In an apparent oxymoronic convergence through the pages of History, we find two critical events marking the path of mankind’s existence spanning over three centuries.

On the one hand, a frustrated man rising up in a country he was not born in, Germany, at the end of the XIXth century.

That man, born in neighbouring Austria has always been considered in history books a German leader.

At a later point, we find another man in another continent, who never provided a legitimate proof of his place of birth.

Somehow, however, this man managed to be elected president despite that said key document was missing.

So a professional community organiser, a trouble-maker, got elected to the highest job in the nation.

You know already who they are:  Adolf Hitler and Barack Hussein Obama.

Both became tyrants of their countries.

From the beginning, however, Hitler was open about his intentions to raise Germany to greater heights.

He unabashedly unveiled his evil project to “purify” Germany.

Obama, on the other side, sleazily switched his agenda once in power, without submitting it to anyone officially.


In my view, they share a common denominator, the pitiful word “Holocaust.”

Surely Hitler perpetrated the most abominable Holocaust against six millions Jews as well as other minorities such as gypsies, handicapped, and others.

His ruling was ruthless.


The evil of his time was the worst seen so far.

But alas, the world had not seen the worst yet.

Obama’s shaking the ground of the Muslim world as we knew it, has caused the beginning of a holocaust that may have began during our lifetime but no one can tell when it will be over.

Christians, yazidis, and other minorities are being persecuted and hunted by the incomparable bestiality of the Islamic State terrorists.

They have been abandoned by the Christian pope but also by the incredible indifference of the American president, busier absorbing throngs of mostly strong, healthy Muslim male invaders.

Obama’s infamous 2009 Cairo Speech caused the Arab Spring which  in turn demolished the precarious house of cards in the Muslim Middle East.

In order to prepare for this article, I have listened to many video documents that remain as testimony of Adolf Hitler’s plans and preambles to his countless and horrific monstrosities.

Nonetheless, when he used to address the German people, he spoke vehemently of the Vaterland, the Father Land.

Hitler as hideous a criminal as he was, had a major concern:  He wanted to make Germany strong and his main policy in a nutshell was:  “Germany for Germans.”

I will not stress enough that what Hitler did to the human condition, was despicable and beyond comprehension.

However, for the purpose of this analysis, I want to make abstraction and look at him from the point of view of a statesman.

The reason I am comparing Barack Obama to Hitler is that they both have aimed for the mass destruction and persecution and hunting of masses of human beings.

Hitler was open about that though the hunt and catch was camouflaged, hidden from the victims who dutifully accepted to be transported in trains, unknowingly to their doom.

Hitler’s victims suspected something was wrong and yet they did not offer any resistance when the time came for them to obey the call of the Nazi Germans.

Sounds familiar?

Patriotism and Betrayal

What separates Hitler and Obama is the love and lack thereof, for their respective countries.

Monster Hitler loved his country.

That sickening love was his leitmotif to act and do what he needed to do that, according to him, was the best for Germany and for Germans.

Obama on the contrary.

He applied for the job as president of the United States of America and got the position, but immediately surfaced a different agenda.

Without asking for consent from the American people, Obama has unilaterally proceeded to fulfil his globalist agenda

Unknowingly and dutifully, Americans have walked the path their president has marked for them.

Part of the globalising agenda is to mutilate each country of their borders, their individuality, their culture, their interests and their economy, finances, and so on.

Enslaving the population to the claws of unique globalist power is the ultimate goal of the globalist leaders on this earth.

Obama has gleefully added trillion over trillion to the national American debt, a way to indirectly enslave the future of over 330 million Americans to their dwindling and drowning economy.

In all, he has doubled the debt made by all the previous presidents put together.

Now, America’s national debt is at almost 19 trillion.

Obama’s American Holocaust

According to the dictionary, holocaust means:  “a great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire.  OR a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.”

I imagine my readers wondering how do I bring in this word when Obama and his clan have not burned anyone.  True.  And not.

Hitler incinerated six million Jews in front of the eyes of the world, their lives were shattered and those who survived carried their invisible scars with them, in dreams that were mostly nightmares of the trauma they were submitted to.

Obama has until now made over 50 million jobless, almost 50 million Americans are on food stamps, uncountable millions Americans suffering from lack of proper medical care.

To those must be added the massacre of American babies, unborn and who are extirpated from their mother wombs due to the criminal policies of the Obama Administration that are funding and allowing Planned Parenthood, the free abortion organisation of America, to sell baby parts for profit.

I have called it the “Baby Holocaust.”

He has used and is still using American patriotic soldiers for his purposes.  In the fight against the Islamic State, American pilots complain the Obama Administration did not authorise them to crush the inhumane terrorists that perpetrate horrors against innocent civilians.

Islamic State Salute

The above is but a short list.

I want now to review the human tragedy behind those numbers, what makes it amount to a “holocaust.”

A jobless American is not an isolated entity.   As a  rule of thumb, each of them has a family, either parents, or he has a wife, or she has a husband,  in which case, they have children.

No job for a breadwinner means that the entire family suffers.  Less food.  Children needs are endless.  They need appropriate clothing, books for school, medication in case they are sick, etc.

Being a jobless is not a clear cut.   It has ripples and traumatises the entire family.

Nowadays, the majority of Americans do not have enough to make ends meet at the end of each month.

Homeless Americans also have families.  And their personal tragedies remain hidden, but we must think of them, we cannot just ignore those facts and those collateral casualties of the war this Administration is waging against the American people.

One way or the other, the president and the majority of government officials elected by the people, have betrayed their constituents interests.

In my book I call that the American holocaust, and this is only beginning.

With the millions immigrants of all sorts Obama is importing and gleefully welcoming with all the perks that should only be given to legitimate American citizens or naturalised, they will soon begin the harassment and persecution, the hunting and the chase.

