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I remember a now deceased, good old friend, a leading Swiss industrialist, at one of our lunches in Züriberg telling me in the aftermath of Obama’s election in November 2008:  “Don’t worry, Americans are known to find a solution, after they tried everything else.”

Those fatal words did not reassure me.

In a system that is as clear cut as the Swiss one is, there is no complication, all is clear and transparent.

Indeed, Switzerland may have been one of the few and real democracies on this planet.

One citizen one vote.   Majority rules.

Therefore, the patriotic conscience has pushed the Swiss people to be an integral part of the political system, as all know that with one vote, a majority can be and is often achieved.

As part of the system, each citizen is provided well in advance with a post-delivered envelop containing the information necessary for each motion and an unbiased analysis of the pros and the cons.

Straight, and just the truth.

The American political system is no democracy but a republic and, as such, the story changes completely.

Pretences that “our democracy” will work or is not working, are wishful thinking, a fantasy.

A republic (from Latin: res publica) is a sovereign state or country which is based in a form of government in which actual power resides in elected individuals representing the citizen body and government leaders exercise power according to the rule of law.

Trouble is that the elite of “elected individuals” at the GOP have forgotten the part that says “representing the citizen body,” you.

At this point,  rigged American elections and its voting system with only two political parties have hit a dead end.

If the American population has wilfully closed their eyes until now, they can no longer continue to do so.

Very soon, the national debt will hit 20 trillion dollar. A record.

To be precise, in April 2016, American debt is: $19,228,044,093,705.  And counting.

However, most Americans ignore what “unfunded liabilities” are.

Unfunded liabilities are “The amount, at any given time, by which future payment obligations exceed the present value of funds available to pay them. For example, a pension plan’s payment obligations, including all income, death and termination benefits owed, are compared to the plan’s present investment experience, and if the total plan obligations exceed the projected plan assets at any point in time, the plan has an unfunded liability.

Research points to the fact that any lawmaker that has tried to touch the topic is nearly signing his/her own political death sentence.

That is why we don’t hear about it so much.

If 20 trillion seem to be a monstrosity, the number of America’s unfunded liability is titanic.

Virginia Congressman Dave Brat, sounded the alarm.

During a speech to Henrico business leaders, he warned that by 2027, the United States could face $127 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Four programs — Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the prescription drug entitlement plan — will account for much of the burden, thereby depriving national security, education, transportation and other discretionary items of necessary revenue. Precision may prove elusive when numbers soar to these levels, but Brat’s totals reflect common citation.

Devastatingly, the United States is listed as number 10 in this list by the World Economic Forum, in their recently-released Global Competitiveness Survey looks at the financial health and risks of countries around the world.

Together with increasingly humongous immigration levels, adoption of the TPP agenda, rights granted to illegals, wars that have never been won, and much more, those are the steps in the anti-American globalist agenda.   They are being implemented against the interests of country and people.

Americans have been used to identify anti-Americanism with the Democratic party and they used to see democrats as the enemy of the Republican party.  Such were past misconceptions.

Americans have now discovered that their electoral and political system is fatally flawed, to their detriment.

In this 2015-2016 election period, the GOP have left no doubt how dated and obsolete they are.

The Republican National Committee which has existed over a century, has become the sacrosanct most powerful political feature in so-called conservative America.

That said, Americans have realised that the complex style of elections, though legitimately instituted, has turned sorely against them.

That’s the ugly face of America’s reality nowadays.

Primaries are taking place.  That’s  where the American people actually voted for their candidate of choice.

Their uncontested winner has been the GOP presidential frontrunner, Donald J. Trump.

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee has been insidiously sabotaging the most popular presidential candidate in the history of American elections.

Throughout the years, election after election the GOP has been proceeding in this fashion with total impunity.

For over a century, they have fared well doing what was good for their global business interests, as it has taken decades for the American people to figure that what they thought was a two-party system, is not.


Indeed, when they drew the lottery of life, they got two identical sides of the same coin.

Republicans are now so desperate that they are making bold moves regardless of consequences.

No wonder, the American people has not shown any opposition to any of the abuses perpetrated by the Obama Administration, and this training has gone on for 7 long years.

What the GOP is doing is daring, but they do so because they assume, correctly(?) that they can.

They have reached their tipping point these last days, when history recorded a tragedy, as the Colorado republican branch perpetrated a coup against the people of Colorado.

Without popular vote, the party moved to empower the delegates of their choice.

For instance, the Colorado GOP removed and replaced this Trump delegate, as you may watch and listen:

The corruption has been so flagrant that there are numerous witnesses that have come through and told their experiences.

Some, as Larry Wayne Lindsey from Colorado have even burnt their GOP registrations as they quit the party they thought represented them.

This time, in my opinion, the American political system has hit rock bottom.

Tweet by the Colorado-GOP which they deleted shortly thereafter.

Tweet by the Colorado-GOP which they deleted shortly thereafter.

While Donald J. Trump and his campaign continue to abide by the terms of the political establishment, it is time for the American people to stop being the victim.

It is clear now that no matter how much Americans will abide by the rules, their candidate will be treated unfairly.

Therefore,  with the mockery and sinister insidious attacks by the Republican party on We The People, the party has lost his status as the “conservative people’s representative.”

Republicans are as much the enemy of America as are the anti-American democrats.

In reality, republicans and democrats jointly represent the globalising force that wants to disband and destroy America as a country and its people as those bearing the national identity.

Reince Priebus has been explicit in the party’s intentions.

Sure, primaries have been held, only to alleviate the people’s need to feel free and participate in elections, but that was only a make-believe gesture and not the real thing.

Effectively, the elite of the party with their vested interests will prevail over that of the people.

Last year, Donald J. Trump announced his candidature to President, on a historic June 16, 2015.

Few months later, in August 2015, the GOP changed the rules, as they have changed them in some elections before this one, to suit their goals.

Below you may read the tweet by the chairman of the republicans, telling us “nothing has changed.”

Right, nothing has changed since they changed the rules in “August 2015.”   Sleazy.


The GOP has crossed the line the second they chose to take the path of rigged elections.

They are dishonest and their lack of integrity simply shows their moral decomposition.

America must stop the corruption of its soul and the loss of its essence.

It is now up to the people to make the next move.

It’s time to move on.

Will continue in my next column.


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  • Posted: April 13, 2016 00:29

    Barbara Higbee

    Spot on Ms. on! Beautiful prose with clarity! The Republican party is summarily drunk on power and it's up to the people to cease it back!
  • Posted: April 13, 2016 03:33

    William R. Felder

    Question: What have the professional career politicians (mostly Lawyers) given us in the last 30 years? Answer: Over $19 Trillion in National Debt. All while they become wealthy. There is only one person who can create a dynamic economy to begin to pay down the National debt, and that person is Donald J. Trump. Anyone else but Trump means the same corrupt politics as usual in Washington D.C. With over 18,000 lobbyists, many in D.C. (K Street), there is at least one of the 538 members of Congress being bribed for political favor at any given moment. Very probable is that most Congressional Representatives and Senators are bribed thousands of times every year; “Politics as usual”. A successful political career is measured by how much money they accumulate in donations and personal wealth. Much of that wealth is through illegal Insider trading, Sweetheart Real Estate transactions, and Book deal advances. Donald Trump is the only person running for President who is not "For Sale" and cannot be bought. He will negotiate the best deals for the American People with the Congress and the rest of the world. Trump, and only Trump 2016.