Tevet 19, 5776 · 31/12/2015

As that time is approaching, when our calendars will once again be reset to day one, the time to make a point is furtively here as the hours and minutes run away from us.

NOTE - Happy New Year 2016 EB



I will just mention some painful, sickening examples:

That of the Islamic States Muslim barbarians mass-beheading innocent Christians, yazidis and all those defenceless populations that have had the misfortune to be along the road of the savages.

That of the most horrendous betrayal in the history of mankind:

A president who, elected to represent, protect, nurture and even defend with his life an entire nation of over 330 million compatriots, has ended betraying people and country.

Barack Hussein Obama is the most despicable example of betraying the well-being and interests of the people who elected him or not.

Thus, my last point, will be about both of the above:

How the American president has sabotaged America and Western civilisation allowing the Muslim beasts from Islamic State to reenergise and re-invigorate, as they are now flooding the West, and therefore no massive military action in Syria and Iraq will ever stop them from expanding and developing.


I will begin with something positive that happened in the last part of 2015:

The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s will to fight the Islamic State for “real.”

In a display of strong leadership, he stood up to Obama and the rest of the “European members of the coalition,” and has been going full force against the barbarians.

Sadly, not even that will change the evolution of the Daesh, as the Islamic State is also known.

But it gives us a glimmer of the taste of having that long lost leadership that the left has keenly being fighting to erase from our lives.

Now, for the Hope for 2016, my readers know what I am going to refer to.  Much rather “whom” I will refer to.

Yes.  It is him:

Donald J. Trump, our ferocious, indefatigable and supreme frontrunner presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

Trump.  A name that I have known for the last decades of my life.

Impatiently, I have been asking to a common friend:  “When is Trump running for president?”

For full disclosure I have never met Donald J. Trump in person, sadly.  Maybe one day.

He is there, America.

You got him if you want him, if you can do all it takes to keep him, for he’s a keeper.

All the naysayers are frantically and viciously attacking him for many reasons.

Pundits are too arrogant to allow anyone who does not belong in their so-called intellectual circles to shine and brighten the days our lives as he does.

They forget Trump is alumnus of the exclusive and worldwide recognised Wharton School of Business, which in its field is at the same level of Harvard.

Career politicians have also another reason:  They are not only civil servants, but their positions come with perks.  Among those are the untold and, of course, unofficial bribes they get and think they “deserve” for services rendered to big corporations and powerful businesses.

Donors are also enraged because they know they will not be counting on him to advance their businesses.  A real nuisance.

His fellow candidates to the presidency know well they cannot touch Mr. Trump’s air because he is so way above their league.   They just are stubbornly keen in getting to that presidency, it’s been too long that a republican has not been able to benefit from it.   They know this Trump guy will not allow them to do as they will.

Everyone knows Trump is serious.

He has been serious from forever.

With thanks to my friend @CarmineZozzora / Twitter.

They know Trump wants the best for country and people.  How dare he?

And the beautiful American people of all backgrounds are reacting to his Love of America.

How refreshing, to find a man who under the wrong vision some pretend to know of him, hides the pure love of a man for his country and his people.

Americans know it now.   Trump is their guy.

A small note about G-d and Trump.

I am a religious, observant woman.  I am a proud Jew.

I want to share with you some conclusions that I have drawn along the road:   No matter which religion you are, or even if you are religious.  What actually matters are your values and how you implement them in your everyday life.

Do you help that man who is disoriented?  Do you rush to save kids from getting astray from their parents?   Do you visit your sick?  Do you keep in mind those lonely people around you?  Do you smile at people to share your joy of living with them?  You get my point.

Trump may not be religious.  He may not see eye to eye with me on several issues and I am aware of that.

But right now what is most important is that he is a true patriot.

Do we even know what a patriot looks like?   Now we have been reminded, so much that he is risking his life.

Remember that.  He deserves our respect and our thankfulness for that.

Do not take him for granted.  We are so lucky.  America and the world are so lucky.

Please make sure to vote.

Arm yourselves with arguments to defend his candidature.

In the next days and weeks and until the last second before the campaign process, I and my many colleagues are going to be providing necessary information.

We are together in this.  We are together to save America.  And the world.

As I finish this HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 note, I pray to G-d that He in His Infinite Grace and Mercy, allow for the right change for America and the World at large.

May the Forces of Good be blessed and stronger than all else throughout the year 2016 that is about to begin.

G-d bless America

G-d bless the World.



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