As summer begins to end and in retrospect, we can perceive how, unlike all other elections campaign periods, this has been a very busy time in America.

It has been so, only due to one man who has been indefatigable, the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump.

Trump is taking the responsibility to save and help repair America in his hands.

He is turning all stones along his path.

In his recent trip to Mexico, his gesture of good will was in the shape of a new hat with this motto written on it:  Make Mexico Great Again Also.

It was an accomplishment that even his mates, former mayor Rudy Giuliani and Senator Jeff Sessions, donned the hats at the Phoenix rally that followed the visit to Mexico.

Some were not happy with that hat.

Nonetheless, it was a great move.  Many mistook Trump in the aftermath of his initial comments about Mexicans, in particular by the biased American press that is doing all they can to destroy the people’s candidate.

After some thought, that hat was a symbol of good will towards the Mexican people.

Nothing wrong with wishing our neighbor to be great as well.

That did not change the Republican presidential nominee stance in what should be our immigration policy towards illegals coming from Mexico or the Mexican drug cartel.

Surely, Mr. Trump’s influence in the direction of the dialogue was effectively in place when the Mexican president said, me too, my job is also to take care of my people inside my country and abroad.

Undoubtedly, we will see more copycat presidents imitating Trump’s style in leadership, much to globalists despair.

Trump won many points from his detractors who, in the face of an absent Democratic nominee, could not but approve the bold move by the Republican, who within hours accepted the invitation of the Mexican president and the immediate visit after that.

On his return from Mexico, Donald J. Trump stopped in Phoenix, Arizona, to attend one of his crowded rallies.

His topic?  Illegal immigration and how a Trump presidency will tackle this sensitive issue.

Americans felt good hearing the determined and reassuring voice of Mr. Trump, defending them, placing them at the top of this list of priorities, defending their safety and their jobs.


HERE is the transcript of Trump’s historic immigration speech in Phoenix, Arizona.

The crowd responded with fervor to his announcement that there will not be amnesty for those who have tried to circumvent America’s laws.

He promised to make sure to allow in, only those who would adhere to the requirement to assimilate to America and her laws.


Hearing their future president, Americans generally could feel good with his reassuring vision of restoring their rights as the priority number one as much as bringing back law and order to a land that day after day has weakened by the progressive liberal views of America’s leftist leadership.

No more, he assured them, were foreigners illegally in America receiving the same right as American born and legally naturalized immigrants.  How soothing.

Mr. Trump’s immigration speech in Phoenix has already entered the annals of history as one of the masterpieces of its genre.

In a few hours of one single day, the country witnessed the energetic determination, the indefatigable stamina of a leader who is no politician but a successful billionaire who has dropped everything to make his country great again.

Americans know that the time for change is about to come.


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    Kyron Walsh

    Very good review... TRUMP 2016!!!