Can it be, that Saudi Arabia leads a Muslim coalition against Islamic State? Sounds idillic.  But before jumping of joy, such news deserve close scrutiny.

Considering that lately there is a tendency to create and sponsor coalitions in the Muslim world, public opinion is realising that they are mostly shaped to minimise hurting feelings of different groups.


Above all, they are destined to fight “Islamophobia” which is seen as the senseless prejudice of Westerners which according to Islamphiles, is completely and viscerally unfounded.

In one stroke, their selective memory erases the fact that Koran and sharia order their faithful simply to kill infidels, whoever is not Islam compliant and/or has missed the great chance to convert to the uplifting religion of peace.

Surely, in some extreme cases like in Yemen, Saudi has sent his fighter jets and caused some damage among Yemenite tribes and terrorists.  Big deal.

Recent, news have announced Saudi Arabia has created a new coalition of 34 Muslim countries to stop the spread of Muslim terrorism.   Nice.

U.S.-led coalition last year said Persian Gulf Arab powers had made a strategic gamble months ago to focus their military resources on a war against Houthi rebels seen as Iran

“Today there are a number of countries that suffer from terrorism, for example Daesh in Syria and Iraq; terrorism in Sinai, terrorism in Yemen, terrorism in Libya, terrorism in Mali, terrorism in Nigeria, terrorism in Pakistan, terrorism in Afghanistan and this requires a very strong effort to fight,” Saudi Defense Minister Salman said, according to CNN. “Without a doubt, there will be coordination in these efforts.”

The coalition’s joint operations center will be based in Riyadh.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, CNN reported that the coalition will include Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Turkey, Chad, Togo, Tunisia, Djibouti, Senegal, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Gabon, Guinea, the Palestinians, Comoros, Qatar, Cote d’Ivoire, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria and Yemen.

How efficient will this new coalition be?

No one knows.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is gearing to help out Egypt’s failing economy.

“Saudi Arabia agreed to invest 30 billion riyals ($8 billion) in Egypt through its public and sovereign funds, with inflows beginning immediately, Egyptian Investment Minister Ashraf Salman told reporters in Cairo on Wednesday. Egypt is also set to renew a deal to import Saudi oil products for 5 years on favorable terms, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said.

A government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, saidon Tuesday that the kingdom is considering buying local treasury bonds and treasury bills instead of depositing dollars with the Egyptian central bank to bolster Egypt’s foreign currency reserves.

The promise of funds suggests Saudi Arabia remains committed to supporting Egypt even as plunging oil prices and the war in Yemen strain the kingdom’s public finances. Egypt’s currency crisis caused business activity to contract the most in more than two years in November, and a new aid package would provide dollars needed to import capital goods and raw materials, and help authorities avoid an uncontrolled currency devaluation.”

On their part “Egypt said ahead of talks with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in Cairo on Tuesday that it planned to offer “major” projects in return for support.

At the same time in the on-and-off relationship that Saudi Arabia entertains with the Muslim Brotherhood, one can wonder what a rapprochement to the Al-Sisi government means.

Who can forget that General, now President al-Sisi lead his people to overturn the then Muslim Brotherhood-backed-then-President-Morsi.

Be it as it may, in recent days there have been no mixed signals from Saudi Arabia.

The King’s nephew and multi-billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, made a stunning show of the globalising mood the kingdom is into and the gentleman did not refrain, as we will see.

Bin Talal flat out called on presidential candidate and frontrunner, Donald J. Trump, to withdraw from the race.

With the abusive meddling in the internal affaires of another country, we have yet to hear that Saudi Arabia once and for all has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to IHS Janes, for instance:  “The Islamic State can only be defeated by the capture and proper policing of territories it controls and there is no evidence as of yet that the alliance will provide the forces necessary to do that.”

But even if that were the case, the recent “Syrian migration” to the West has also facilitated the infiltration of terrorist operatives in the West, which added to the already existing terrorist training camps, can compensate any losses suffered by the current caliphate, the Islamic State.

There are many eggs of snakes ready to reproduce and spread throughout the world.

Therefore, despite all the relative good news that they are creating a coalition “to  fight Muslim terrorism,” the source that inspires it still remains unchanged.

This terminally ill world does not need the make-believe Saudi palliatives that will soothe and calm the moribund.

That’s how we know that Saudi leaders with their newly invention, the “Islamic military alliance,” are not seriously aiming to stop once and for all, the Muslim terrorism.

They are even less ready for a real and thorough revision to impose religious reform to stop inspiring and promoting abuse, hate and terrorism against innocent populations who they love to call the “infidel” peoples of this world.

In a nutshell:  despite all coalitions against “Muslim terrorism,” Saudi Arabia’s position remains unchanged.

Koran-inspired terrorism will continue to wreck havoc in our world.



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