“We live in weird times when the leftist establishment sees patriotism as a kind of supremacy.”  Eliana Benador

Ever since Donald J. Trump announced his candidature to the presidency of the United States last June 16, 20015, Americans knew the billionaire mogul businessman was going to be the Establishment’s target of choice until they would either bring down his candidacy or until he succeeded to be their president.

So far, Trump has been endorsed by an array of conservative leaders, each strong in protecting American interests, such as:  Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Governor Jane Brewer, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Carl Icahn, Senator Jeff Sessions, Jerry Fallwell, and others keep coming as days go by.

He is also being backed by Steve Forbes and Newt Gingrich.

Thus, Americans are, rightfully, showing their predilection for the self-funding billionaire as ever growing crowds are attending Trump’s rallies.

Recently, in Alabama, an enormous rally took place with over 32,000 attendees plus reportedly 3,000 that remained outside as the venue was filled to capacity.

This magnitude of attendance reflects American’s resolve.  They have found the man they can trust and, aware of his shortcomings, they are willing to place a bet on him.

After all, their lives and fates are at stake.

The multi-billionaire is proudly self-financing all the steps of his patriotic campaign, a factor that many seem to take less for granted as time goes by.

Trump has won three primaries one after the other.

He lost Iowa very likely because of Ted Cruz’s law-breaking fraud, for which I will devote no time or space here.

Trump’s triumphs are indisputable.   His successive victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada have placed him and are confirming him as the absolute frontrunner of the Republican Party.

That has given a shiver to the GOP leadership , uncontrollable in their imperative need to stop Trump.

Thus, we are encountering a more rotten world than we thought we would,  at the beginning of this election cycle which began unusually early last year.

After all, the Obama Administration needed to be free to continue destroying the country.

The same Republican party that has been producing RINO after RINO during the last two decades is now taking the high ground with respect to these elections.

RINO, you see, is a new species resulting from a hybrid symbolising a compromising republican position supporting and voting for Democratic party policies.

This is the reason why America is in this dire situation.

Instead of two different and antagonistic parties that the American people think they have, in reality they  got the lottery of two sides of the same coin.

That is why the system is so complicated, because regardless of the outcome, they legally can and will manage to “fix” the results.

It may be that some times they may have not altered the results, but in a sense there is that tacit possibility.

I have found an excellent source explaining the intricacies of American elections.  I highly recommend everyone to read it and absorb it.

WHY such a complex system?  Sure, America is a continent-size country and it’s easy to argue that therefore we need such a complex voting structure.

But such hierarchy imposed by the sacrosanct parties, is obviously leading to abuse, including the hubris of party operatives.

In the above CNN video, Alisyn Cameratta, interviews Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Priebus is an apparatchik of the Republican Party.

This interview is the most telling testimony of the party’s position regarding their frontrunner, Donald J. Trump.

At minute 1.12, Priebus makes clear to Camerata that:

“These folks are competing to join the Republican Party as their nominee, depending on what the delegates decide to do or whoever wins the requisite amount of delegates.”

Camerata replies: “Yes, but they are competing to become the president of the United States.”

Priebus:  “No, the don’t [sic.]  There are two political parties in America and each party has a nomination contest, and people are running in that contest to be the nominee of each party.  So, in Cleveland, we are going to vote on the floor for who that nominee is.  That nominee “joins the Republican Party.”

Evidently, the Party people are not going to let down their guards.

Donald J. Trump has never been a politician, until now,  or an academic but he is a very well-known best-seller author of various books like “The Art of the Deal” and his most recent, “Crippled America,” and others.

He is an extremely successful businessman, an international real estate mogul whose over over 80 major buildings in Manhattan are at the origin of the celebrated Manhattan skyline.

Besides, Trump created a new version of reality television, which he cleverly linked to charities.

A context completely different to the usual pattern of reality-TV which his enemies try to use to damage his image.  Unsuccessfully.

Despite the opposition, from day one, he has been at first place throughout the entire race except for Iowa, where we can only attribute his honourable second place to the fraud committed by Rafael Eduardo (Ted) Cruz.

Yesterday, Donald Trump has been endorsed by none other than one of the most beloved and respected patriotic members of Congress, Senator Jeff Sessions.


Ever since 2012, when Senator Sessions confronted General Martin Dempsey, then Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and then Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, I have been stricken by him.

But I wanted more already then.  I wanted him to rise and ask the American people to stand still the country during one day and ask that the entire administration be deposed and replaced by an interim team so we could have democratic elections.  Sadly, that did not happen.

This was the first time that Senator Sessions has endorsed anyone.  In doing so, he has certainly left his imprint in American history.

After Super Tuesday results we will be more able to evaluate the measure of his influence in the Trump evolution.

Among the Senator’s wise words:

“This may be the last opportunity for the people’s voice to be heard.” 

As most of my readers know, pundits have also been unleashed to hunt Trump down.

Rich Lowry, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Jonah Goldberg, Daniel Pipes, Michael Gerson, and many others.

