The situation continues to deteriorate in America, and no one seems ready or willing to stop the demolition of a country that most can call their place of birth.

The American public is becoming more and more aware of the total control of the media by the current Obama Administration, not knowing for a fact the what and the how of its implementation.

However, last week, damning information coming from a House Republican task force, has shed light on the fact that senior military officials have altered and even scrubbed intelligence reports on how the Obama administration has handled the war against the most powerful terrorist outfit ever seen, the Islamic State.

That assessment showing intelligence reports on the terrorist group’s gains in Iraq and Syria, has been favorably customized so that President Obama could shine a better light on the face of American public opinion.

Results by the Task Force imply that despite seemingly favorable claims by the administration, curated “intelligence reports” show how the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) senior leaders assiduously revised information prepared by career analysts.

One blatant case arose in the spring of 2015.

Back then, the Islamic State or Daesh, also known by the Administration and leftists governments around the world as ISIS or ISIL, was readying to overtake the Iraqi city of Ramadi.

Back then, the Pentagon shared with the media that the terrorists (aka as “extremists” in official terminology,) were “on the defense” and “losing ground.”

The results from the House Republican Task Force, show the efforts by the CENTCOM leadership, who in all likelihood must be appointees from the Obama Administration, to manipulate information regarding the Islamic State.

CENTCOM - Seal_of_the_United_States_Central_Command

The CENTCOM leadership oversaw that their results “were consistently more favorable than analysis produced by other elements of the Intelligence Community” about the Islamic State’s capabilities from mid-2014 to mid-2015.

With polls showing over 60% Americans disapproving the Democratic President Obama’s failed handling of the Islamic State, the repercussions of these findings are a negative factor to be added to the obscure list of accomplishments of his fellow Democrat and candidate to the presidency, Mrs. Clinton.

In the face of the seemingly unstoppable brutal attacks along the path of the terrorists of the Islamic State, American public opinion has been suspicious of the official results published in the media.

Indeed, the viewing of beheadings, mass prisoners marching to their executions, rapes, slavery of women, forced coupling with the savages of the Islamic State and, in cases as in Palmyra, the destruction of cultural sites that the terrorists blew up, skeptic Americans instinctively doubted official news.

“While the accusations first surfaced last year, the report comes at a critical moment for Mr. Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who are accused by Republican nominee Donald Trump as “co-founders” of the Islamic State because of U.S. troop withdrawals and other policies that allegedly allowed the extremist group to gain strength. Mr. Trump renewed his line of attack Thursday, saying the president and Mrs. Clinton should receive “most valuable player” awards from the Islamic State for pulling all U.S. troops out of Iraq in 2011, while she was still secretary of state.”

Indeed, the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump is right in his assertion that it was due to Mr. Obama and Secretary Clinton’s support for Islam, that the terrorists of Islamic State saw the light.


The Republican nominee to President of the United States, Donald J.Trump during his speech on Islam and Muslim immigration to the United States


Obama Cairo Speech was a determining and tragic stepping stone to his unfortunate meddling in the lives of Muslims in the Middle East.


President Obama, Cairo Speech, 2009

It was the beginning of an earthquake in the region.

America lost key allies and, for instance, in Libya, President Gaddafi brutally murdered by the barbaric terrorists of al-Nusra, al Qaeda affiliates.

Now, Libyans live under strict sharia law.   During Gaddafi, Libya was a secular Muslim country.


Latest news informs us that retired Brigadier General Tony Tata shared in an exclusive interview with Fox News, has shared with them that it was the presidential briefer who told CENTCOM to alter ISIS intelligence to make it appear that the terrorist organization was less of a threat.

Reportedly, the president’s briefer, who works in the office of the Director of National Intelligence instructed CENTCOM to even “make a secure call, which is not traceful:”

“Do not provide product of record that is counter to the narrative that the president is putting out there….”

But, the American public knew better.

Time and again, the American president and his Secretary of State, and current Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, have undermined American interests in the Muslim world, they betrayed American allies and had replaced them by brutal terrorists who are committing their crimes and invading the West “In the name of Allah.”

After seven years of this shattering reality, Americans realize that the time has come to prioritize and place America’s interests at the forefront of America’s existence.



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