Anti-American Democrats refuse to accept that the American people at large have said a rotund “no” to the destructive anti-American globalist policies of the Democratic ex-president.

The anti-American Democrats are rather choosing to see unfavorably the fact that President Trump had a massive victory among the electors of the Electoral College.

To put the popular vote issue to rest once and for all, the President is considering an executive order on voter fraud.  To be followed.

Remarkably, the NAACP, the Democratic arm to move the divisive black agenda of the former administration, have signaled they would oppose President Trump’s initiative.  Interesting.

Instead of trying to find what went wrong, the anti-American Democrats show no remorse in the aftermath of their candidate’s loss.

The American people rejected the Democratic globalizing policies of the past that had resulted in over 93 million of jobless Americans, a healthcare designed to handicap the majority, a disastrous educational system, a weakened military, mistreated veterans, open borders policies matched with wild immigration, plus much more and much worse.

From the human point of view, one jobless American is not just a number.

When an American man or woman is hit by joblessness, it’s torture itself.

It affects not only that person but also their husband or wife, their children.

The loss of sustenance is also a shock to their pride as human beings as they lose the ability to provide for their families needs.

Each of their children will be materially affected but psychologically as well.

How could anyone be as indifferent to the suffering of their own people as the anti-American Democrats?

The cruelty of the Democrats spreads throughout many areas, it is beyond belief.

Despite the crude reality, led by New York Senator Chuck Schumer “together” the anti-American Democrats have entered a fourth dimension showing no interest in the plight of their compatriots.

The situation is reflected in some tweets from Democratic Minority Leader, senator Chuck Schumer of New York and some other members of his party.

Instead of America First, above all, they make the case for immigrants with no consideration of the danger it means for America.

In the case of immigration, do they forget that Islam is the motor that puts in motion Muslim terrorism?

Snapshot of anti-American Democrat senate majority leader, senator Chuck Schemer of New York. His tweet dated January 26, 2017.

It is as if though they do not represent Americans interests but those of illegals who are in the country to break the law sneakily woking, earning salaries and not paying any taxes.

Schumer arguing in favor of granting citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants in America.

In backing criminal actions Democrats undermine the fabric of American society.

Martin Heinrich, U.S. Senator of New Mexico is out there not to protect American interests, New Mexicans from New Mexico, but the “dreamers.”

They came up with a sweet appellative for illegal immigrants, the sugarcoated  “dreamers.”

It’s pure blackmail via another linguistic artifice to break the law guilt-free.

Globalism vs Nationalism

While the anti-American Democrats cover their globalist agenda using the American flag they hate, they make believe their work is on behalf or American interests, when in reality their intention is to destroy the country.

The Democratic goal is a borderless America.

As President Trump has repeatedly said, “Without borders, there is no country.”

Another Democratic goal is unrestricted immigration for America.

That is why these anti-American Democrats are intent on stalling the process to sabotage the brand new patriotic and nationalist Trump Administration.

Little do they care that in doing so the victims will be the American people who want to be saved from the carnage inflicted upon them by the last Democratic president.

Luckily, Americans of all venues, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, can now see the difference between a patriotic American President who has abandoned practically everything to save them and the mercenary politicians of the left, who want to dismantle their country.

Trump’s actions will benefit all Americans.

American Democratic voters are aware of it.   They can feel the abysmal difference.

The anti-American Democratic Party refuses to cooperate with Trump.   They have lost touch with the people.

In fact, many, many Democrats are discovering their new President:  “I did not vote for Trump but as sure as hell I am happy he is the President.”   That’s what they are saying.

President Trump is here to stay.

The American people of all backgrounds are admiring how much, well, and thoroughly he is working for them.

Delaying the confirmation of the Trump Cabinet will only allow the hesitating American Democrats to rethink if they are with the right party and with the right group of leaders.

Schumer & Co. may not have gotten the news, but soon enough they will learn that Trump always wins.

And, Trump’s victories are America’s victories.


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  • Posted: February 2, 2017 13:43

    James Carter

    Thanks for the "follow" on twitter, Eliana!
  • Posted: February 2, 2017 13:49

    James Carter

    I'm Pro Israel and ashamed of how our previous participant in the US Whitehouse behaved toward Israel. Becoming close friends with the head of CAIR, Calling him hisc"right hand man" flew in the face of how the majority if us felt about "Islam, " Obama flooded our Capitol with the Moslem Brotherhood and we couldn't do anything about it. Thank God for Trump. He's Draining tgecObama Swamp!