By all accounts, there are roughly 90 million jobless from an overall total of 330+ million Americans; likewise, a whopping almost 50 million Americans are on food stamps, while hundreds millions Americans are looking at a punishing increase next year on their health insurance, plus, plus, plus.

And so, the Obamas are on their way out of the lives of the American people.  Good riddance is what a vast majority are saying, or at least thinking.

However, the ones who have ruined the country and with it, American families, as well as future generations via a poor and debilitating educations system, the Common Core, are not just leaving.   They are going with grand pomp and circumstance.

First, were you aware the Barack Hussein Obama’s net worth, three yeas ago had risen 438% since he ran for president?

“According to financial disclosure reports in 2013, President Obama had an estimated net worth of  $7 million dollars.

Since he was worth $1.3 million in 2007, that makes the millionaire  438% more wealthy than when he first ran for office.

As reported by the International Business Times:

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama listed assets worth between $2 million and $7 million for 2013, of which $1 million to $5 million were in Treasury notes, according to financial disclosure forms released Thursday.

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with being a millionaire.  The United States is home to the most millionaires because of the kind of opportunity it offers to hard-working entrepreneurs.

While the average US citizen has a median income of roughly $51,000, Obama rakes in cash with an annual presidential salary of $400,000. In addition, he receives money from book royalties and other investments.

Hypocrisy isn’t a stranger to the liberal elite. Michael Moore’s fifty million dollar fortune came from creating documentaries, that makes free enterprise look like the same as corporatism.

The activist left said Mitt Romney was too rich to be president but had no problem supporting John “I’m Wealthier Than Romney” Kerry when he ran for the same post in 2004.

Under President Obama, income inequality has increased dramatically. As reported here earlier, of the last three presidents, “the income gap didn’t change overall during the Bush years, increased second most during Clinton’s time, and has increased the most with only five years under Obama’s belt.”

Reports today, announce that President Obama, his wife, and daughters have taken the necessary steps to secure what comes next in their lives once he will leave office, January 20, 2017.

During this year, the Obamas have been busy hunting for homes.

In fact, two months ago, in September,  the Desert Sun, reported that Mrs. Obama’s plane (?) was spotted at the Palm Springs International Airport.


Above, the official plane from the President’s fleet, which is used by the First Lady, even for her private trips, such as this one for house-hunting.

The Clarion Ledger explains:  “The white plane displays an American flag on its tail and a serial number that matches the plane Obama used to visit the desert in July 2015.”

Rancho Mirage, Coachella Valley, California via Daily Mail

Rancho Mirage, Coachella Valley, California via Daily Mail

The Obamas leasing one mansion in Washington, D.C., where they plan to stay during the next two years until their youngest daughter Sasha finishes high school at the reputable Sidwell Friends School.

The Obamas DC home in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods of the capital has a huge back yard (above) Courtesy

The Obamas DC home in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods of the capital has a huge back yard (above) Courtesy

The mansion in D.C. has a price tag of $4.3million home in the Kalorama neighborhood of DC.   It will be their main home – at least for the next two years.


But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Obamas have also acquired another mansion in California.

The president’s new home is in the Coachella Valley, more precisely at Rancho Mirage, a guarded community known for its world-class golf courses.

Not coincidentally, of course, the property is not far from Sunnylands, the former Annenberg estate, which has been used by presidents as an unofficial Camp David of the West Coast.

Besides, former President Gerald Ford also retired there.

But, that’s not all.  The Obamas have also bought a vacation property in Hawaii.  Surprised?

Here is the Daily Mail full report on the Obamas move out of Washington, D.C. in January 2017.

Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent; rich, middle class or poor; this is for sure a slap in the face of all Americans who have suffered the hateful destruction of their country and the daily deterioration of America’s standard of living to the level of that of a third world country.

While the Obamas are acquiring residences worth millions which will require expensive maintenance, the president leaves without having achieved anything good for America.

Mentioning housing, the dire situation of the Vets comes to mind.

During the Obama presidency, America’s Vets were abandoned and services that should have been theirs were rather given to undeserving migrants.

America needs to move on and can hardly wait for this president to go where he belongs:  The past.

G-D Bless Donald Trump.

G-D Bless America.


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