In a shining victory, the GOP presidential frontrunner, Donald J. Trump, won a whooping 65% of New York delegates in the recent primary.Trump exit poll NY female votes

The people throughout the state, made sure to voice their preference and voted for him in clear refutal to the establishment.

While CNN declared democrats the real winners of NY elections, it was in reality the Republican party that ended the biggest winner.

Just as millions joined the party thanks to Donald Trump,  the GOP  has been able to realise a stunning victory in a state that usually votes democrat.

New York rallied behind their son.  Born and raised a New Yorker, Trump, has also been instrumental in the creation of his city’s worldwide famous skyline, with over 80 of his high rise buildings standing tall on the horizon of America’s most famous city.

The Donald is solid as a rock and New Yorkers know it.

Yesterday’s shocking news announce that GOP in Mississippi are taking a rather terroristic approach to the handling of this election campaign.

To be precise:  “The chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party is threatening to use armed state law enforcement agents to forcibly remove Donald Trump and supporters at the next round of delegate elections.

Breitbart News has obtained text messages sent by state party chairman Joe Nosef to Trump campaign official Mitch Tyner threatening the use of force ahead of Saturday’s elections for state-level delegates in Mississippi. Nosef says that he is merely ensuring “safety.”


Nosef says in the text messages that he is “representing a governor” and warns Tyner:

“The bottom line is I told you this can happen one of two ways either we work together and include people that we trust and also happen to be Trump and Cruz supporters or we just put whoever we want to on there have a big fight and end up in the contest committee in Cleveland.  And like I told you I can promise my cousin and anybody else if they even so much as raise their voice they’re going to be outside in the parking lot and they won’t be back in and no I won’t be removing them somebody with a gun and a badge will be.”

This is what I call a purely terrorist state of mind.  

The GOP is on a frontal, full attack against Donald Trump.

I do not count Mr. Cruz, because he, as much as Rubio and Kasich, are serving as GOP pawns to take all those delegates from their rightful owner, the people’s man, Trump.

His self-funding and his non-allegiance to any big donors and special interests, is scaring the hell out of his competitors, above all, from the party apparatus, whose leadership are making desperate moves, trying to stop their enemy #1:  Trump.

On the other hand, “On his Fox News program last night, Shepard Smith revealed a conversation he said he had with former New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato in which D’Amato was quoted as saying that the Republican National Committee will change the rules to give Gov. John Kasich a shot at the nomination. (Bold by EB)

Stated Smith: “I saw Al D’Amato in the lobby today. Um, Senator Alfonse D’Amato. I saw him down there. And he said they will change the rules. He said, “Shepard, they will change the rules and it will give Kasich a shot.” Now he’s a Kasich supporter. And I told him, I said, “I’m going to quote you on this.” And he goes, “Go right ahead.” They are going to change the rules.”

Some more revolting news is that the media are hailing a viral video of an anti-Donald Trump anthem filled with warnings of riots and assassination threats if the White House hopeful is elected, reports Breitbart.

“After its release, the “F–ck Donald Trump” music video was hailed by’s Brennan Carley as “a masterful piece of rap as influential weapon, a takedown of the Republican frontrunner as well as comprehensively cutting indictment of our political system at large.”

The staff of praised the song as a powerful “viral protest song.”

Rapper YG warns the Republican presidential frontrunner to stay out of California, saying:

I like white folks, but I don’t like you
All the niggas in the hood wanna fight you
Surprised El Chapo ain’t tried to snipe you
Surprised the Nation of Islam ain’t tried to find you
Have a rally out in L.A., we gon’ fuck it up.””

Naturally, no news of GOP calling Rapper YG to order, or asking the police to intervene before any of this could be put in practice.

In all, this is no longer just a theoretical “conspiracy” but is sounding more and more like a project with a definite plan and a very precise goal, the removal of the GOP presidential frontrunner.

After all, he is the only obstacle between the one party leaders and the continued businesses they can only get and control if they hold power.

They are disguised as two parties only to soothe Americans in the fantasy they have been living in until now.


Benghazi happened and Americans were horrified.

They tweeted, they placed banners on their ID profile photos.

