Globalists vs Trump are running amok, and they are creating chaos along their path of despair and powerlessness in the face of a new and threatening reality that is bound to shake their intentions and, worse, destroy their plans to conquer the earth and rule it with one single power.

One of the main forces behind globalism is the Hungarian born-Jew billionaire George Soros, funder of almost all negative in the world, whether it is politics or social unrest.

Virulent globalists vs Trump in a variety of countries are led by Soros and are not looking with good eyes the new developments in the United States.

The American people have been wise to elect the honest and brash Donald J. Trump a decisively positive point for America’s fate.

How has this billionaire chosen the side of the people instead of uniting with his peers?

Trump is a non-isolationist-nationalist and a patriot.

Even the New York Times has admitted so.  We have accepted it as a compliment for the President and his pro-American movement.

Riots have rolled out in American cities since Trump’s swearing in.   That was no serendipity.  Slowly it is coming to light that there is a source financing those evil movements, George Soros.

The man has infinite resources.  There is no need to explain much except that Soros is someone who assisted the Nazis in dispossessing his Jewish brethren before sending them to the slavery of the concentration camps and their final extermination at the hands of the German Nazis.

Thus, there is no comparison between that kind of inhumanity, to the relentless loyalty and devotion of a leader like the American President who, aware of the impending dire situation, has rushed to the help of his people in desperate need of a leader.

Regarding the President’s Cabinet nominees, for instance, the Democrats are dragging the procedures especially for three of remaining candidates: Betsy DelVos Secretary of Education nominee; Senator Sessions, Attorney General nominee, and last but not least, Judge Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court Justice nominee.

These three President’s surrogates are his arms to execute the policies needed to checkmate the ascent of globalism.

Abolishing Common Core with the help of Mrs. DeVos will bring normalcy to the lives of American children.

Having an Attorney General Jeff Sessions will indeed make America’s Justice blind to free the innocent and punish the guilty.

Likewise, a Justice Gorsuch will stand for the protection of Life which is a thorn for globalists whose goal is the destruction of the family through feminism, abortion, legalization of sexual deviances, and others.

“Family” is a bad word in the globalist dictionary.   the reason being that the family nucleus is the core element to safeguard the national identity as well as the otherwise feeling of belonging through patriotism.

The latest attack from globalists vs Trump has come in the shape of Judge Robart, an obscure judge from the liberal 9th District in Seattle.

Last Friday, Judge James Robart of Federal District Court in Seattle, temporarily reversed President Trump’s executive order restricting immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

It was Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson who confirmed that Robart had placed a temporary hold on President Donald Trump’s immigration order.

As expected,  that stirred the ire of the President, who in a Twitter post on Saturday commented on “so-called judge” Robart and described the judge’s order as “ridiculous.”

Indeed, the President wrote, “It will be overturned!”  Indeed, once again, Mr. Trump was right.

Once again, the globalists striking, as in “globalists vs Trump.”

How so?  It so happens that Judge Robart moved from being a successful corporate lawyer to the federal bench on the appointment of former President George W. Bush, himself a globalist par excellence.

In that context, it is no surprise that, for some reason, Judge Robart chose that precise weekend to strike his coup.

But, now we know that the nationwide hold from Judge Robart is moribund.

Here, Judge Jeanine Pirro making the legal and constitutional case for President Trump, leaving Judge Robarts standing in the middle of moving sands.

Surely, the measures taken by the President are legal and constitutional.

Animosity is surrounding the President; it is blurring the eyes of some who under normal circumstances would be considered his allies.

Judge Robarts is a Republican, and his views and probably the allegiance to the one who nominated him added to their shared interests has made him endanger the lives of Americans.

How disgraceful is that, now that Americans finally have a President who loves them?

On the other hand, what Robart ignored is that the President would never make a step without having measured all angles and taken all necessary precautions indispensable to the success of the project at hand.

Many have been admitted in the country during the lapse that Robart robbed America the protection of her President.

President Trump’s executive order limiting entry access during 90 days to those who come from seven mostly Muslim countries to America is the least any leader can do.


For the simple reason that Muslim terrorists have always been and will always be moderate Muslims until that day when they left or will leave their homes to attack in one way or another innocent, defenseless civilians.  Anywhere in the world.

In this globalism vs Trump, there is one major force that has been pulling strings:  George Soros whose willingness to destroy the sovereignty of individual countries knows no impediments.

Unexpectedly, nationalism has risen to put globalism on a check.

And, while Nigel Farage in England was able to pull off the vote for Brexit though not to its end, and Marine Le Pen is increasingly succeeding in France, the only one who went through from the idea to the action has been the American President, Donald J. Trump.

After strenuous battles that lasted 18 months, Trump ended victoriously.

But the war is not over.  President Trump has just begun his new venture, the biggest, the largest ever in his entire and productive life.  He is up to the task.

So far no world leader had contested globalism contained in the New World Order.

No one, except the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

The man who wants to make America great again.

As First Lady Melania Trump said to his detractors:

“Give him a chance.”


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