Challenging Trump, indeed, but not only him, alas, his family as well is a more convoluted choreography than anyone can imagine.

Trump Family Changes

A Father and his sons.  The dad gets an awesome job.  Now the son and brother have to refrain mentioning one topic to the man they have called dad their entire life.

That’s part of the deal the public is aware of.

Watch the brilliant Maria Bartiromo interview the President’s second of his three sons, Eric Trump.  Enlightening.

The establishment apparatus from before the onset of the Trump presidency, have been imposing condition after condition from the President.

If only they were committed to investigating the deceit, the crimes, and the frauds committed by the previous administration.

Instead, the Establishment vultures are imposing herculean conditions to the President and his family.

Forbes List of The World Billionaires

Meanwhile, Forbes magazine published its list of the world’s richest billionaires.

Billionaire President Donald J. Trump’s wealth slipped in the world ranking of billionaires published by Forbes magazine.

Indeed, Trump slid 220 spots on the list to number 544 with an estimated $3.5 billion.

Trump’s drop is likely due to sluggishness in the Manhattan real estate market that holds roughly 40% of his wealth.

Bill Gates Leads With Wealth of 86 Billion

Comparatively, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once again led the Forbes list for the fourth consecutive time with an estimated wealth of $86 billion.

Yes, the same Bill Gates who has co-funded together with the infamous George Soros many different projects aimed at depopulation, one of the key elements of the infamous New World Order-Agenda 21.

He (Gates) was followed by Berkshire Hathaway chief Warren Buffett among the top 10 billionaires, a group heavily dominated by Americans, many of whom work in the technology sector. Buffett’s wealth was estimated at $75.6 billion.

Others in the top 10 included Amazon founder Jeff Bezos at number three, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg at number five and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison at number seven.  

The global billionaire population jumped 13 percent from last year to 2,043, the biggest annual increase in the 31 years since the magazine began compiling the list, Forbes said.

The United States with roughly 330 million population has produced 565 billionaires.

Germany’s population amount to 80 million and is giving 114 billionaires.

Those numbers are exorbitant compared to China’s 319 billionaires for a  population of 1.3 billion.

On the one hand, China’s oppressive regime reflects in the lesser number of super-wealth holders while, on the other hand, the United State’ and Germany’s comparatively large numbers may somehow symbolize the penchant of most their billionaires for the establishment of a New World Order.

Trump’s Top Priority: His American People

All that with one notable exception, the American billionaire Donald J. Trump, the President who has given up on continuing increasing his wealth to make the well-being of the American people his priority number one.

In an intolerable abuse against the anti-globalist President, his critics challenging Trump wanted to force him to completely sell off his investments to avoid any conflicts of interests!

Wisely, he instead opted to keep out of business decisions and transferred ownership to his two older sons, Donald Jr. and Eric.

At the same time, the President pledged the company would not make new international deals.  Think of all the damn Establishment has made him and them, do.

Challenging Trump


Part of challenging Trump stratagem has been implemented by the media and the political class, as well as the Establishment, who do not see with good eyes the President’s intention to “drain the swamp.”

One of Trump’s promises to the American people has been to finally establish term limits so that senators and representatives stop being entitled and feel safe in their paid jobs where they have been betraying the agendas they were elected to defend.

This is the reason why the political class including some Republicans and all their RINOs as well, of course, as the Democrats, the media, and the global organizations are desperate to obstruct and do all in their power to stop the Trump tornado.

What they could get away negotiating with him, they have.

However, it is obvious one day they will understand that no matter how much they try challenging Trump, they will not be able to bring the American Eagle to the ground.

He flies too high up in the skies for them to catch him.

The American people are in good hands.


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