarctica.
Therefore, within that background is entirely possible that a Muslim can be a zionist in the army of modern Israel.
The question remains, being a zionist, the man will be loyal to the state o f Israel, not to the Jewish Nation of Israel.
Muslim Zionist soldier at IDF
How long will his loyalty last?
Never forget taqqiya, the right given to Muslims so twist the truth at will, also omit it, if that will serve to the advancement of Islam’s interests, in particular to their key agenda, world domination.
It would be foolish and at your own risk to ever forget taqqiya when dealing with Muslims.  Yes, Muslims at large.
In Islam, they are the largest family unity, remember that always, as well.   Their family links are strong, unlike the same in the West.

You may read this in this Muslim Israeli soldier’s own words:

“From the age of zero I was told that Israel stole Palestine from us, but when I was 14 I woke up. I discovered that Jews are not bad,” says Ala Wahib, an operations officer at a key IDF training base, and the highest-ranked Muslim officers in the Israeli army.”

This is not an issue that is debatable, I just wanted to share with you what I know, who we are and that despite all the aggressions we have been submitted to, we are the longest living human group in the history of the world.
So, we are sturdy. We are here to stay.
G-d promised it to our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

He promised He would keep His word forever.

And He continues doing so.


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