Within a few hours,  last weekend, America saw once again terrorist attacks perpetrated in New York City, New Jersey, and Minneapolis, where similar attacks took place.

First, a bomb attack happened in New Jersey, as reports:

“A pipe bomb exploded in Seaside Park, New Jersey, shortly before thousands of runners were due to participate in a charity 5K race to benefit Marines and sailors.”

Then it was Manhattan’s turn.

Fifteen years after the terrible, massive attacks of that infamous 9/11 happened, Manhattan was the victim once again of a couple of explosions courtesy of Muslim terrorism.

In Chelsea, 29 people resulted injured with the piercing debris from shrapnel contained in an improvised explosive device placed in a dumpster.  It detonated with such force that it blew out the windows of nearby buildings.

In fact, as a security precaution, people were evacuated from buildings adjacent to the place where the explosions happened.

Moments later,  in a far away place, a man ” who stabbed nine people at a Minnesota mall Saturday before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer was a “soldier of the Islamic state,” according to an ISIS-linked news agency.”

The terrorist reportedly viciously asked his victims if he or she was Muslim before killing them.  He was a Muslim Somali immigrant who has lived in the United States 15 years.

Shall we say, lousy job assimilating migrants?

Back in the City, they found a second explosive device with same design just blocks away from Chelsea.

Naturally, authorities immediately refused to acknowledge the Manhattan attack as terrorism let alone Muslim terrorism.

Their concerns were not about defending innocent and defenseless Americans, but rather about not offending the Muslim folk and protecting Islam’s good name and reputation.

That said, authorities knew they could not let too much time go by without finding the culprits.

Mayor De Blasio et al., aware that the longer the situation would remain unresolved, the more Americans and, worse, Manhattanites would blame it on the outrageous Syrian migration program of their Democratic fellow, President Obama, and his Administration.

That’s why late on Saturday 17 they already had a suspect whose photo and description they hastened to distribute broadly.

Indeed, the man was NOT from Syria but conveniently from  Afghanistan.   Ahmad Khan Rahami.

Yes, mere coincidence.

I know many Afghans, from many sections of society and this guy, does NOT look Afghan.

Speaking with a source very knowledgeable in the region, we concluded that not only Rahami’s name is not typically Afghan but more Pakistani.  In fact, physically speaking he looks more like someone from Punjab, a state in India at the border with Pakistan.

Many details are suspicious.

Look at the photo of his capture.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, sleeping in a car before the shooting that led to his arrest.Do you think “that” looks like a terrorist?

How about here.

After being “arrested” he seems in pretty good condition, wide awake and total control, connecting and communicating with whoever is taking care of him there.   I dare say they were careful to hurt him just enough to let him bleed some blood for the photo-op.

His father has come out saying he had warned the FBI in 2014 that his son could be a “terrorist.”

That’s unheard of.  Muslims would rather kill their son than betray him to the infidels.

Officials have confirmed that Mohammed Rahami reported his son Ahmad Khan Rahami in 2014, but law enforcement took little action following the alert.  Indeed, the FBI did not disturb him.

Take a look at his dad.

We find the New York Times, usually the left’s mouthpiece, sharing this essay with which we are taken by the hand towards Bin Laden’s terror territory, al Qaeda, therefore away from Syrian refugees and the Islamic State.

Such manipulation has been handled with utmost dexterity as you can read through the lines below.  Smooth.

“The charges came on a day when it was revealed that Mr. Rahami’s father told the authorities two years ago that he feared his son was a terrorist, prompting a review by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that did not find any basis for a fuller inquiry.

The complaint says Mr. Rahami was motivated by an extremist Islamic ideology that he recorded in a notebook he had with him when he was shot and wounded by the police in Linden, N.J., on Monday morning before being taken into custody.

Pierced by a bullet and splattered with blood, the journal contains screeds against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In one handwritten message, Mr. Rahami pleads that he not be caught before carrying out his planned attacks.

“My heart I pray to the beautiful, wise ALLAH,” he wrote. “To not take JIHAD away from. I beg.”

Elsewhere in the notebook, the complaint says, he refers to pipe bombs and pressure cookers as well as to shooting police officers.

