It all began on June 16, 2015, when Donald J. Trump, surrounded by his family, announced to America and the world, that he was launching his candidature to President of the United States.


Ever since then, he has shown his steadfast loyalty, to the people and country he loves.

Trump has worked hard day and night; he has devoted his time, his huge energy, his resources, and his whole being to the cause of America.

Some may have taken it for granted, but I know how much effort he had to make, to prepare his state of mind, learn new realities and issues affecting the different crowds he addressed each time.

He has traveled throughout America like no other candidate to President has ever done.

Trump has shown how he is conscientious and concerned for each sector of the American people, from the vets to the coal miners, from the teachers to the jobless, from the millennials to the children, from the elderly to the sick, and all in between.

What is as impressive is that this man has contributed from his money, in all 100 million dollars for the benefit of the American people.

The husband, the father of five, including Barron Trump, his young 10-year old son, is also risking his life in doing this endeavor that he has taken to heart.

Who else has ever than that?  No one at all.

That is something never seen in the history of mankind, that a man would care so much for his country and compatriots as Donald Trump cares for America.

That did not exist before him.

A committed patriot, an outsider is breaking the system.

In my moments of despair over the years, as I asked older and experienced personalities in politics what to do to find a man who would really understand the country and be the answer to so many flaws within the system.

The best answer was this one:  If, it would have to be someone coming from the business world because that person would know exactly how to get things done.

Indeed, they were right.  Donald J. Trump is the best, and he is the answer.

At only 238-years old, America is in existential trouble.

At the hand of the globalist left, the country was being destroyed, dismantled brick by brick.

My European background always made me long for the time when a revolution would finally set the clocks to their right place.

But, my  American brethren trusted elections they said would allow them to repair their past mistakes.

In his great wisdom, Thomas Jefferson was specific, “Should things go wrong at any time, the people will set them to rights by the peaceable exercise of their elective rights.”

Along the road has come Trump, he has sustained the most ferocious attacks that were reminiscing of images of Roman times where gladiators were thrown into the arena to fight with beasts while the public cheered hopelessly for their human to win.

In our case, Trump was the gladiator and the beasts were the 16 most vicious contenders whom he fought and prevailed.

Then came the unindicted felon, the proven criminal, ruthless Democratic contender, supported not only by the Democratic apparatus but, furthermore, by the despicable viciousness of those who have no moral boundaries, and who believe even that criminal excesses should be  allowed.

Not only that, but the FBI has let her go, regardless of her indoubitable guilt.  Want to speak of corruption?  Here it is, ,in all its ugly splendor.

No wonder there are so many people disgusted with politics. But, it is the nature of the beast.  Without participating in political life, it would be  worse and the most corrupted wouled lead without any opposition.   So, that is not an option.

Donald Trump has been instrumental in raising the level of political conscience among regular Americans who never before were taken seriously by the political elites who benefited from the ignorance of the masses.

Today has arrived, and I am praying the American people will march dutifully to the voting booths, and that they will help those who need help to get there.

America will survive and Americans will learn to thrive only with a Trump Presidency.

Tonight, when the American people will have made sure that they MASSIVELY voted to give their candidate victory, a new chapter will begin for America and for the world.   With G-D’s Help.

The Trump Presidency will raise America’s level right to the stratosphere.  Surely a new era will, please G-D begin.

Internationally speaking, the Trump Presidency will give the example that it is no sin but the duty of governments to take care of their own first, to always keep in mind the well-being and prosperity of their own nationals above all.

Naturally, then will begin the whole process of learning the inside ropes of government.

No worries there, Trump will be doing what he loves, and with the incredible intelligence, sound brain, and good heart G-D has given him, he will absorb, digest, and proceed.

Mr. Trump’s mission will not be an easy one, but if there is anyone who can do it and succeed it is him.

In fact, the American people will have made sure to give him a strong mandate, because they trust him.

Didn’t Donald Trump break another record in Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania, with 29,000 Americans attending his rally in October 10, 2016?

Record attendance, 29,000 people at Wilkes-Barre Donald Trump-rally in Pennsylvania, October 10, 2016

Record attendance, 29,000 people at Wilkes-Barre Donald Trump-rally in Pennsylvania, October 10, 2016

Didn’t 17,000 Minnesotans apply last night for an entry pass to a last-minute rally?

The  builder that has dealt with masons, and with construction workers, with ministers of industry, infrastructure, with his billionaire peers, TV personalities, and leaders in so many areas, is now ready to rebuild the country he loves.

Voters know that when their President will meet with each and all the other Presidents in the world, they will be impressed and look up to him, and listen to him and will follow his lead.


Simply because it is Trump, America’s hero.

Imagine, the Trump family recently finished the most impressive Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The timing was also a miracle by G-D.

He and his family had planned on it a couple of years ago and its inauguration took place a few weeks before the election.  A coincidence?  No, G-D’s Plan.

“Under budget and before schedule,” will probably be the modus operandi of the Trump Administration.

Remark the difference here.

We are coming out of a governance that has ruined America.

Just to cite an example, Obamacare began with a failure in their website.  They wanted to make us believe it was a mistake, an error.

No way, it was deliberate, with the intention to undermine the people, not only financially, but by sacrificing their most precious possession, their lives, their health.

And, so has been every measure the current Administration has taken.

They perfected the notion of subtle, vindictive and odious government psychological terrorist tactics.

It was a new kind of subdued terrorism because it was insidious and subtle.

Another test sent to Trump’s has been the vicious, criminal, degenerate contender.


When one thinks about it, it is simply outrageous that such a Mafiosi embezzler and worse could be permitted to participate in an election to be the president of any country, let alone, America.

As of tonight, Donald Trump will continue to face innumerable tests but his power will be magnified by a committed American people flooding the polls and leaving an incontestable testimony of their trust in him.

Trump will have in his powerful hands the Mandate of the American People as no one before him has ever had.

May G-D Bless Donald Trump.

May G-D Bless America.


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