Sadly they were not enraged enough to take to the streets and massively protest the government involvement in the murder of an American ambassador, no less, and his security retinue, a team of highly skilled former navy seals.

stevensBut, Americans have failed their compatriots in other tragic opportunities as well:  Fort Hood massacre by a Muslim terrorist who was an army psychiatrist and who murdered 13 of his officers colleagues in a shooting rampage, leaving many wounded warriors for life.

The American Muslim terrorist is still sitting comfortably in his prison cell, “condemned to death,” but happily enjoying life.

Americans  didn’t care.  No million people out there to demand justice and that the terrorist be executed immediately.

The tragic list is long.  And, as far as this author is concerned, the biggest tragedy is how Americans have been nefariously lethargic.

Therefore, it is no wonder, that current leading figures in the GOP and candidates such as Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, are able to stand in front of millions and tell lies as if they were pure white truths.

When Sean Hannity recently tried to call Cruz on his lies, the senator simply shut him up and undisturbed went on with his perorate against Donald Trump.

In all, the American people have been trained as poodles  to respond to abuse and to remain imperturbable in front of severe mistreatment, lies, humiliation, slander, calumny, and the list is endless.

All that, while sticking to their abusers.

That, in psychology, is called the Stockholm Syndrome.


Being in this state of mind, it is our hope that the people will begin thinking what kind of inheritance will they leave for the next generations of Americans who have no voice yet.


The threat that Trump represents to Washington disgusting elites, is enormous, as we can see here:

When the Republican foreign policy elite gets together these days, conversation quickly veers from challenges such as the Islamic State or North Korea to focus on two questions. How has Donald Trump come so close to becoming the party’s standard-bearer? If Trump were elected president, would any of them serve in his administration?

“It’s the only thing we can talk about,” said Eliot Cohen, professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University and a former George W. Bush administration official. He’s answered the second question by spearheading an anti-Trump petition, which now has signatures of 121 GOP national security experts.

When Trump announced his candidature, GOP was desperately accepting as many candidates as possible, including the obviously doomed ones from a Governor Pataki, among others.

Trump is explaining the reason he doesn’t have many more millions than Hillary Clinton, is because she had only one opponent, while from the beginning he had to deal with a crowd of 17 other candidates!

Never had any race been so crowded as this one.

Indeed.  Their goal from the beginning was to make Trump’s endeavour the hardest possible, hoping to knock him out as soon as possible.

But Trump is an extraordinary man dripping with integrity, whose goal in life now is to Make America Great Again, something no other candidate has ever said or, even less, stood for.

In that vein, Trump is right not wanting to lavish delegates with the unbelievable treats only he could offer.

He is right.  This is about Patriotism, love of country, which has no price and should neither be bought nor sold.

No matter how Herculean Trump’s tasks are, he is facing them head on.

On their part, American conservatives have the responsibility to rally, protest, and stand by their candidate.  And do more if need be.

American patriots know that it is only Trump who can have a real, honest chance to “try” to redress the chaotic situation in which America is.


History teaches us the cases of the French revolution and the Russian revolution, and so on.  They were done in the relative freedom of secrecy.

In our era, with the great advantage of the internet came also our invisible bondage.

In the era of the NSA, there is no point in trying to do anything secretly.

I have represented political dissidents of various nationalities.  We knew that the best protection was to be public.


Following is the disgraceful text of the “Open Letter on Donald Trump from GOP National Security Leaders.”

“We the undersigned, members of the Republican national security community, represent a broad spectrum of opinion on America’s role in the world and what is necessary to keep us safe and prosperous. We have disagreed with one another on many issues, including the Iraq war and intervention in Syria. But we are united in our opposition to a Donald Trump presidency. Recognizing as we do, the conditions in American politics that have contributed to his popularity, we nonetheless are obligated to state our core objections clearly:

His vision of American influence and power in the world is wildly inconsistent and unmoored in principle. He swings from isolationism to military adventurism within the space of one sentence.

His advocacy for aggressively waging trade wars is a recipe for economic disaster in a globally connected world.

His embrace of the expansive use of torture is inexcusable.

His hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric undercuts the seriousness of combating Islamic radicalism by alienating partners in the Islamic world making significant contributions to the effort. Furthermore, it endangers the safety and Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of American Muslims.

