Racism has been subtly inoculated in America several decades before Barack Hussein Obama was elected president.

In the run-up to Obama, “white” presidents, administrations, and governments have insidiously been hitting the white population.


One of their weapons of choice has been the pompously anointed “Affirmative Action,” with which the left neutered the conscience of Americans by wrongly placing guilt right in their hearts.

So were set the black pawns antagonizing the white pawns on the American chessboard.

Meanwhile, a small group behind the curtains expanded their agenda, the globalists.

In their quest to rule the world under a unique entity, they have been sleazily imposing destructive national policies to slowly and surely erase borders while at the same time, a George Soros has outright financed unrest and the mass migration from Muslim Middle East towards Europe and the United States, to mention a few.

It all is done in the name of the fabricated society “bad conscience” which appeared in recent years to favor “the elites’ chosen ones,” the Muslim folk.

In fact, Mr. Soros and many seemed to lack a conscience back in time, when Europe allowed G-D’s Chosen Children, six million Jews among other victims to be slaughtered by the Nazis during World War II.

In hindsight, the Nazi Holocaust of Jews seems more and more the time when European Apogee ended.

Germany presently under ur-globalist Chancellor Merkel has alone in 2015, imported ONE million young male Muslim  “migrants” whose goal is to make children with white European females at any rate.

Here, a group of “migrants” entering Austria.

austria-migrantsLet us be clear, while the naïve European populations look at this with compassionate eyes; this author can assure you that the people you are looking in the above photo are cattle for their leaders who really will not give a hoot what could be the fate of “their people.”

Obviously, under those conditions Western Civilization is. lost

Some history on the existence of globalism

“The word itself came into widespread usage, first and foremost in the United States, from the early 1940s. This was the period when US global power was at its peak: the country was the greatest economic power the world had ever known, with the greatest military machine in human history. Or, as George Kennan’s Policy Planning Staff put it in February 1948: (My bold letters, EB:)  “[W]e have about 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population. […] Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity“. America’s allies and foes in Eurasia were, of course, at this time suffering the dreadful effects of World War II.”

The leadership of globalism is focused on a limited (and limiting the) amount of people that meet the following characteristics:

Power elite is a term used by American sociologist C. Wright Mills to describe a relatively small, loosely connected group of individuals who dominate American policymaking. This group includes bureaucratic, corporate, intellectual, military, media, and government elites who control the principal institutions in the United States and whose opinions and actions influence the decisions of the policymakers.

The basis for membership of a power élite is institutional power, namely an influential position within a prominent private or public organization. One study (published in 2002) of power élites in the United States under President George W. Bush (in office 2001-2009) identified 7,314 institutional positions of power encompassing 5,778 individuals.[A later study of U.S. society noted demographic characteristics of this élite group as follows:

Corporate leaders aged about 60; heads of foundations, law, education, and civic organizations aged around 62; government employees aged about 56
Men contribute roughly 80% in the political realm whereas women only contribute roughly 20% in the political realm.
White Anglo-Saxons dominate in the power élite, with Protestants representing about 80 percent of the top business leaders and about 73% of members of Congress.
Nearly all the leaders have a college education, with almost half graduating with advanced degrees. About 54 percent of the big-business leaders and 42% of the government élite graduated from just 12 prestigious universities with large endowments.
Social clubs 
Most holders of top positions in the power élite possess exclusive membership in one or more social clubs. About a third belong to a small number of especially prestigious clubs in major cities like London, New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C.
The point that concerns us now is the race issue.
We have seen that the power élite is mostly formed by white people.
It is true that the advancement of science, literature, technology, economy, medicine, physics, chemistry, astronomy, in the history of mankind,  mostly has come from white people.
In sharp contrast with that reality, we are witnessing a more marked persecution of whites.
It’s not a coincidence or serendipity.
On the contrary, the hunt for white people is very intentional.
Globalists have a plan targeting the white population with several means:  violence, purposeful intermarriage, among others.
Wonder why?  Very simple.
Allowing the existence of white people in the world would be a time-bomb in the future of the ruling globalist elite
After all, who freed the black from slavery in the United States, was it black themselves?  If that were so, where is the negro hero that lead his people to liberation from slavery?
Likewise, from over one billion Muslims, where are those trying to stop their 10-20% Muslim terrorists from inflicting terror on innocent, defenseless civilians worldwide, including some of their own?   Nowhere.
Do Muslims have a hero leading the opposition to their so-called “radical Islam within the Muslim world?”   No.
Who is trying to “solve” the Muslim world’s problem?
Globalist white American and European men together with the Muslim globalist leadership.
The power élites, formed mostly by whites, do not want to allow the existence of white people.  It is plainly too risky to allow any free mind to roam the world when globalism’s goal is to overpower the masses.
This is no science-fiction but a very real situation.
It has been always white people who have made this world see innovations, discoveries, inventions, but also revolutions.
In fact, it is a white man, Donald J. Trump, who is leading the charge worldwide against globalism.
And, now it is the white globalist elite that is counting on their useful idiots especially the black people to target and eliminate the white.
The globalists want no white people other than those in their inner circle in order to hold tight control over the world.
They don’t want any white revolutionary one day waking up the masses and revolting against their robots or the artificial intelligent (AI) machines.
Indeed, for now, Trump is trying to save Americans.  But, once in power, he will realize how pernicious the existence of robotics is if used to undermine the quality of life for the hundreds of millions jobless in America and the world.
Just imagine the uproar when Trump will target robotics or artificial intelligence once he realizes how damaging it is to the well-being of billions of people?
We cannot emphasize enough the importance that black Americans realize how they are being used in this untold war against the white people.
The denomination of “white people” includes law enforcers as well, such as the police, the military.
The police are being targeted day in day out, undermining their spirits and their clout among the neighborhoods they are supposed to defend and some of whom instead are attacking them.
The military on its part has suffered greatly from the anti-American approach taken by the Obama Presidency.
Indeed, America’s military leaders told Congress back in March 2016, the American military is dangerously weak and unprepared today.
In fact, the left, Muslims, and globalists are desperately targeting and are keen in exterminating the majority of white people in the world.
Why?  Because history testifies how white people have provided mankind with a majority of  revolutionary leaders, willing to give their lives for the betterment of their  people.
Globalists are not ready to leave any stone unturned as they ruthlessly march towards the takeover of the planet.
Point in case:  The United Nations has had the audacity to urge action to stop Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee for the presidency.

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