Mr. Rahami writes of “killing the kuffar,” or unbelievers, and praises terrorist figures, including Anwar al-Awlaki, once Al Qaeda’s leading propagandist, who died in a drone strike in Yemen, as well as the soldier in the Fort Hood shooting, among the deadliest of the so-called lone wolf attacks inspired by Al Qaeda.”

What about Asia Bibi Rahami, his wife?

In style, she left for Dubai “before” the attacks.  WHO paid for her and her child’s tickets?

Note that the Emirates is a tiny country close to the heart of American Democratic leaders such as Obama and Clinton.

Emirati leaders are among the autocratic donors from the Persian Gulf that have substantially contributed to the 100 million dollars donated to Clinton’s presidential bid.

The common denominator that unites the autocrats and the Clintons is a tool they are using to achieve their shared goals of world domination:  Democracy.

Why is this detail important?  Because they managed to “intercept” Mrs. Rahami in Dubai and they have been questioning her there.

According to the New York Post:

“Asia Bibi Rahami (…) left the US for the Middle East before the attacks in New York and New Jersey, has been questioned by American officials in the United Arab Emirates as she sought to return to the US, ABC News reported.

FBI officials said Asia Rahami, who had left the US for Pakistan shortly before the attacks, voluntarily submitted to the interview.

Her travel abroad comes after her husband Ahmad Khan Rahami‘s mother, Najiba, left the US on Aug. 24 for Turkey; federal sources told ABC News.

The couple got married in 2011 while in Pakistan and had a child together, officials said.

After he had returned to the US, Ahmad lobbied for his wife to join him in New Jersey.

In May 2014, she was granted entry with their baby and was given the status of permanent resident.”

Other sources inform that “That same year, Rahami filed a petition to bring his wife to the United States. The paperwork was approved in 2012, according to one official, who said it was unclear from the paperwork whether she’d come to the country.

Rahami ran into problems with his wife’s immigration paperwork in 2014 and contacted a US congressman for help.

US Rep. Albio Sires said Rahami contacted his office about concerns with his wife’s passport and visa. Her Pakistani passport had expired, according to Sires, and the US Consulate wouldn’t give her an immigrant visa until the passport was renewed.

Once the passport was renewed, according to Sires, Rahami’s wife learned she was pregnant, and US officials told her they wouldn’t issue a visa until the baby was born. Then, according to Sires, officials said they’d have to get an immigrant visa for the baby, too.

Sires said he doesn’t know what happened next. At the time, he said, the consulate advised Rahami to travel to Karachi, Pakistan, but Rahami said it was too dangerous.”.

Recently, in the case of the Orlando terrorist attack, the Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen’s wife has disappeared, so it was unlikely the American government would allow a re-do in the Rahami case. Indeed, “She (Omar Mateen’s wife) suspected what her husband was planning, she knew he had the weapons, she drove him to the nightclub and dropped him off: Noor Salman, the wife of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, had all the hallmarks of a willing accomplice to her husband’s jihadist slaughter — and now she’s nowhere to be found.”That said, the Rahim situation is a different one, better planned.

Seems like there is an agreement to give the wives a better treatment.   That’s a fact.


We can conclude that there may be a government conspiracy to distract the people.

The pieces separately do not amount to anything but put together there is the glimmer of a suspicion that the Chelsea attacks may have been intentionally choreographed.

Suspecting the FBI of wrongdoing is not an insult but an assertion within the realm of probability.

The government had enough of the people’s doubts and complaints regarding the massive import of Syrian immigrants.

Thus, “mistakenly 858 citizenships were granted to immigrants from special interest countries.”   Seriously?

What’s worse, they never announced that those citizenships were going to be nullified, which would be the standard procedure when there is a mistake.  You fix it.

But they don’t want to do that, therefore it was NO mistake.

Town after town, America is receiving the poisoned gift of young male migrants, unable to work but able to rape and make children with  American women whom they will find and force along the road.

Comes to mind my premise that “all Muslims are moderate until one day they leave their homes with high-level hormones, ready to rape, or when they put on their suicide bombers vest and/or with their charge of explosives at hand.”

Until then, you have a lottery number in your hands.

We have witnessed how the Obama Administration has skillfully crafted the elements to create social and racial animosity among Americans.

It is now a major divide that is cutting deep among the American people as rivers filled with American blood are beginning to form.


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