In another low not only for Muslim terrorism but thanks to them also for mankind:   Islamic State terrorist executes own mother.

The unfortunate woman had tried to convince the Islamic State monster to leave his demonic group.  She wanted to save her son’s soul and ended publicly killed by the former baby who grew inside her womb.

Ali Saqr (born 1995) a member of the Islamic State or Daesch, executed his own mother Leena Al-Qasem (35 years). #Syria #Raqqa

Ali Saqr (born 1995) a member of the Islamic State or Daesch, executed his own mother Leena Al-Qasem (35 years). #Syria #Raqqa


As Jews, we are taught practically from the womb to honour Father and Mother, and it is probably because of that reason that this news caught me.

When my own mother died, and they were slowly placing her coffin inside the earth, I felt as if my guts were being torn from my inside alive, and was unable to control a scream from my soul.  I remained lying hours over that parcel of earth that was now keeping her away from me forever.  Until another lifetime.

Back to this news.

While I mention Nero in my headline, it is because he “ordered” that his mother Messalina be executed.  As such it was Claudius who did the execution, not he himself.

Emperor Claudius was Nero’s adoptive father, whom he succeeded at the throne of Rome.

Back to our today’s drama.

Ali Saqr al-Qasem, 20, reported his mother Leena to the group.

He shot her in the head with an assault rifle in front of a large crowd.

“She was executed under the pretext of ‘inciting her son to leave the Islamic state and escaping together to the outside of Raqqa, and that the Coalition will kill all members of the organisation,” according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Observatory monitors the war in Syria from London, and apparently a number of reliable local sources told it of the killing, which took place on Wednesday.

It is believed that Leena, 35, who lived in the town of Tabqa, near the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s capital Raqqa, but was originally from the coast, told her son she wanted to leave and wanted him to come with her.

THIS is the aberrant monstrosity the West is going to deal with.

It is said that when you are at war with an enemy whose moral and ethics are lower than yours, your own level ends up drowning with theirs.

Therefore, what was seen as barbaric by Western civilisation, now with the constant contact to horror scenes, styles of killing, sexual abuses of all kinds, violence at the most rabid intensities, we must know it is that what will be the new “normal” for our children and for next generations.

What makes us different from all other species is our intelligence.

It is intelligence that helps us establish what is right and what is wrong.

But, right and wrong regarding what, you might ask?

Right and Wrong are the tools that were given to us by the Creator of the Universe to elucidate through the times of times, how to survive and thrive.

Survival is not enough if we do not thrive.

Without thriving, survival is only a mechanical option which would imply to continue living without really leaving our fingerprinted contributions to the betterment of mankind.

Human species has developed and was supposed to improve, but our lack of perfection in identifying those tools called Right and Wrong, has interfered with our success.

Now, with a humanoid killing his own mother, our species fell some floors under on the way to hell.

As I am also writing another article on abortions and the evil in it, this is also another situation per se, where a son kills his mother.

My deepest thought about it:  Life is precious.  No one has the right to interrupt anyone’s life.  Except, that is, when it is one of these terrorists.  Then, we must kill them first.  It is our Right.  It is our duty.

True, it is difficult to actually implement what is Right and what is Wrong.  It is so demanding.

It is difficult to do what is Right.  It is even more difficult to NOT do what is Wrong because it is so appealingly tempting.

Secularism.  Atheism.  Agnosticism.  All interfere against our best will to do what is Right, especially now that our society with their leftist governments are labelling all that was considered Wrong until now with the stamp of Right.

To do what is Right, we must give up on the many (Wrong) appealing temptations that are placed in front of us to forget what is Right.

Right and Wrong are the parameters of most religions, except for one, where killing, maiming, torturing, abusing, massacring, hunting, chasing, persecuting of other human beings is demanded.  Islam.

And that’s the enemy we are fighting against in this war of religion.

May G-d help us.



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  • Posted: January 9, 2016 20:14

    Ray Pendleton

    In Nazi Germany, this sort of thing was standard with the Hitler Youth. SS cadets were expected to raise a dog, care and play with it, then for a "graduation exercise" they would kill the dog with knife or bare hands. It always starts with denying and destroying our "natural affections", then all evil is possible.