The headline “Trump’s Steel Magnolias” is to honor many conservative fellow women who gradually recognized that Donald J. Trump was going to be the only one who could help save the future of America,  their children, and their grandchildren.

From the beginning, some thankful women went public to make their case for Mr. Trump.

One such has been the terminally ill, 2005 Miss Wisconsin USA, Melissa Young, who attended one of his rallies to salute him and thank him for helping her, quietly, as he so often has done.

One of many stories telling of Trump’s kindness and compassion.

Trump’s Steel Magnolias knew that 20016 was the most key election to break the vicious circle appropriated by the left during their two successive governments.

Throughout the two Obama terms, those women had seen their men lose jobs to give priority to illegal aliens, given that legislation would reward enterprises if they chose illegals over nationals or legal immigrants.

The loss of subsistence caused by financial insecurity resulted in psychological distress due to life uncertainty, social embarrassment, and worse.

While an unknown number of women appear to disagree with President Trump, there are 53% of white women who have voted for him.  That percentage represents millions of American women who trust him.

They have supported him from the beginning or joined at different stages, until the Presidency.

Women in his family have joined, as well as pundits, politicians, activists, social networkers and last but not least the Janes and Jeans from We the People.

Who are Trump’s Steel Magnolias?

The paradigm example of the Trump Steel Magnolia is the beloved late Phyllis Schlafly who to the great sorrow of her conservative compatriots, passed away at 92, last September 5, 2016.

Trump’s Steel Magnolia par excellence: Phyllis Schlafly at the State house pressroom; (Photo By Duane Howell/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

The American constitutional lawyer and conservative activist was also a compelling conservative writer.

Mrs. Schlafly was known for her staunchly conservative social and political views, her opposition to feminism, her fierce allegiance to family and other traditional values.

Then there have been the women in his family.

His wife, Melania.  Mother of Barron Trump.  We pray she will apply what she knows and that she will learn and study and get informed on conservative values, and the reason why they are essential to the existence of America.

Likewise, may she be able to contribute with creative ideas in policy making for mothers, grandmothers and be an inspiration for American women at large.

Ivanka Trump and Tiffany Ariana Trump are the two daughters of Donald Trump, different mostly because of the age difference.  Both have been instrumental in presenting a favorable light into their dad and mentor, an angle unbeknownst from the broad public.

Lara Lea Trump, Eric Trump’s wife, has also been an active participant in her father-in-law’s campaign, especially in her home state, North Carolina, but also on Twitter with a women’s support group.

Leading among lady pundits and politicians, besides Mrs. Schlafly, have been Ann Coulter and Governor Sarah Palin, the first ones to support Trump’s candidacy.

Also Laura Ingraham, and most recently, Michelle Malkin, Pamela Geller, and many others have been great advocates of Trump’s promising policies that could save America in foreseeable future.

Laura is considering running for the Senate in Virginia.  And if she decides she will, Conservatives are looking to help her in the endeavor.  Another way to consolidate Trump’s power.

Personally, I have known of Mr. Trump for almost three decades and wanted him to run since the early 2000s.  As an Orthodox Jew, I have been one of the very few Jewish conservative writers who has sided with him from the very beginning.

But as I have always said, my interest in Mr. Trump’s success was exclusively because he is first and foremost the best choice for America now.

Other women supporting Trump were part of social networks, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

In fact, President Trump will begin his first tenure at the Presidency with an internet wealth of a whopping 41 million followers on social media.  And growing.  Impressive.

Common Denominator

Trump’s Steel Magnolias are intelligent, articulate, cultivated, informed, down to earth.  They share the kind of guts that come with being guarantors of life during nine months inside their bodies.

Naturally, most of Trump’s Steel Magnolias are pro-life.

There may be some without children and yet still have the innate instinct to protect their loved ones, family, and country.

No wonder leftists at the beginning of the XXth century were hunting against the family.

Their scientists had advised them to target and break the mother-baby connection, which is critical in the development of that patriotic feeling of belonging to a land and a people.

When leaks showed us the strong side of then candidate Trump, no woman abandoned ship.

Trump’s Steel Magnolias disapproved but declared that the leak should neve have gone for public consumption.  And they moved on.

In all, women have been steady, devoted and committed to Mr. Trump’s success.

They know that only he could try to save the country for many other generations to come.


Trump’s Steel Magnolias have been a core of conservative pro-life women concerned about the future of their families on jobs, health care, military, national security, 2nd amendment, 1st amendment, immigration, globalization.

Those women together with men and some gifted American children have moved the wheels of the Trump campaign turning it into a never seen political movement.

Conservative women are aware that The Donald may not be such of a Republican or a conservative for that matter, but his patriotic allegiance to Constitution, to the American Flag, to the American People and the prosperity and safety of the country, is a million times better than anyone else.

Never have Americans seen anyone stand to defend them as President Donald J. Trump has done throughout the most heated campaign ever.

Trump’s Steel Magnolias know the President will keep his word. No doubt about it.

As such, the builder par excellence, Donald J. Trump, has received their vote of confidence.

Many ask Trump to unite America as if he had a magic wand.

But it is time for Americans to rally behind the President.

After all, they will reap the benefits of his wisdom and governance as much as any other American.

Trump, the ferocious fighter, is about to take the reins of America and in some way also the reins of the world.  He will show the way to prosperity.

Trump’s Steel Magnolias salute you, Mr. President.


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