Obama:  “We will not send boots on the ground to fight the Islamic State…”

He just did that and sent them right into the lion’s den, at the peak of the international fight against Islamic State savages.

Since the beginning of his make-believe coalition to save appearance in manner to show that “Islam” was not the enemy , time and again, the so-called American president sabotaged the mission.

In doing so, Obama made sure to consolidate the Islamic State existence while at the same time refusing to speak about Islamic terrorism.

The nefarious magnitude of his aiding and abetting the enemy is only now beginning to show.

Obama’s general gambit has been axed on the shakeup of the Muslim Middle East to the ground in order to finally remove Israel from the region’s map but most importantly, at the same time allow the rule of Islam’s sharia to be broadly implemented.

Step by step, the American has been instrumental first, in bringing down Gaddafi from Libya, where now the law of the land is sharia.

Obama is on a mission and his next target albeit one difficult to destroy, has been Assad from Syria.

There again, Obama has been only recently somehow neutralised by the decisive Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

But we will deal with this topic in my next article.

By sabotaging the actual war against the Islamic State,  Obama has not only dilapidated America’s huge budget invested in it but he has also provided precious time for the strategists of the IS to regroup and rethink their approach on the war of conquest they are waging against Western Civilisation.

In view of the massive leftist leadership worldwide, amenable to tacitly support Islam’s agenda of world domination, they have moved on to the next stage.

They found the way to use the compassionate approach of Western liberals to their benefit.

The fake “refugee” migration was the masterpiece of that strategy.

With it, they psychologically disarmed the Western world as well as their moderates who know what’s happening but who cannot find in their guts to stand up and forcefully stop the advance of both, liberals and Muslim invaders.

On a side note, most of your so-called conservatives are not such but simply liberals in disguise.

“How can you not help refugees?”  has been the typical reaction in Europe, for instance.

Europe with its open borders despite dissension from some leaders from Hungary, Poland, has seen an humongous influx of “refugees” that have entered and shaken the existence of those along their path.

Once in Europe, they have been able to freely move from city to city and from country to country.

From Europe to America, it’s been a no brainer especially with the US Muslim president.

Obama has therefore favoured their immigration.  He has literally shaken the ground to welcome them in American soil, where overnight those “refugees” have been given social aids and cash.

His extortion of mayors throughout America to receive those refugees, has been epic.

We can gather it from the expeditiousness with which the “refugees” have taken over several European cities, something the sold out mainstream media is arduously covering up.

They do so because they have been told that they can do so.

Remember, they mostly are ignorant of English, French or German.

We are not getting educated crowds but the riffraff.

How could ignorant masses of Muslims know that they have to behave in such obnoxious ways, had they not been lectured and brainwashed by their imams or Muslim Brotherhood, or CAiR, who in turn are the tools of their rotten Muslim elites?

Know that men and women from royalties and from  finance in the Muslim world want everything that is happening.

In fact, when they are in our midst, they behave as the whole world belongs to them.  I’ve seen and observed them.

Besides, they are powerful because they have an enormous purchasing power, incomparable to the ever vanishing one in the West.

As I have mentioned in one of my previous articles,  regarding background checks, it is dubious that they can be performed in the same way that they would do with Germans, Italian or British citizens.

Are all millions of Muslims born indigents in their countries registered at birth and/or have finger prints as we are all recorded in the West?  Doubtful.

Which brings us to San Bernardino.

Since 9/11, those 14 dead are the highest amount of casualties in America.

It has happened as many of us have dreaded it would.

You cannot make this up, when in the aftermath of the rampage, Fox News correspondent Will Carr reports on social media that: “Neighbors: 3-4 “middle easterners” had recently moved into the apt of interest. getting a lots of package deliveries.”

But the neighbour “did not call authorities about suspicious activity because she did not want to racially profile.”

In a manner, the shooting began at that point.

While many are accepting to be cornered within the politically correct racist government stance, the population must now face the reality that when one allows oneself to be framed within the establishment’s rhetoric, it is exactly as if they themselves already begin shooting against the victims.

In the end, innocent people who were gathered to celebrate their joyous holidays ahead, have been pitilessly murdered.

It is always the same image:  Innocents killed by barbarians.

The savagery was not random but a thoroughly planned and prepared plot.

Commander Mike Madden: pretty clear when we saw the carnage that it wasn’t a rogue individual, there was something more.

According to reports, both terrorists, husband and wife,Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, had enough ammunition and devices to start a whole war.

And, those were only two terrorists!

In the aftermath of this tragedy, the traitorous American president wants to use it, once more, to conspire against the American people.


