Is American Conservatism on the rocks?  So it would seem.

Bottom line is, you cannot be a conservative and defend liberal causes at the same time.

It is evident that whenever G-D has punished mankind it has been specifically for sexual deviances.

Yet, He still permitted that a bad seed would be transmitted to next generations.

It was also obvious that, in doing so, The King of Kings wanted to test humans, give them the opportunity to learn from the lessons of the past.

Studying the repetitive events throughout history results in an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness as cases pop up time and again, proving that mankind learns nothing from previous mistakes.

Furthermore, as mankind moves on,  they are unable to stir away from trigger points that will end up leading them to their doom.  Again.

CPAC “the” Conservative conference par excellence cancels Milo’s speech as he fails to condemn pedophilia and report pedophiles.


The latest scandal regarding sexual deviance and pedophilia barely saw the light four days ago.

The main role was held by Milo Yiannopoulos, who Wikipedia explains who he is:

“… a British journalist, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and former senior editor for Breitbart News. He wrote previously using the pseudonym Milo Andreas Wagner.”

As per latest news:

Milo Yiannopoulos — an online media figure and prominent far-right internet troll — stepped down from his position as senior editor at Breitbart News. Video had surfaced of Yiannopoulos condoning sex with minors, and the revelation quickly lost him not just his job, but also a book deal and a speaking engagement at one of the biggest conservative political events of the year.”

Yiannopoulos’ downfall came in the aftermath of some recorded interviews: where he acknowledged himself as a recipient of a case of pedophilia.

However, Mr. Yiannopoulos refused to share any information on the pedophile(s) he knows.

That means he/they are free to continue molesting young boys.

In doing so, Milo Yiannopoulos condemned himself to political exile, had a book contract canceled, the prestigious CPAC withdraw their invitation for him to address the Conference, and finally, he resigned as the editor of Breitbart News.

And so, society has been confronted with the actual damage its permissiveness has caused to an undetermined number of boys.

Sexual predators find their preys among the most fragile, the most inexperienced and the most vulnerable:   Young pubescent boys and young adults.

The Globalist Agenda To Destroy The Traditional Family

Slowly and surely, globalists have corrupted the mind and bodies of next generations.

Instead of reinforcing the innate sexuality of children, society has given rights to moral trespassers sheltered under the distorting veil of equality and dehumanized human rights.

Instead of protecting the innocence of our children, society has allowed that they be the easiest victims of immoral sexual deviants.  Point in case.

That is why Conservatism on the rocks is the reflexion of America’s moral decay.

Conservatism on the rocks is the failure of the movement destined to conserve and protect life, traditions and G-D’s Given Commandments.


Note:  This author is an Orthodox Jew, out of respect she writes G-D

Do you have an issue with my mention of G-D?

If you feel uneasy with me addressing G-D’s Commandments, I suggest you focus and do all in your power to stop the Muslim invasion of America and the West because they do their atrocities “in the name of Allah.”

No one knows when, who among them will be ready to blow themselves and with them, a host of innocent people, as they cry Allah hu Aqbar.

Conservatism is on the rocks and the Milo chapter should be the wake-up call for America.

We should not punish deviants as Muslim terrorists do, throwing them from the rooftops as they invoke their Allah.

Not at all.

But we must stop giving sexual deviants equal rights as man-woman couples.

We should leave them alone as human beings but we should avoid legitimizing their deviances and stop doing the marketing and the public relations of their cause.

Modesty is the rule among married couples as a sign of education and respect for others, and above all to avoid exciting our children with public expressions of intimacy.

That same rule of modest behavior should apply to everyone else.

Intimacy must happen in the privacy of a home or a non-public place.

Who sleeps with whom should be kept in private.

This is the lesson that should be learned now.

As for Milo, Justice should get from him the name of the pedophiles he is protecting.  Or else.

The job of a responsible society is to protect their children since the instant they are conceived until well into adulthood, for the legal age limit does not necessarily mean children became adults at that point.

American Conservatism on the rocks reflects how we have fallen victims of political correctness for the benefit of the globalist agenda that goes against everything that stands for the sovereign existence of a country.

That includes above all, the family.


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  • Posted: February 24, 2017 00:59


    Beautifully said Eliana Benador. That is exactly what has happened to America. Sexual deviancy is a psychological issue that needs to be addressed on a spiritual level as well as a medical one. As long as we continue to underestimate the potential harm it cause the individual & all involved the farther down into chaos we descend. God Bless my Dear & Thank You for your writings.