Desperation is running amok within America’s establishment.  They are ready to find any solution to the Trump Situation.  And they are dangerous.

That is why we have seen Cruz nominate as his VP, loser Carly Fiorina.   They made such move despite the fact that mathematically speaking, Cruz has no chance to become the GOP nominee.

But, it may have a psychological impact for Indiana, as one usually places one’s bets on the winning horse, right?

Trouble is that this horse has an expensive saddle but that does not mean it will be the winner, except for those with low information.

These manipulations, have been happening all along Mr. Cruz’s path.

In front of the Trump phenomenon, the GOP establishment is losing its face and with it the essence of a party that in the last century, slowly but surely have lost their way.

This desperation, is turning GOP into a tyrannical apparatus that refuses to acknowledge the truth, that they exist thanks to We The People and without whom, they also may cease to exist albeit with a war that will be far from peaceful.  And that, of course, despite the people’s will to the contrary.

The globalist epidemic is not unique to the United States, the majority of the world is now submerged and quasi-drowning under the overwhelming tentacles and weight of the globalist agenda.

For instance, right now, Ted Cruz is showing an unexpected “surge.”

However, fact is that while Trump has crowds of over 10,000s in Indiana, Cruz at best, can get 500 in a room.

Trump rally in Indianapolis

In yet another presidential rally, thousands attended Trump’s event in Indiana with thousands in overflow.


There is no way Cruz could have higher percentages in Indiana.  Not possible under normal circumstances.

And yet, today, this projection is giving Cruz an incredible 65% in Indiana.  How come???

cruz surge 30APR2016

What many ignore is that the so-called “conservative” Club for Growth has decided to “invest” 1,5 million dollars in negative advertising against Donald J. Trump, in Indiana.

They are making total abstraction of the people’s will and are trying to stir public opinion unapologetically.

The ad explicitly urges voters to support Cruz as a means to block Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination.

“If you don’t want Donald Trump to win, your choice comes down to this: math,” the ad states. “Only Ted Cruz can beat Donald Trump. John Kasich can’t do it. The math won’t work.”

“Indiana is facing a unique moment in history: the opportunity to stop Donald Trump,” David McIntosh, President of Club for Growth Action, said. “After success with our ads in Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Utah, CFG Action is about to blanket the Hoosier State with a simple message: To stop Trump, vote Cruz. There is now no state more important than Indiana for electing Cruz and keeping Trump from reaching 1,237.”

Before he became President of Club for Growth, McIntosh was a Congressman from Indiana.

The Club for Growth is being purposely oblivious to the fact that the American people’s chosen is Trump, a Washington outsider, as the leader to take them out of the catastrophic economy and devastating situation the country is drowning in.

America’s disastrous situation is also in large part due to the Republican party representatives who forgot who they worked for once in office.

So, no.  The people will forget neither the democrats nor the republicans, who are guilty of the situation hundreds of millions are in right now.

No one can assure that David McIntosh, president of the diabolic Club for Growth is not also seducing delegates for Cruz, all  to try to stop the biggest threat the American establishment has ever had:  Donald Trump.

David McIntosh and his family. A political operative in the Reagan Administration, currently President of the Club of Growth, the brain behind the random attacks on the GOP presidential frontrunner, Donald J. Trump

David McIntosh and his family. A political operative in the Reagan Administration, currently President of the Club of Growth, the brain behind the $1.5MN random attacks advertised against the GOP presidential frontrunner, Donald J. Trump.

After all, McIntosh has been a Ronald Reagan staffer.

Which brings to mind some unconstitutional decisions the revered President Reagan did from the beginning of his tenure, such as the corrupt move in favour of Monsanto.  Were you aware of that?

Just to prove that no one is perfect.

Corruption’s tentacles have been all over in America.

Yet, the only one dripping with integrity is Donald J. Trump.

In case you missed it, here is  Trump’s Foreign Policy speech recently in Washington, D.C.

He won rave reviews and a heartfelt standing ovation from Washington political wonks, after he finished his address where he stressed that during his tenure, he will put America First and that globalism will no longer dictate the priorities of the country he wants to save.

we will not surrender to globalism - trump

Here, Indiana, watch Trump’s presidential rally in North Carolina and his comments on jobs as he’s interviewed by Sean Hannity.

Join the enthusiasm of fellow American patriots to save our country.

95 million Americans are out of the workforce, over 46 million are on food stamps.

In all, the purpose of these lines is to offer a fair warning to the people of Indiana.

Open your eyes and say NO TO CRUZ.

Imagine how much the Club for Growth is “investing” in Cruz in many states already.

BUT, via Open Sources, we have gotten the following information:

Ted Cruz’s campaign finance until March 2016 alone, had raised 126.1M.  Which does not include a major fundraiser the Cruzes hosted a few weeks ago, in April, at the Harvard Club in Manhattan.

You can gather with the above information, giving the nomination to Cruz is as if though you were placing your lives in the hands of a slave who will do with you what his masters will tell him.

Of course, regardless of any promises the slave may commit to. Once again, it would be business as usual.

That is also why Cruz is making such desperate moves.

Above all, he’s thinking of himself.  If he’s not president, how will he pay back all those millions invested in him?

Once he’s president, he would return the favours by giving his donors hundreds of millions in return for businesses he will sign off in their favour.  You see?

Whose interests will Cruz bear in mind in making his decisions?  You?  America?   No.  The Club for Growth and all the donors who own him.

Cruz is slave to his donors, Indiana.

It is still time, to do what is right for you, for your children, for your family, and for America’s future.

At the same time, remember WHO is funding Trump?

NO ONE.  He’s self-funding.


Who will he think of from day 1?  America First.

About Common Core, the rotten educational system that democrats and republicans have established for your children.  Why?  Common Core is a debilitating teaching system, it attacks the core of your children’s self-esteem and ruins their analytical logic.   In all a most terrible damage to the thinking process.

Who is going to replace it for the traditional system?

Trump, of course.

Trump has a comprehensive plan and in order to learn about his positions, I encourage you to visit, on economy, immigration, health care, education and more, there you will find them extensively presented.

And, this is an important detail:

Trump has made it clear:  This for him, is not about becoming the President, above all it is about saving America, saving you.

How long have I dreamed of this for America, you have no idea.

Now you got the ideal candidate.

The only one from all candidates put together, who has actually been hiring American employees above all, in America, signing the pay checks and watching after their well-being.

Just a few days ago, Mexican illegals violently rallied at a venue where Trump was going to speak, they blocked his way.

What did he do?  He did not give in, of course.

Trump Unstoppable2

He went around to the back entrance, look:

At risk to state the obvious, you must understand this man is risking his life.

He’s working like hell for America and to get Americans out of the dire situation hundreds of millions are in right now.

While the world is busy attacking the man, he is coming up with solutions to apply from day 1, we can be sure about it.

Last but not least, it has been a great Indiana legend, Bobby Knight who has given his full endorsement to Donald Trump.  Thank you, Bobby Knight!

Indiana, America needs you.

America needs Donald J. Trump.


G-d bless Donald Trump.

G-d bless America.

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  • Posted: May 2, 2016 01:25

    Debbie Carroll

    Thank you Eliana for all of the time and effort you put into writing your articles. I know hours & hours of research are required. I am proud to support Donald J. Trump and you make me even more proud when I read your articles. Together we will Make America Great Again!