Thus, I am taking the liberty to enlarge the notion of holocaust from the mass murder of living human beings, also to those whose lives are shattered forever because they will be unable to find a job or shelter whereby he/she and their families will be submitted to those traumatic, strenuous experiences.

Hitler never did that to his people, his goal was rather to make Germany blossom.

He wanted the German people to enjoy the best living standards, because he thought the world of them.

He did horrors to my own Jewish people, for which I can never condemn him enough and most certainly I will never forget or forgive him and the Nazi monstrous machine.

However, in principle Hitler’s goal was not to harm his own people.

Obama’s International Holocaust by Proxy

In the same vein, with his sympathies towards the murderous terrorists of the Muslim world, Obama has facilitated that they commit crimes against humanity.

Their victims have been Christians, Yazidis, Copts and many more.

And what’s as bad is that in this time and era, horrors committed by beasts are propagated via the internet to every corner of the earth.

Peoples worldwide are looking with their own eyes horrendous beheadings or watching little children playing football with actual human heads.

In the past, even during Hitler’s era, his savagery was not watched “live” as it is possible now.

As of yesterday, according to the Iraqi activist blog Mosul Eye, sharia judges have ruled that ISIS followers are authorised to kill infants with Down Syndrome or congenital deformities. Already since the religious decree (fatwa) was issued, militants have killed at least 38 children between one week and three months old by lethal injection or suffocation. 


With his infamous 2009 Cairo Speech, Obama unleashed a chain of events by which he and  his associates in the Muslim world, have shaken the ground under populations from the region.

But above all, Obama has shaken the ground of the earth.

With 400 long days left to move out of the White House, Obama is aware that using his power to the maximum, he will be able to continue giving America the same poisonous treatment and leave almost a dead country behind him.


When Russian President Vladimir Putin made his case for the survival of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Obama did not see that with benevolent eyes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad smile as they shake hands in Moscow's Kremlin, Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad smile as they shake hands in Moscow’s Kremlin, Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006.

In reality, while Obama insisted with his usual lie that Islamic State terrorists are not Islamic and that removing Assad would not reinforce the presence of the Islamic State, the Russian president convinced of the opposite understood that Assad’s presence was a useful buffer to contain the savages.

By now, Americans have realised that Obama’s goal is to enable and facilitate spreading Islam as much and as speedily as possible.

Putin, on the contrary, does not want to live in the chaos that could result from a total hegemony of the Islamic State in the Muslim Middle East but also in the world in general.

Here we see again, a difference, this time between Obama and the Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, whose will is not to destroy the world but to keep it in good condition so that Russia can be strong.

He would have much rather the situation evolve smoothly than allow it to deteriorate as it happened in the case of Libya, where America’s former ally President al-Gaddafi, was deposed and brutally killed by Muslim terrorists from al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda’s offshoot.

Need we remind how, on orders of their Commander-in-Chief, American troops helped the terrorists who are now at the helm of Libya, with sharia is the law of the land.   Courtesy of Obama.



Fast forward to the present.

Obama’s Ultimate Betrayal

We just saw Vladimir Putin, disturbing Obama’s intentions in Syria.  America’s first Muslim president, therefore, had to find a way to compensate and not let the Russian delay his plans.

Since the beginning of December 2015, Obama has given the green light to his Secretary of Defence, Ash Carter to launch an enhanced military campaign against the Islamic State, with 200 special ops, aka Navy Seals.

“The U.S. is undertaking a significant effort to find and kill Islamic State’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has gone in to hiding, an Obama administration official said….

Eliminating Baghdadi is seen as a particularly important goal, the official said, because he holds a unique role in being able to inspire and organise extremists beyond the territory held by the group. While declining to compare the effort to the operation that led to the killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011, the official said the U.S. has a proven track record of finding a top target once it sets its sights.”

Why has Obama all of a sudden decided to kill al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State Caliph?

We may find the answer in the e-book published and distributed by the Islamic State, called The Black Flags of the Islamic State.

It presents the details of the Paris attacks while describing the organisation’s expansion plans:

“This is why many analysts criticise American policy in trying to take down the leadership as if it is just an insurgency like during the days of al-Zarqawi. The dynamics have changed completely and the Jihad will not be dependent upon Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s inner circle. In fact, killing the leadership will be even worse for the Americans because the newer generation will be even more brutal because every time America tries to destroy an Islamic armed group – a even more violent group is created.”

Most importantly, it continues:

“In fact -according to prophecy- the Mahdi (guided one) will only arrive after the death of a Caliph (many predict this Caliph will be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or his successor.)”

In the Koran, and not just in Islamic State literature,  there is the belief that “the fall of Rome must take place before the final battle against the infidel armies at Dabiq (a town in northern Syria, about 40 km northeast of Aleppo,) and the return of the Mahdi.”

In fact,  Obama has sent the American troops to hunt and kill al-Baghdadi very likely to help expedite the arrival of the Mahdi, the Muslim messiah.

Only that could explain what the foreign press sees as an intense hunt ordered by the American president to kill al-Baghdadi.

Al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of the Islamic State, with his counterpart, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As Adolf Hitler must be turning on his grave.

Al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of the Islamic State, with his counterpart, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As Adolf Hitler must be turning on his grave.

Surely, for good order, they say they are also killing other leaders.  But the crown jewel will be the assassination of al-Baghdadi to fulfil the prophecy.

Unsurprisingly, Obama continues helping Islam.

After all, when has Obama done anything bearing in mind America’s best interests?


And when has Obama stopped in front of any obstacle to help Islam’s advance to conquest the world and its most coveted prize, America?


As despicable a monster as Hitler was and will remain in history forever so, he would never have done such betrayal against Germany or against his people.



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