In the continuous concerted international effort to make America surrender to globalism, news announced today that yesterday again, in the public arena there has been yet another attack on the Trumps.


Need we say the obvious?  There is one major obstacle between the globalists and their goal to bring the American giant to its knees; its name is Donald J. Trump.

It is, therefore with scorn and villainy that the darts from the left pop-up day after day, directed against those who are an integral part of the Trump Movement and whose only goal is to save America from the hands of those who want to open borders and declare imminent free immigration for all.

Thus, reports from yesterday’s American Music Awards indicate an unfortunate display from model Gigi Hadid who presented an indecent, racist attack against America’s First Lady-to-be, Melania Trump.

According to the Daily Mail:  “The model, 21, put on a fake Eastern European accent and a pulled Melania-style pout to mock the soon-to-be First Lady…”

Naturally, Twitter-folk has gone to the defense of their First Lady-Elect.

It is a habit not only in America but in all civilized countries, to respect the results of democratic elections.

What not many are aware of, is that Gigi Hadid, as much as her sister and also a model, Bella Hadid, are the daughters of a Muslim father, Mohammed Anwar Hadid.

To those who do not want to accept it, in Islam children born to a Muslim father are Muslims and therefore their religion is Islam.

Mohammed Hadid declares himself an “ethnic Palestinian” born in Nazareth in 1948.  His father was Anwar Hadid (1908/09–1979), and through his mother Khairiah, he fantasizes on an incredible made-up story, given that Palestine never existed before 1948.

Indeed, no history book reports any information on the so-called contemporary Palestine.

There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians.

In essence, “Palestinians” are Arabs indistinguishable from Arabs throughout the Middle East.

The fact that Mohammed Hadid wants to morph himself as a defender of the Palestinian cause is sharply indicative of his committed militancy for the cause of Islam at large and their perennial mandate to “invade the West.”

Wikipedia presents him as “a dual Jordanian-American citizen.  He is a “devout Muslim” and never has drunk alcohol, yet has a 5,000-bottle wine cellar, including some from his own Beverly Hills winery.”

Now, one wonders how a “devout Muslim” can have that kind of a wine cellar and a winery, and not drink alcohol?   Seriously.

This story illustrates with a luxury of detail how and why one has to mistrust Muslims at large.

Sure there may be some good, reliable ones and finding out who are the reliable Muslims actually amounts to playing Russian roulette.

This example shows, how even the most forward and “modern” Muslims are not ready to adopt the uses, customs, and laws of the country adopted by Muslim parents or children.

If that were so, Gigi Hadid would have shown respect and not even made mention of Mrs. Trump.

But, she went to the extreme, with her uncalled for and free attack.

One would think and expect that being a Muslim model and showing Muslim flesh was incompatible with Islam.   So take that as one more mystery on the account of Muslim hypocrisy.

Yet, as progressive as the Hadids are, there they are, closing ranks with the most virulent Islamist elements who defend and want to implement Sharia law in America and, of course, more broadly in the West.

Their prophet Mohammed instructed Muslims to conquer Western Civilization and sent them by sea or by land, and he gave them the tools to dissimulate their intentions, taqiyya, and the weapons, torture, murder in all its horrible varieties, including the psychological subjugation of the masses.

In fact, as we mentioned above, there is only one unexpected impediment stopping their advance to invade the West and especially its most coveted price, the large American nation.

And as much as Muslims pretend to act in the name of G-D crying Allah hu Akbar as they commit the chain of most despicable human rights violations, theirs is only a sacrilegious attack on G-D who is Good and Great.

Muslims are remiss forgetting the countless, impossible obstacles Mr. Trump has had to face during those 16 months campaigning.

On November 8, when one state after another gave him the votes needed to become President, it was G-D’s Miracle for him and  for America.

That is why Muslims cannot see what is obvious, that it seems to be precisely G-D who has chosen and groomed Donald Trump to fulfill the job of saving America.

And, with G-D’s Help, saving America is precisely what the President-Elect will do.

May G-D Bless Donald Trump.

May G-D Bless America.


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