Having trouble calling it Muslim terrorism, instead Obama fantasises that gun control is the solution to terrorism.

He and his administration have spared no effort in being creative, and delivered their first item to control America, with the preposterous creation of  “sanctuary cities.”

No one had ever created legalised enemy cities inside a country to give sanctuary to criminals who enjoy the like of what we know as diplomatic immunity.

Likewise, barely two months ago, in September 2015,  the Obama Administration again betrayed America by quietly implementing this time the “Strong Cities Network.”

Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch announced before the United Nations that the Attorney General’s Office, in collaboration with several U.S. Cities will for a global law enforcement initiative called the Strong Cities Network.

That the American people has kept so quiet in this regard is shocking, as it is nothing else but the implementation of United Nations rules and laws on American soil, bypassing Congress and circumventing the Constitution.

That is why in Obama’s despotic America, they threw the bone to their slaves in the shape of early electoral campaign as never seen before, almost two years ahead of the actual November 2016 elections.

That has been keeping Americans distracted.

Within that framework, my readers can easily visualise that for Obama and his people , it is now time to push for drastic arm control in order to disarm the population.


When has ever Obama done anything good, positive, constructive for the American people?

Education?  Healthcare?  Politics?  Economy?

Finance?  Maybe.  For a few.  Gates. Soros. Buffett. And the like.

He wants to disarm America and prior to that he has made sure to bring in loads of trained, young male Muslim terrorists to your neighbourhoods.

Obama and his leftist regime have violated all possible aspects of constitutional life in America.

He has not waited for next elections to ruin the country.

When we use the word “ruin” it is but a glimmer of what really will happen unless this process is zapped.

Surely Americans must remain armed and those who are not yet, better find out if they are in enough physical condition to shoot, then there are many more requirements to fulfil.


I have given this a thorough thought, how could this situation have deteriorated to this extreme.

One of the main reasons is that the United States of America has a humongous territory.

Traveling from coast to coast takes five plus hours, without waiting time at airports and taxi time.

Unlike Europe, where in some places, a 3-hour plane trip takes you through most of the continent, over flying between 2-3 or even 4 countries.

I have been privy to some former Muslim royal friends who years ago confided they were going to California for “a cousin’s wedding.”

In the middle of no where, they have been establishing their cities, with the knowledge of successive administrations.

As a matter of fact, they also shared with me that all their (royal) families had their American visas automatically renewed for whooping 10-years each time.  “In case the winds would change direction,” as they said.

So, it has not been only Obama, but most of the administrations since the 1960-1970s who have been accomplices in this implant of Islam in our midst.

As America has the size of a continent, it has been easy for Muslims to spread from one unknown town to the other and there, undisturbed, they built their masjids.

For instance, remember Huma Abedin?

She was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Know where Kalamazoo is?  Probably not but take a look at its mosque or masjid here.

Do you know what a masjid is?

It is the Arabic word for mosque and which they have used to divert attention from the “mosques.”

Indeed, when in 2011, I first did my research on mosques in America, it was a shock to find out how many were there already in America.


The answer is an easy one.  It is the implementation that is going to be a huge question mark.

It seems that there is overwhelming evidence that Obama, his team, and his party, including Congress and many others, have been acting to make the Constitution of the United States superfluous, overpassing it and facilitating the implementation of a new and global law that would overrule that same American Constitution.

It seems also that inside all areas of government, including the military, the subversive activities of this administration have infiltrated so as to undermine the existence of the country and the well-being of the American people.

How could Obama and his people have succeeded deconstructing America?

They are counting precisely on the imposing geographic dimensions of the country.

A country that big makes us think of Russia, where the rule of a strongman has always been necessary to keep it together.  But in their case, the submissive character of the Russians also helped.

In America, on the contrary, democracy and its seeds of liberal dissension has opened the doors to all the worms inside the country.

So the traitors are counting on the difficulty of organising any resistance in America.

They were also counting on the innate disunity that existed before they had access to power.

Therefore, they have also fomented more disunity, between blacks and whites, between the population and the police, especially the black population.

Veterans, truckers, and such could help organise America before they come for your guns, because should Americans surrender their arms as they have surrendered all else, the outcome will be a tragic one.

Note that from now on, whatever will be the development of the situation, unfortunately, it will tragic.

The German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine said that “in a place where books are burned, people will be burned.”

Likewise, in a place where people have allowed their compatriots murdered time and again,  in the end they might also end up being murdered, G-d forbid.

All that said, there is an uncontroversial truth:


Obama and his administration as well as Congress must be removed as soon as possible and early elections must be held.

Time is of the essence.




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