Old political seasoned career journalists had warned me how the campaign was going to get vicious as we would approach election date.

They were not wrong, but nothing could have warned me enough about the virulent Democrats attacks against the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump.

First, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in particular, have so many funds at their disposal from the millions she has received from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, many corporations and other countries, that frankly, their possibilities were enormous.

However, now the whole world knows that just as much as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Hillary Clinton, they are also funding the savages from the Islamic States, frequently called ISIS by leftists leaders in the West as they try to comfort Muslim sensitivities.

Leaked memos which appeared on the WikiLeaks site demonstrate that the US knew its own allies were funding the Islamist terror group Isis. Getty

Leaked memos which appeared on the WikiLeaks site demonstrate that the US knew its own allies were funding the Islamist terror group Isis. Getty (via Independent)

Indeed, that is how the Clinton campaign must have paid to fabricate new stories against Donald Trump. Otherwise, they could not spew their venom towards him and America.

Newly found “witnesses” have been popping up like mushrooms as we began the last month before the election on November 8.

Such witnesses have declared how Mr. Trump made advances on them, groped them, even on airplanes.

According to them, Trump even had the audacity to enter a Miss Universe dressing room.

As for any organizer entering a changing room of any event he or she organized, it is called logistics to make sure the ladies were getting ready on time.

At such a time, the organizer or the person in charge just wants to make sure all is unfolding smoothly.  I say that from experience.

A similar situation also happens when women participate in fashion shows, with men fitting their dresses.  No time for nonsense.  Guaranteed.



Trump is and has been a powerful and extremely intelligent man.  Checking on his contestants was not a big deal.

Why would he risk making advances to any woman in public when he always had the possibility just to invite any woman privately?

To think otherwise is plainly preposterous.


Then, we are told he supposedly misbehaved with a woman on an airplane.  Seriously?  This is just laughable.

The incredible chain of attacks on Trump in the last couple of weeks has been an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

But it has become a commonly used tactic by Democrats to bombard their opponents using media slanders to destroy their opposition before the election.

We are glad to report that those lies have now been thoroughly debunked by the conservative media.

However, the Democrats approach is avowed by Clinton on one of the revealed emails by Wikileaks, where she clearly states how the masses “must be kept ignorant.”

Ignorant of what?  We will see it unveil below.

Jobless, homeless, neglected veterans and so much more, are for sure NOT on the mind of the Democrats.

Their only worry is to win over Donald J. Trump, as he is the only obstacle to globalism between Hillary’s Democrats and their quest for globalism.

This row of attacks has been a severe disservice to the interests of the American people.

WE continue to devote our time to the main issues that affect primarily our national security, jobless, homeless, health care, the neglected veterans, the economy, immigration, the rebuilding of our infrastructure,  and so much more.

All the above are topics Donald Trump has at heart to reform and to remodel.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are desperate, and that is why they do not mind to go from lie to lie.

As far as I am concerned, the New York Times is also lying.

They are lying as well in the response they sent to Kasowitz Benson LLP, Mr. Trump’s lawyers.

They answered saying that a court should set the issue straight only because they know the time is limited and there is none for a lawsuit.  Yet.

In essence, the left is fabricating accusations and creating witnesses for circumstances that have never existed.

And, truthfully, nothing of all that is comparable to the extreme and successive cases of rapes committed by former President Bill Clinton.

The above is important because the Democratic presidential nominee, his wife Hillary Clinton has been all but proven to facilitate, enable such rapes against women.

Real women have for decades accused and proven that President Clinton raped them.

These are no last minute inventions, but in fact, they will be an integral part of the pages history will devote to the president’s biography and that of his wife as well.

We also know of all the people that have “committed suicide” or have perished due to “sudden accidents.”

They are popularly known as the Clinton Body Bags.

Investigations have been muted and stopped, and in most cases, they never even took place.

The most notorious case has been Vincent Foster, a friend of Hillary’s, who “committed suicide.”

Justice Scalia’s death was unmistakably murder.  They even silenced his family.

While the most conservative Justice in America was found dead with a pillow on his face, there was no investigation.

The blessed Wikileaks recently unveiled emails that caused many to question what happened to Justice Scalia.

Here an excerpt from explaining some facts:

“True Pundit personnel, who have served in varying intelligence capacities and agencies for the United States, were floored this morning when combing the Wikileaks database of John Podesta emails.

Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, on Feb. 9, 2016, email makes reference to an assassination. Using the term “wet work,” Podesta sent a cryptic email to Democratic strategist and heavyweight consultant Steve Elmendorf. The term wet work is an intelligence slang term with Russian roots. Defined it means to assassinate a public figure, diplomat or someone of political note.

Elmendorf replied to Podesta’s mysterious reference:

“I am all in Sounds like it will be a bad nite , we all need to buckle up and double down”

We do not want to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole here based on one or two comments. However, Podesta’s email was sent on a Tuesday. By Friday, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia was found dead at a remote Texas resort. To say Scalia’s death was suspicious is putting it mildly.

  • No autopsy
  • No medical examiner on site to decipher cause of death
  • No U.S. Marshal protection detail accompanying Scalia
  • No functioning CCTV cameras on day of death
  • Scalia found clothed on bed with pillow over face
  • Scalia’s body mysteriously cremated before it could be examined
  • Resort owner large Obama contributor
  • And the list goes on and on

We are not alleging Podesta or Elmendorf played a role in Scalia’s death. That is a large leap and making such a leap is how news sites get a reputation for spreading conspiracy theories. But neither are doing themselves any favors by discussing the topic via email either. And the timing cannot be ignored, even by partisan detectives. Simply put: The optics look very bad.”   END

The Clinton machine is interested not only in pay for play money they are endlessly receiving but also on the advancement of two of their main agenda points.

The consolidation of globalism by getting their main trophy, America.

And the invasion of America by Islam.

Either way, Hillary Clinton is lying her way to election day, not to fight for a better life for Americans and the many generations ahead, but to be able to erase the country’s borders and to give carte blanche to any and all immigration.

As such, she did not give a damn if Americans will be jobless, homeless, hungry or not, sick and abandoned, because her goal is to flood America with non-Americans.

The so-called President Obama is already doing it.  His Administration is importing Syrian and Muslim immigrants, and automatically they are giving them the American nationality so that they can vote “Democrat” on November 8.

His Administration is importing Syrian and Muslim immigrants, and automatically they are giving them the American nationality so that they can vote “Democrat” on November 8.

After all:  the U.S. Bill of Rights: A Guide for U.S. Immigrants. “Whatever his status under the immigration laws, an alien is surely a ‘person’ …. Aliens, even aliens whose presence in this country is unlawful, have long been recognized as ‘persons’ guaranteed due process of law by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.””

That is the Democrats goal.

In a nutshell, Clinton is seeking the Presidency of the United States of America to have the power to erase America from the face of the earth.


She and they only have one single obstacle that would stop them from achieving their evil plans,  Donald J. Trump.

America must unite in the face of this existential danger.

Because of the above, this will be America’s last chance; there will be none other.

There is no room for choice or mistake.

Vote for Trump-Pence, America.



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