Conservatives are the President’s best allies and the sooner Trump wholeheartedly accepts this fact the better will be for him and for his promise to make America great again without delay because, frankly, time is of the essence.

The ink of his signature at the swearing in was not yet completely dried that he proudly began signing an amalgam of Executive Orders, to the view of millions.

Campaign Promises

Repeal and Replace was the hallmark of his campaign and one that he endlessly repeated to the thousands and thousands who faithfully rallied to cheer him up and who dutifully mobilized to vote for him and who made sure the super-delegates also did their part.

As he signed his executive orders, Mr. Trump wanted to signal he was going to keep his word.

In comes Paul Ryan

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump (L) meets with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., November 10, 2016. Courtesy: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

The infamous RINO, Speaker of the House, who had repeatedly sided with former President Obama against the interests of the American people was preparing his coup against Americans again.

This time, it now seems, with the complicity of a gullible President who trusted him.

Was Trump aware that Ryan had worked almost seven years keeping his new health care version under wraps?

Trump was surely unaware that all the below were the major critics that 100% opposed the GOP’s Ryan health reform plan:

The major critics of the GOP’s health reform plan, in one chart. Courtesy

Ryan’s AHCA, Not Trump’s

Then, March 6th, the news showed the President introducing a health care reform together with Paul Ryan, the infamous Speaker of the House.

“That” was something Americans were not aware of.

During the campaign, it was never a question of collaborating with this character.

AHCA’s BAIT:  Planned Parenthood Provision Only For One Year

Although the AHCA included the defunding of Planned Parenthood it was only a bait.

Indeed, as the CBO report indicates on page 23, the Planned Parenthood provision was only a one-year bait to be switched off at the end of the year.

We doubt the President realized that.

On top of that it was clear that with Ryan’s health care bill, 14 million people would have lost their health coverage in 2018 and 24 million people would still lose insurance by 2026.

Those numbers appeared on the CBO’s report on the Republican leadership’s bill.

Unsurprisingly, after three weeks, the bill had to be withdrawn because of lack of support.

Trump Blames The Freedom Caucus, not Ryan 

Trump ended trusting Ryan instead of the true conservatives from the Freedom Caucus that in the end stopped Ryancare from damaging, even more, the American people.

As Senator Cotton rightfully states,

“I would say the president is right Democrats gave us Obamacare. The failure of the bill this week doesn’t solve the problems of Obamacare, it is continuing to get worse and our healthcare system is groaning under the weight of Obamacare. So we have to revisit it and now have the time to do it in a more deliberate and careful fashion. But ultimately I don’t think you can lay the defeat of this bill last week on any single faction in the House of Representatives. Some conservatives opposed it. Some moderates opposed it, even a chairman men of powerful committees opposed it. The problem is the bill and process. Healthcare is a very complicated issue to release a bill written in secret and expect to pass it in 18 days. I just don’t think was feasible.”

GOP Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio was right to say: “Freedom Caucus ‘Did the country a favor’ in killing AHCA.”


In the ethics of politics what is important is not to be right but to do what is right for the people.

Some experts consider that the President has now lost precious post-election momentum, but this is Trump we are talking about.

While Obamacare-Lite had to be withdrawn because of lack of enough votes to support it, the President made a memorable move.

President Donald Trump signed five executive actions Tuesday, moving forward the process to build the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines, pushing for the companies to use pipes manufactured in the United States.

“We will build our own pipeline. We will build our own pipes … like we used to in the old days,” Trump said after signing the orders.

Now it is time for President Trump to trust true conservatives as Senator Rand Paul and the other representatives that are part of the Freedom Caucus.

America needs the full repeal of Obamacare as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the medical doctor Rand Paul has told the American people the Freedom Caucus will begin preparing the new comprehensive, free-market health care bill for all Americans.

Thank you, Freedom Caucus.

Now we look forward to having a great, free-market health care system that will inspire other countries to follow the lead of the President’s eponymous Trumpcare.


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