Donald Trump’s achievements have been unbelievable.  They tell of something beyond our understanding that is happening with him.

For someone who is a G-d believer, it is obvious that Trump has been groomed from “beyond” to be, as he humbly puts it, the “messenger.”

Indeed, The Donald got it.

At 1,119 delegates, he only needs 118 to get to the magical number, 1,237.

We are assuming with that total, the situation will run smoothly for him and for the country.

Or will it?  We are hoping and praying it will be so.

But Trump is now hitting the invisible walls of the Republican Party, and for some reason, Ben Carson was  in charge of requesting the meeting with Paul Ryan, the treasonous Speaker of the House who has refused to endorse the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Trump, as he was expected to.

Furthermore, Carson is supposed to meet with the party leadership and Ryan prior to the Trump meeting.

As we all know, Carson is Dr. Carson, and surely Trump is the master of the deal but I still wonder, how is Carson in a position to deal with the snakes at the GOP, especially alone?

How do you give any suggestions to the master of the deal?  It’s almost impossible.

Ann Coulter said:  “No point in Trump meeting with Ryan.”   I totally agree with her.

Bill O’Reilly interviewed Donald Trump yesterday, Tuesday evening. Below the transcript, via FOX News:

TRUMP: Number one, I have a lot of respect for Paul and I think we’re going to have a very good meeting, I hope. The big thing is in the history of the Republican party nobody has ever gotten more votes than I’ve gotten in the primaries. Millions of millions of votes additional and I guess by the time we finish its going to be many millions of votes ahead of anybody else, any other Republican in the party so that’s a big thing. Plus a lot more people came out to vote this year in the primaries than they did 4 years ago or at any other time so I think that’s a great sign. And we’re doing very well in the polls.

He is a very good man. He wants what’s good for the party and I think we’re going to have very positive results. I’d love frankly for him to stay and be chairman.

Be it as it may, warning from an informed, wise man has also been published.  

Roger J. Stone, Jr.  published his own plea on The Daily Caller.  

The two last paragraphs of his article, catch the essence of his thoughts and warnings:

“Reince and Ryan are outmatched to say the least. Trump won’t be blackmailed. He goes into the meeting Thursday with veteran GOP operative Rick Wiley knowing the inside out of the party’s financial output. Trump is the toughest guy I’ve ever met, and I’ve known some killers. His movement is bigger than the Republican Party and he knows it. Media focus on lack of party unity while Trump has proven appeal the millions of new voters is journalistic malpractice. Trump will push Ryan out of the chairmanship of the convention. He will always go his way.

There is also a Trump national fast track strategy underway to empower state party leaders with the levers to shunt aside the grassroots Trump people who supported Trump and run the Trump campaign in the states.

Karl Rove has control and loyalty of many of these officials. This would be a grave error for Trump.”

That said, it is worrisome that Trump has a tendency to rather easily change his opinion about people who are radioactive.

We understand that Mr. Trump feels he’s approaching that level where he will have to be “presidential.”

But, what is it to “be presidential?”

It is not to give in to evil.

It is to understand that evil will remain evil for the most, and should be considered evil unless a radical and permanent transformation takes place.

As President, Donald Trump must understand, most of the people will treat him with respect.  That should have no bearing on his appreciation of them.

Indeed, that will not mean that the Iranian mullahs have become angels.  No.  Far from that.

In fact, all niceties aside, in the case of Paul Ryan, how can anyone forget or forgive his  first major legislative achievement  which turned out to be a total and complete sell-out of the American people under the wrapping of an appropriations bill?

On the other hand, with all due respect to Donald Trump, the cause of America, for which he is so valiantly fighting, demands at this point, that all involved, place their egos on check.

In Roger J. Stone Jr.’s above mentioned article, the last paragraph is especially to be noted because the political deals that Ryan and the GOP apparatchik want the Donald to learn about and comply by, are weaved by the worst political sharks and it would certainly be inappropriate to idealise them.

There is also a Trump national fast track strategy underway to empower state party leaders with the levers to shunt aside the grassroots Trump people who supported Trump and run the Trump campaign in the states.  Karl Rove has control and loyalty of many of these officials. This would be a grave error for Trump.”  Roger J. Stone, Jr.  

Another point that concerns us, is the fact of the organisational operation set in place at the GOP,  one that points to the tempting convenience of letting them handle business as usual.

Yet, we know they are untrustworthy thugs.

Sure they love the party, but it is evident that the American electorate does not give a hoot about their love for party.

What is important for the citizenry, is that their leaders “love their country first.”

In all, maybe an ideal manoeuvre, could have been to demand, insist that Ryan endorse Trump before the meeting, because he has to and should.

There is a lot of money at stake and the public know already about the business the likes of Reince or Ryan will make out of playing favourites with vendors of their choice.

Much is at stake, especially for the American people.

We are at the hands of the master of the deal.

And above all, we are in the Hands of G-d.

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