Dear Damn Mainstream Media,

The more the time goes by, Americans can see the difference between right and wrong, and between good and evil.

Not too long ago, President Donald Trump spoke to the American people and he said clearly that the media are the enemy of the American people, with some exceptions of course.

In fact, the President emphasized it was the fake news he was referring to.

And, oh, surprise!  The people agree.

However, I am writing broadly about the media.

If the media does not have compatible views with an important parcel of the American public then enmity is a fact.

Mainstream media – Weapons of Mass Deception

Mainstream Media with Obama

The last traitorous Democratic president had warned from the onset that he aimed to “fundamentally change America.”

Time and again, Obama violated the Constitution and mainstream media found anything to say about that.  No uproar.

Obama also sent American troops to join forces with al-Qaeda-related terrorists to help depose then Lybia’s President Muammar Gaddafi.  It was horrific.

Media kept silent.

Obama exchanged Bowe Berdahl for five Taliban terrorists: the Taliban army chief of staff, a Taliban deputy minister of intelligence, a former Taliban interior minister, and two other senior Taliban figures.

No comment from mainstream media.

On the other hand, mainstream media witnessed the chaos created by the infamous Obamacare website.

Obama could have asked any of his CEO-IT- buddies for a state of the art website.

He promised the American people,  “If you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”   And he lied.

Media had no issue with that.

Some say the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated America.  And that is not true.  It was Obama who appointed them.   That was no infiltration, it was treason by the American president.

While Egypt declared the Brothers a terrorist organization, Obama imported them, appointed them to key jobs in his Administration.

Media had no questions.

Obama and Clinton, in 2010 sold Russia  20% of American uranium in Wyoming, and mainstream media barely reported about it.   I dealt with it here.

As recent as August 2016,  the Obama Administration decided to deliver $400 million in cash to Iran, sent to Iran aboard an unmarked jetliner…  the same day five American hostages were released from Iranian prison.

The unthinkable happened, the American government paid ransom to the terrorist government of Iran.

America’s media had no comment.

Last October 2016, the mainstream media was also nowhere to be found when Obama signed the worst deal ever with Iran.

Where was the mainstream media, when the treasonous president allowed Iran to get back $150 billion dollars?

“The Iran deal “violates promises the president made to the American people,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.  “It is not an anytime, anywhere inspection process.”

But, “The Obama administration is defending the $1.7 billion payment to Iran as a very good deal for taxpayers,” after the United States made a deal with the rogue nation around the same time as the release of five detained Americans from Iranian custody.”

Again, no comment from mainstream media.

Mainstream media – Fake news


Mainstream Media vs PresidentTrump 

President Trump won the election because of his nationalistic and patriotic agenda.

The confrontation with globalism is inevitable and that includes mainstream media that have gone to never before seen extremes.

When all else failed, their only way out has been to pull out the fake news card.

The trouble with this is that this President counts with a strong support from the American people.

Mainstream Media Enemy of the People

America is now healing from having a president who hated America so much to set free hard-core criminals on his final days of his presidency, to give rights to vote to illegal immigrants and to consider those criminals as “American citizens,” and more.

Obama’s abuses against the American people are endless.

In has come, a promising era under President Donald Trump who has received a country in decomposition and yet, he has given up his entire life to helping take America back on track.

The American people are excited and thankful.

But the painful part comes from media.

At loss of principles and values, the mainstream media slaves are submitting to those who pay them, from Soros to Bloomberg and all in between.

Finally, America has a loving and caring President.

He may not be perfect but he was as perfect as there was in this election and for these times.

Decisive, courageous, determined, intelligent, workaholic, persevering, goal oriented, patriotic and nationalistic, that is Donald Trump.

Now the infamous and malignant mainstream media is offended by yet another truth told by President Trump:

Mainstream media is the enemy of the people.

So, dear damn mainstream media here is the deal:

if you do not like the truth, fix your behavior.

The people are not asking for a favorable mainstream media.

The President and the people want, and demand, and expect a truthful mainstream media.

Remember, after all, what good is a media that no one trusts, wants or believes in?


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