As other places in America, Wisconsin does not escape the silent invasion.

Therefore, in East Madison, Wisconsin, stands its Islamic Center, and they cautiously specify its denomination:  Sunni.

Yet, after having lived and worked in the Muslim world with frequent and regular intermittence, I can assure you that the difference between sunni and shi’a probably may be understood by some, but in the general population, at least for a foreigner, there is no difference.

Their looks are the same, they speak the same language or version of Arabic of their family or tribe, because within a same country nothing is the same for all, besides the physical appearance.

This is the description of the Islamic Center in East Madison, Wisconsin:

We can also have some “quick facts,” giving us the gist of their activities and leave our imagination to fill the blanks.

bkeg_mosque_0219Staff photo by Geoff BruceMasjid Al-Noor, the first mosque in Waukesha County, is now open, although officials say that they are still waiting on deliveries before the facility is fully furnished.

bkeg_mosque_0219 Staff photo by Geoff BruceMasjid Al-Noor, the first mosque in Waukesha County, is now open, although officials say that they are still waiting on deliveries before the facility is fully furnished.

The congregation and congregants now are enjoying luxurious facilities available to them.

Think about it.  No other religion tolerates the mention of killing any other human being, let alone as a punishment because they did not want to forcibly convert to it.  It is simply preposterous.

Last but not least, there is the  Islamic Society of MilwaukeeWisconsin’s largest Islamic organisation, which exists since 1982.

The $3 million masjid and community centre, in a commercial area off N. Calhoun Road, is the 35-year-old Milwaukee Society’s third mosque and its first outside Milwaukee County.

That facility houses their main offices, and has become the primary centre for all Muslims in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

This ISM has a branch also operating at college campus level, it’s called Islamic Society of Milwaukee University.  

They explain further that: “Since its purchase in April of 2015, it has not only served as the primary place of worship for the Muslim community on Milwaukee’s east side, but it has also bridged the gap between our college students and the Islamic Community and harbored relationships with its neighbor Lutheran Campus Ministry and Chinese Christian Church of Milwaukee.”

The tentacles continue to expand in all directions.

We can hardly see any way the silent, seemingly friendly invasion will stop.

Again, having lived and intermittently consulted in the region, I always found revolting that there would be no church for my Christian friends, or a Buddhist temple, or a Jewish synagogue.

The invasion comes exclusively in our direction, that’s for sure.

I write these lines in the hope that the people of Wisconsin can appreciate that only one candidate can try to stop this.

Governor Kasich and Senator Cruz are all for the rapefugee immigration.

Actually, those “migrants” do not even have an illegal status, but are refugees, which guarantees them the best treatment with the maximum perks.

Rapefugees cost 54 BILLION

Their goal is to make Muslim babies, as it is the father who determines the child’s Islamic faith.

Such “migrants” also have received instructions to appear as Christians, to shave and to wear decent Western attire, so as to integrate better and infiltrate without being identified as one of the rapefugees.


Islamic Society of Milwaukee
 4707 South 13th Street
 Islamic Center of Wisconsin
720 W Parkway Blvd
Islamic Center and Mosque
 Islamic Society of Sheboygan
 9110 Sauk Trail Rd
Masjid Qamar Oshkosh Mosque
300 N Eagle St
Othman bin Affan Mosque
 206 Rose St
 Islamic Center of East Madison
 4002 Lien Rd
 American Albanian Islamic Center of Wisconsin
6001 88th Ave
Masjid Al-Noor/ISM West
 16670 Pheasant Dr
Masjid Ar-Rahman
5135 N Teutonia Ave
 Masjid Al-Quran
 11723 W Brown Deer Rd
 5075 S 43rd St
 House of Wisdom (Dar al Hikmah)
Religious Organisation
 11615 W Layton Ave
ISM University Center
2223 E Kenwood Blvd
Muslim Community Center/ Islamic Da’wa Center
Place of Worship
 5125 N Teutonia Ave
 Masjed Abubakar Siddiq
 17 N Broadway Ave
Islamic Foundation
Religious Organisation
Brookfield, WI
Now, take a look at this map of Wisconsin with 15 mosques at that time:

Map showing where are the mosques in WIsconsin

Evidently, if they have so many venues, for sure they have enough people to fill those spaces with.

Also, the American Administration is making sure that their demographic ruling will be assured, by dumping the over 100,000 rapefugees they have committed to absorb on behalf of the American people.


The people have never proactively protested thus have gone along with the various governments that have allowed this to become a gargantuan problem.

Elections are the balm that Americans are hoping will heal all their excesses, in this case, the depraved tacit permission to destroy the essence of the country from its core existence.

In my view, only Donald Trump can try to provide security to the country and safety for the people.

Naturally, we have to bear in mind that in many, many instances, people in the Muslim world do not even have a birth certificate.  That is the populace.

For purposes of their travels, naturally a passport has been issued, with brand new fingerprints that will show no criminal antecedents or any other for that matter, including terrorism.

So our chances to have fingerprints telling who the person really is, are very slim.

Therefore, if there is a candidate who will think America first, who will want that Americans have the first right to jobs before bringing more ‘migrants,’ that person is Donald Trump and no one else.

Remember as well, that each Muslim couple makes roughly eight kids.  They are not targeted by Obama’s birth control, to begin with.  On the contrary, they are being subsidised by the system.

Bear in mind on the other hand, that the Obama Administration is unloading in your cities thousands of strong young men, ready to rape your daughters, granddaughters, neighbours or friends.

Danger is here already.  It is incessantly increasing.

America has been ambushed and this is the last time we have to try to stop it from being definitively and irreversibly caught in the net of our enemies.

Wisconsinites, think not only of your jobs and your current situation, which is very important, but think also about your children, their future, and that of their children, your grandchildren.

Will you leave for them a fate where they will live as slaves to people who want to destroy and enslave many generations of Americans?

Next generations cannot talk.  It is our responsibility, to make the right decision, to save their future.

This is a message calling on democrats, independents and undecided, understand that we are given one last chance to save our cities, states and country.  Join us.

Together we can.

We don’t need to be afraid.

We need to take control of our fate and become the drivers of our lives, not the passengers in a bus where the driver wants to kill us and our families, or make us their slaves.

Let’s make sure we grab this golden opportunity and make sure each vote will go through for the man who is already fighting for your well-being, make sure to give him the mandate to Make America Great Again.

Without hesitation, make sure to vote for

Donald J. Trump.

G-d bless America.

In G-d we Trust.



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