A miracle:  We are MOVING ON.  Today is Monday, and the first item in my day is a personal resolution that I want to share with my readers, friends, family, acquaintances alike.  Yes, finally, and at long last, we ARE moving on.

From this day on forward, I will never in my life say, repeat, mention or write anything containing the vilest name that I have had the misfortune to encounter in my entire life.

You see, when a country elects a president, the citizens assume and rightfully so, that all candidates in some measure or another, love the country and its people.

Naturally, that was the same situation that Americans expected back in 2008 when at the end of President George W. Bush’s two terms, they did their civic duty to elect his successor.

While that man and his wife had pointedly affirmed they had the intention to change America fundamentally, Americans heard those words without much ado.  Big deal.

Along the road, first came the news that then NASA director had received orders to focus on making Muslim countries in the Middle East feel good about themselves and their achievements in…  science.

Then was the time for the infamous 2009 Cairo Speech, with which our chief American ally in the region, President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was humiliated by America’s “leader.”

That Cairo Speech brought down the fragile structure upon which the Muslim world in the Middle East was sitting upon until then.

Wrecking havoc became the modus operandi of America’s worst and most rabid hater seated in the White House.

Things became evident to analysts like me when America’s healthcare was “reformed” in a most disadvantageous manner for the large American people.

But there was a very telling detail that most decided to ignore.

The website of that healthcare reform had a failure from the beginning, which made it inoperational.

To me, that was not a failure, because the highest authority in America can have the best IT tech support on earth if he only asked for it.

No doubt Bill Gates and all other billionaires innovators would have approved extending a helping hand so it would work flawlessly from day one.

And so, day after day, there has been another knife-stab on the backs of the American people.

Jobs were extirpated from the city after city and sent abroad for cheap labor, leaving our men and women jobless.

Being jobless is not an honorific title.  It is, to say the least, unsettling.  But it is also a psychological torture for the person afflicted with joblessness AND for his or her family.

Jobs secure the fates of entire families and the needs of a spouse, children’s education, healthcare, daily home expenses, food, and so on.

Losing a job is not just one person not earning his monthly pay, it is a tragedy.

Many others have suffered along the road of eight long years, our vets and our military.

There was the case of an American soldier in Afghanistan, Robert Burns, who had requested to be spared a fourth assignment, he was exhausted.  They sent him and apparently one night he went on a shooting spray and killed some civilians.  Wrong no doubt.

But some circumstances would have helped his case.

He ended in prison for life, leaving his wife and two little children fatherless.

All because the leftist progressive Administration wanted to show the Afghans how we respect them and we would not hesitate to send a decorated American soldier on a life sentence, leaving two young American children orphans.

And while the list of his crimes against the American people has been endless, we must remember how the previous Administration was giving legal rights to illegal immigrants.

How provisions were made to bribe companies, factories who would rather hire illegals would not be imposed a statutory penalty of $5,000 per head.   over Americans and legal immigrants

To be clear, U.S. employers risked a $5,000 fine should they U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents over illegal aliens.

Then came the migrants’ wave, beginning September 2015.

For that man, the top items on his agenda were not America.  They were Globalism and Islamism.

And he had decided that he was going to open all doors, all borders of America for them.

On November 9, 2017, he learned that his term was coming to its end.  Inexorably.  The end.

In the last 60 days, however, that monster took all measures to endanger the lives and safety of Americans throughout the country.

Finally, January 20, 2017, arrived.

The end of the nightmare.

And while I write these lines, I cannot avoid crying, thanking G-D for His Mercy for this country.

I wished to that man, Yemach Shemo VeZichro, which means:  May your name be obliterated from history.

And I will begin with it myself.  I will never pronounce or write that name, ever again.   Yemach shemo.

Now, we will be moving on, under a real American President who LOVES his country and his people:

President Donald J. Trump.

President Donald J. Trump delivers his Inaugural Speech January 20, 2107

Only three days at the helm and the President began his work to make America great again within one hour of his inauguration.

We look forward to greatness.  To goodness.   To prosperity.

It will be good for all Americans.

We are so thankful to G-D.

G-D bless America.


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