Dear Mr. Trump,

It is the eve of our Jewish holiday of Sukkot and while everyone is getting ready to go to synagogue in less than two hours, I want to devote this little time to write you my thoughts and my encouragement that I know speaks for millions of Americans who simply adore you for loving them so much.   You are our hero.

Above all, thank you for all you do.

You are stoically facing many, many horrible enemies.

Many wonder how you are able to do it.  The attacks you are being submitted to could be unbearable to a vast majority.

Yet, I know who has groomed you for this and who is being Your Rock even if you are not so aware of it.  G-D.

You see, G-D makes unbelievable things because He wants people to realize it is HIM making it possible.

When we, Jews were fleeing slavery under the Egyptians, we found ourselves with the greatest impasse:  The Red Sea.

We are told in Our Holy Torah:  “God showed his almighty power, by opening a passage through the waters, … of the Red Sea before you when you came out of Egypt…”

Charriots and human and horse remains found in the Red Sea are irrefutable evidence of G-D’s Miracle.

Experts believe this is a wheel from one of Pharaoh's chariots that entered the Red Sea when G-D opened the waters for the Jews.

Experts believe this is a wheel from one of Pharaoh’s chariots that entered the Red Sea when G-D opened the waters for the Jews.

Once we finished crossing the sea,  G-D immediately closed the waters of the sea to protect us, Jews, and that is how the pharaoh’s army with chariots and horses drowned in the Red Sea.

Your story resembles every day more to that of another great Jewish leader in the history of mankind.

To all of us who study Torah, the similarities are incredibly apparent.

He was a short man, who loved to sing and was busy with his sheep.  He loved G-D and wrote infinite poems to Him.

I am sure you know I am talking about our beloved King David.

WHO doesn’t know the story of David and Goliath?


As David, Mr. Trump, you are a man with an incredible intelligence and driven by your principles and convictions and a willingness to do what is right and fight for it.

You don’t have to be religious to have G-D on your side, if you do what is right and good for others.   You are blessed.

And, as in David’s case, the Goliath attacking you is humongous, if we put all  your and our enemies together.

The entire left.  The so’-called Republicans. The RINOs.  The Greens.  The monstrous mainstream media, not only nationally but internationally as well.  Globalism and their evil advocates disguised as anything else but.  Islam, the Muslim world.  The vested interests.  The lobbyists.

We know very well the outcome of the story and the battle between David and Goliath.

In the story of the impossible against the possible, the impossible won because it is not us who decide.

It is The Creator of The Universe who has the last word.

Meet Him, Mr. Trump.  He Who Created the Universe, is on your side.  And through you, He is blessing America and the world.

Now, let me address the debates briefly:

Congratulations on the second debate.  You ruled sovereign throughout it.   I watched every second of it and was so proud of you.

Since then, the Democrats have viciously lashed out at you, bombarding you with lies and obscenities.  All because of us.  And, heroically, you weathered the most horrible hurricane America could ever endure:  The Democrats.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And, while I deeply respect your team, I still must send you my opinions and views for you and them to use in case they are useful.

All I care is that you win for America.

Now to the last debate.

1️⃣  Same procedure for technical support as in last time, you should have your tech team with you in case you need them and also for review of the venue.

2️⃣  As a matter of fact, regardless of how it was in the past two debates, it would be good that you arrive ahead and be present while your tech team checks everything and someone stands watch until it is your turn to step in.

3️⃣  Keep the microphone close to your mouth so your voice pierces through space to the hearts and souls of the millions of Americans who love you and who are growing ever more in numbers to vote for you.

4️⃣  Your style is to stand up and be able to walk around, that’s in your nature and anyone can understand that.   In that sense, if your contender is physically incapacitated and must sit frequently or cannot walk around, that’s her nature and her special needs.   You must do what’s good for you.  Only that counts.

5️⃣ You were great, did not interrupt, made sharp comments on the rotten “moderators.”

6️⃣  Allow me to repeat:  The moderators are there to moderate the debate.  Therefore, you take the lead, gently and smoothly.  You know what to do.  At all times remember:  You are one step away from being the President of the United States.  Fight for it with passion but also with wisdom and strength.

7️⃣  Please do not waste your precious time with the lies that have been told about you.  The American people do not believe any of them.  You did very well in that respect on the last debate.  Just remain focused.

8️⃣  Topics.  The moderators have gone out of their way to avoid compromising and condemning topics for your contender.  Emails.  Immigration.  Clinton Foundation.

IMMIGRATION:  It’s not only about the massive import of mercenary immigrants but also about the jobs that are taken away from American workers, the overload on hospitals, the risks that those immigrants mean to women and girls, in fact to local American populations, etc.  You get the gist and I hope Senator Sessions can review this with you.

CLINTON FOUNDATION:  I remember the selfrightrousness of your contender when she demanded on the first debate about your taxes.   Business tax deductions are legal provisions to all business owners who rightfully take those advantages because they make the country flourish with employment as well as their ideas and projects.

Something completely different is that the Clintons have used the the 501-C status that allows not-for-profit organizations to avoid any taxes on donations and expenses, etc.  They probably chose the “educational status” to get the 501-C.

So, in fact the Clintons can pay themselves ANY salary, because it is unregulated and they could still donate to their foundation to avoid more taxes.   ETC.   I hope you can speak about this with Rudy Giuliani.

GLOBALISM.  Barely mentioned. So you could confront her on what are her true intentions about full-fledge immigration and total open borders policies and that means nothing else other than the destruction of America.

A country without borders cannot be a nation.

Authorizing illegal immigration as if it was legal is the same as authorizing a criminal to run for president.

All I want is for you to be the President of the United States.

EMAILS.   I let my friend Michael Mukasey explain and give all the arguments on how and why she should not be president of the United States.

It is a former Attorney General with the most brilliant credentials, Michael Mukasey who is telling America that she should NOT be president.

Rudy Giuliani on his part has also confirmed that Hillary Clinton “She Wouldn’t Pass an FBI Background.”

You are the defender of the American Constitution, Mr. Trump, so you have the Constitution on your side.  Not her.


JUSTICE SCALIA.  In order to honor his memory and so that his untimely questionable death has a sense, it would be wise to call for a minute of silence in his memory at your last debate.

DEFEND THE UNBORN.  Roughly 50 million of them have been murdered.  And, it is not only them but also their descendants and then you are looking at the Baby Holocaust.

RUSSIA.  In this, the insane is happening.  Obama and the Democrats are on the side of the Islamic State barbarians because they want the same to happen to Syria as they made it happen in Lybia.   After Gaddafi was butchered, Islamic State has taken over and now for the first time after the ruling of the murdered president and our former ally, Libya is ruled by sharia law.

ISRAEL.  Your position on Israel is fantastic and I thank you for that, but as you know, it was no condition sine qua non for me to support you.  For me, you are great for America, that has been all that counted.

9️⃣  Drug test.  I think it is a great idea.  I happened to have it as well before the second debate.  You should insist on it.  Maybe get a most reputable doctor to give his input as well.


All the above are only ideas for you and your team to use at will.

Stand tall.

Stand strong.

Stand proud.

We are rooting for you, Mr. Trump.





May G-D continue blessing you and through you, He is blessing America and the world.

We love you, and we are eternally thankful to you, Donald J. Trump.

I know in my heart that you will be America’s best President ever.



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