They are accusing Trump of being “fascist” and many other epithets.

Why? For the simple reason that he is a patriot and his views of America’s interests are ruled by his nationalism, “America First,” “Americans First.”

In fact, do those pundits realise that they are joining ranks with the “migrant” Muslims invaders?

I don’t know.  But they are on a mission:  To zap the chances of any contender who could oppose the party lines, with reasonable chances to win.

Together, they are trying to sabotage Trump as well because of his stance to check “some” Muslims, and not all, as some of us would actually prefer.

The media is also frantically trying to make his life impossible.  Washington Post, CNN, FoxNews, Weekly Standard, National Review Online, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, you name it.

An example of this has been reported in the press, Breitbart, to be precise, as the mainstream media is now completely state-controlled, i.e., I went to to check for news.  And, today on the aftermath of the Sessions endorsement of Donald Trump, I found no headline listed that could report the event.   Unbelievable.

However, Breitbart News, the only conservative information provider on the internet, reported that a video reporter from Time magazine had grabbed the neck of a secret service man at the Trump rally.

This means that Time must have authorised his video reporter to go to such an extreme behaviour because reporters know that otherwise, they could be sued.

Mainstream media are like hungry beasts chasing after Donald Trump.  They want to tear his guts to pieces.

When Michael Gerson recently wrote a virulent column for the Washington Post, headlined “Donald Trump and the politics of the middle finger,” his last ominous paragraph sets the tone:

“All this is now at stake. It is time to stand up, to leave nothing that is necessary unsaid or undone, and to give our children an example of braveness and boldness in defending the decent, honorable, generous soul of our nation,” writes Gerson.

Those tragic words:  “It is time to stand up, to leave nothing that is necessary unsaid or undone…”   are the most terrible words anyone can read.   A threat.

Fortunately, Trump adviser Roger Stone revealed last week that The Donald wears a bullet-proof vest at public events.

On the eve of Super Tuesday, when 10 states will choose their Republican candidate, the odds for Trump seem very good ones.

However, the Republican National Committee have up their sleeves a magical trick so they can turn any election in the party’s direction:  Their delegate system.

The system per se is so complicated that not many Americans understand it.

Many are surprised that republicans are against their own republican frontrunner, Donald Trump.

We are about to draw back the curtain.

To the naked eye the (RNC) people appear to have no intention to fight for America against the corrupt democrats who have had seven years to ruin the country.

The complicated electoral system speaks loud and tells us how in the end, results of elections have always been at the hands of the Republican National Committee.

Popular participation in elections have mostly been a make-believe to keep the sheeply population at bay.

To make a comparison, for instance, in prosperous Switzerland, its democratic system is extremely simple.  One citizen.  One vote.

Each citizen’s vote counts, and a majority can be obtained with one single vote.

The parliamentary system protects the interests of the citizenry.

No tricks.  Nothing hidden.  Nothing complicated.

And Switzerland has a highly educated population.

Besides, in order to vote on an agenda or to elect representatives, prior to the date due, every citizen receives information material explaining each motion, as well as the pros and the cons.

Again, nothing is hidden.  Everything is clear and in the open.  Accessible to all.

Obviously, in America, until now the GOP or Grand Old Party, as well as its evil twin, the Democratic Party, have been able to get away with murder so to say.

However, as things stand with the refreshing and revolutionary presence of Donald Trump, I doubt this time the RNC will get away with their nefarious projects.

Massive rallies throughout the country show and prove Trump’s popularity is reflected in the ever increasingly massive numbers of attendees.

Those Americans are heading in droves to vote on Super Tuesday.

They know this is their last chance to make sure their voices, their needs, their sufferings and their hopes be heard -or they, their children and their children’s children, many generations to come, will be muzzled and enslaved in the tortuous world that the political leadership is shepherding them in to.

What will happen on Super Tuesday, is everyone’s guess.  We can only hope and pray for the best outcome, one that will be honest, simple and straightforward.

The Republican apparatchik would be remiss if they disregarded the magnitude of the Trump Movement.

Trump’s colossal personality has become the voice of the former silent majority who has suffered the abuses and humiliations not only of the Obama regime but also of the disloyal, treasonous Republican members of Congress who were almost never willing to corral the anti-Americanism of Obama and his ilk.

This time there will be no stealing the results of the election.

Delegates or no delegates.

The people are fed up and  they also know that if this is indeed their last chance for survival, they will probably must to risk their lives to the end, if need be, because it’s not only about this generation that we are talking.

The American people know that they are also fighting for a better life for their children.

After all, hasn’t Obama recently authorised that visas be given to “migrants” regardless if they have contagious sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or leprosy?

And, who can forget the nests of crime that the Obama regime has established in so many cities, the infamous Sanctuary Cities?

This time, the American people will not allow anyone to steal the elections, and this includes the GOP and their delegates.

Beware RNC and all concerned.  We are at a point when the peaceful movement only needs some winds blowing in the wrong direction, to make it become a revolution.

Praying for a happy ending to the story in this chapter.

G-d bless America.



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