Controlling our border and preventing illegal immigration is a serious issue, but his insistence that Mexico will fund a wall on the southern border inflames unhelpful passions, and rests on an utter misreading of, and contempt for, our southern neighbor.

Similarly, his insistence that close allies such as Japan must pay vast sums for protection is the sentiment of a racketeer, not the leader of the alliances that have served us so well since World War II.

His admiration for foreign dictators such as Vladimir Putin is unacceptable for the leader of the world’s greatest democracy.

He is fundamentally dishonest. Evidence of this includes his attempts to deny positions he has unquestionably taken in the past, including on the 2003 Iraq war and the 2011 Libyan conflict. We accept that views evolve over time, but this is simply misrepresentation.

His equation of business acumen with foreign policy experience is false. Not all lethal conflicts can be resolved as a real estate deal might, and there is no recourse to bankruptcy court in international affairs.

Mr. Trump’s own statements lead us to conclude that as president, he would use the authority of his office to act in ways that make America less safe, and which would diminish our standing in the world. Furthermore, his expansive view of how presidential power should be wielded against his detractors poses a distinct threat to civil liberty in the United States. Therefore, as committed and loyal Republicans, we are unable to support a Party ticket with Mr. Trump at its head. We commit ourselves to working energetically to prevent the election of someone so utterly unfitted to the office.”

Then, follows a list with the names of the “undersigned.”

Reading their introductory statement makes one want to personally slap each of them for the misplaced audacity, which the country needed from them to stop Obama from destroying the country.

But, they are united to stop Trump, the people’s choice.



That list, in other words, encompasses the group of intellectual deviants, who instead of brainstorming on ways to improve living standards, educational standards in America, or how to stage opposition against Obama bringing so many non vetted young Syrian Muslim “refugees,” the GOP intellectual rats are rather more intent in eliminating the most dangerous man on earth, for them, Donald J. Trump.

There is more.

In case all of the above wouldn’t stop Trump before inauguration day, the GOP dogs have now their backup number:  Their Plan “I.”

Plan “I” never mentioned regarding Obama by the despicable signatories of the above letter of infamy.

Yup, Plan “I” as in Impeachment!  The rabid dogs!

Read here:

“But assassination Republican Rasputin style is impeaching The Donald after election.

Yes, the I-word and Trump are now in the same sentence:

“‘Impeachment’ is already on the lips of pundits, newspaper editorials, constitutional scholars, and even a few members of Congress,” Rush Limbaugh said on his popular radio show yesterday.  “Even the mainstream Republican head of the US Chamber of Commerce recently tossed out the I-word when discussing the civilian backlash if Trump’s trade war with China led to higher prices on everyday items sold at Walmart and Target. (Rush Limbaugh April 18, 2016)”


What would you do if you were negotiating with someone who comes armed to the meeting?

You would also arm yourself, because there is no better protection than a weapon that you will end up not using.

Likewise with the GOP.

They must see signs from the people, indicating to them that more abuse is unacceptable and that millions and millions of people will mobilise to a never seen extent.

The GOP dogs will not stop, because they think you are the cattle they need to shepherd to the place they consider it’s good for you.

Next move is yours.  Do not miss your chance because the clock is ticking tic-toc.


Practice is needed to succeed in anything.

There are a few ways to “practice” for this project:

Stop the country for one day.

Organise rallies in your cities, peacefully.  Always watch your surroundings.


This seems to be a most safe move.  In essence, if everyone stays home, there is no risk.

During one day, have cold food ready and liquids to drink.

Do not use any electricity, no TV, no phone, no radio, no fuel consumption, do not buy anything.  Nothing at all.  ONE DAY OFF.

Staging a rebellion demands the will and the perseverance of those who do not aspire to be the resistance only with words but with swords, if need be.

Ask your questions here or on Twitter @ElianaBenador

This is the time for leaders to rise all over the country.

Suggested date:  May 18, 2016.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Until my next column.  Really soon.

G-d bless America.


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  • Posted: April 25, 2016 20:50

    Donald Dunlap

    Don't know if you have done so yet, but the "take one day" is something you should be pushing on Twitter. Ask all your followers to add it to their twitter feed as well. You have many followers with large audiences, so if they will do that, I believe you will gain some traction for the idea. I will certainly do it