So, Donald J. Trump spoke at AIPAC.

While he did not surprise me, because I know who and how he is for many decades,

I was happy to know that now Jews would understand my confidence in my choice of who would be the best president of the United States -and who will probably be the best friend the world and Israel will ever have had.


I see, of course, G-d in this very unlikely choice, but aren’t G-d’s Major Miracles especially performed in the most unlikely scenarios?  Yes, they are.

And the reason for it, being that people would see Him as the Master Choreographer of what’s happening and how.

That’s why and how He separated the water of the seas at our exit from Egyptian bondage, so that we would have to bow to Him in thankfulness, because there was no reason left for anyone to think it could be “nature,” or “coincidence.”

I will still write a more substantial article about Trump’s AIPAC delivery and its meaning to America, Israel and the world.

Now, enjoy for the first or for the second time, listening to him, in his most magnificent and heartfelt political speech so far.

I knew he is the father and the grandfather of orthodox Jews, but I decided to let him and them tell that to the world at the time of their choice.

Neither on Twitter, to my soon 40,000 followers nor on my Facebook Jewish page to my 5,000 friends, did I mention it.

Now he has mentioned it. And I am thrilled about it, because being a Jew is an honour and I have always being proud of it, even in moments like now that I am at odds with the current Israeli leadership for their evil behaviour against our own people.

I am sure those who chose not to be there must have regretted it bitterly.  It was, indeed, their loss.

But now, let’s listen to the words of a wise man, friend of my people, this father and grandfather of Jews.

Feel his love.

B’ahavat Yisrael

Batsheva Benador

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