I’ve been waiting for Donald Trump to run for president, what felt almost like an eternity, but every day of that long wait, for over 2 decades, has been worthwhile.

For me, it was from the beginning “Only Trump,” because in my analytical mind, I could not see anyone else fit for the job of saving America and, at the same time, being an inspiring role model for generations to come.

America’s dire situation is so complex, that no makeup could repair the damage.  It needs a total redo.

Now, it is obvious that Donald Trump sees it that way.

His, has been an almost lifelong commitment to the cause of America, for over 30 years ago, when he was telling Oprah and others about his concerns for country and people.

After having brought down no less than 16 vicious contenders, RNC and its arm GOP reluctantly acknowledged Trump as the presumptive Republican  presidential nominee.

That said, rumours of a “third party” have not left America’s horizon.

To date, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has still 77 votes to go until the required 1237 are met.

He and his voters from all backgrounds are faithfully making that arduous effort.

Trump had provided more information and reading material regarding his positions than any other candidate.

One of the fronts on which the anti-Trump crowd has enjoyed attacking him was the seemingly absence of the Constitution in Trump’s rhetoric.

For those who know him, understand that the law is intrinsic and omnipresent in each activity of governance, that there is no need to mention it each second.

Indeed, governance is impossible without having the Constitution by your right side at all times.

Now, Trump has masterfully addressed the doubtfulness of so-called concerned constitutionalists.

In one single stroke, and without any advance notice, he has presented his initial list of 11 potential Supreme Court justices, all of them highly competent scholars and judges, whom he plans to vet to fill the seat of late Justice Antonin Scalia.

The president of Citizens for Self Governance and founder of the Tea Party Patriots, Mark Meckler, a few days ago, wisely recommended Mr. Trump release a list of his potential Supreme Court justices to put to rest concerns among tea party activists regarding his conservative credentials.

Meckler said: “I would suggest if I was an adviser to Trump that he name some judges he’d be interested in elevating to the Supreme Court.”

Trump’s choices are:

  • Steven Colloton of Iowa
  • Allison Eid of Colorado
  • Raymond Gruender of Missouri.
  • Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania
  • Raymond Kethledge of Michigan
  • Joan Larsen of Michigan
  • Thomas Lee of Utah
  • William Pryor of Alabama
  • David Stras of Minnesota
  • Diane Sykes of Wisconsin
  • Don Willett of Texas

Senator Sessions, the first Republican to endorse Donald Trump, and a staunch patriot, considers Trump’s roster, “fabulous.”

In the Senator’s words, “Most legal scholars — the people that would like this list — they’re looking for people not to advance a conservative agenda,” he added. “That’s not what we want. We want judges who follow the Constitution, because when you have these activist judges that redefine the meaning of words to execute a political agenda that the American people don’t favor and won’t pass, then you have a threat to the legal parities that we’ve been so blessed to have.”

It is interesting to note that many of the judges on Mr. Trump’s list previously served as law clerks to conservative Supreme Court justices.

The list in some ways echoes Mr. Trump’s anti-establishment campaign.  He didn’t include any conservative judges on Washington’s powerful federal appeals court or any prominent conservative Washington lawyers like Paul Clement.

Most of the nominees hail from the Midwest, having received their legal training at schools other than Harvard or Yale, whose alumni dominate the current Supreme Court.

Besides Senator Sessions, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R., Iowa,) had a very favourable opinion of Trump’s roster.

Justice Grassley said that Mr. Trump had “laid out an impressive list of highly qualified jurists.”

In fact, Justice Grassley has been the key figure opposing the Senate consideration of President Barack Obama’s high-court nominee, Merrick Garland,

Besides that, an anti-abortion group, the Susan B. Anthony List, has welcome Mr. Trump’s list as “exceptionally strong.”

Indeed, for those of us who care about the life of unborn babies, it is of utmost importance that the future president be of one mind with us.

In the words of one of the most illustrious rabbinical authorities in Halacha and Medicine, Rabbi  Yaacov Weiner:   “…a fetus is not an individual but generations.  It is in  Exodus 21:22 that this is mentioned:  ” two people are fighting and one hits a pregnant woman and she loses her  CHILDREN” [plural].   This concept is also mentioned in the Talmud Sanhedrin regarding Cain  killing his brother Abel.  G-d says to him GENESIS 4:10 ” WHAT DID YOU DO , THE BLOODS [PLURAL] OF YOUR BROTHER  ARE CALLING OUT TO ME FROM THE EARTH” inferring that Cain has to answer for the future generations of Abel that by killing him will not be born.”  

This concept hopefully will increase the possibility of changing modern society’s approach regarding abortion.

One of the reasons why abortion is taken so lightly by hundreds of millions of potential or would-be mothers, is ignorance.

Few know that as a result of sexual intercourse, when man and woman climax, his sperm transports his millions of spermatozoids  in search for the precious egg that the woman has every month during her short fertile years.

When one of those spermatozoids enters the female egg, it losses its tail and that instant, they both morph into a new cell.

That brand new cell is where the life of all of us has begun.

There is a reason for me to explain this:  That cell contains the life of a human being, and therefore, even the morning-after pill is committing a crime against a human being and against all the descendants that because of that, will never be born.

Therefore, it is understandable that organisations such as Planned Parenthood and Naral, the pro-choice organisation, will not welcome kindly Mr. Trump’s list of 11 pro-life justices,

Reportedly, the abortion-rights group Naral Pro-Choice America called the candidates “a woman’s worst nightmare,” because they could threaten Roe v. Wade, the high-court decision that established the right to an abortion.

They are right to think so.

Instead of murdering 50 million American babies throughout these years, the successive American administrations could have stopped the massacre, and America would have had 50 million patriots with roots in their own country.

But, the Baby Holocaust took place only to see millions of mercenary immigrants allowed to invade America.

Mr. Trump has said he will continue adding names to his list.

As we have seen and true to his initial approach, the GOP presumptive presidential nominee, continues to distance himself from the Establishment.

Thus, it is refreshing that Donald Trump can show so-called true conservatives that he is serious and that he “will preserve, defend and uphold the Constitution” as he will promise in his oath.

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