I know there is not much need to explain how dire the situation is for the American people.

In this critical election year, Americans are looking forward, expecting and hoping that the country will make an 180 degree turn to safety and well-being for the people.

As you know, we are witnessing the fact that the situation of the presumptive Democratic nominee is utmost challenged, to say it mildly.

We and the world know well that anyone in her stead would have already been jailed, prosecuted and maligned. Not her.

It is evident Mrs. Clinton is protected by the current establishment, keen in enhancing the unAmerican measures they are promoting, enforcing, to the detriment of the people at large.

We know that the FBI is missing 30,000 emails Mrs. Clinton claims to have deleted.

While we wonder how can that be, given that NSA is supposed to have total control of such area, we also understand that the FBI may be getting to the point to ask you, Excellency, for the copies of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, as Senator Tom Cotton has stated.

Without going into much verbiage, we hope, Sir, you can oblige our humble request to, rather than give them to anyone else, please publish the emails from former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and presumptive Democratic nominee, in a reliable American publication.


We suggest either or

That, automatically, excludes the vast West mainstream media, too busy with their conspiracy trying to ambush the people on behalf of the anti-American, anti-nationalist powers at the helm of the country presently.

We, therefore, ask you, Mr. President, to kindly oblige our request.

Yours sincerely,

The American People



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  • Posted: July 10, 2016 13:33

    Summer Hawkes

    Eliana, Well written and to the point. If Vladimir Putin complies, it would literally take the parting of the Red Sea to dent or disparage the fortification America's left-wing media have protected the Clinton's in, reinforced by FBI Director Comey's decision NOT to prosecute Hillary. I sincerely hope your request is granted by ANY foreign government in possession of Clinton's classified emails. Until then, the soundest evidence Hillary Clinton prayerfully receives are those Americans who truly care about the country's future, seeing the light and rejecting this conniving and devious woman in the November 2016 election.