Death sentence for an Islamic State hacker in Iraq, the way they do in the Muslim world where if anyone is found guilty of a major crime he will receive the death sentence.

It sounds weird that an Islamic State para-terrorist will be dying under the civilized form of the West in Iraq.

One cannot but think of all those poor people miserably slaughtered, beheaded, raped, mutilated, by the Islamic State terrorists.

The Central Criminal Court in Baghdad on Monday sentenced a hacker who worked for the so-called ‘digital army of caliphate’ of the Islamic State to death, Sky Press reported on Monday.

The above is what Iraqi news call a “representational photo” that does not give the image of the terrorist sentenced to death.  With no identification, how can anyone avail for this news and why?


The spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council, Abdel Satar Berkadar said that the Central Criminal Court reviewed a lawsuit of a hacker working in the Islamic State Hacking Division (digital army of the Caliphate) that belongs to the Islamic State terrorist group.

The accused, in cooperation with partners from Arab countries, was hacking several important websites, Berkadar added. The evidence was enough to sentence him to death according to the counter-terrorism law.

Islamic State Hacking Division refers to a self-identifying group as the digital army for Islamic State. It had pledged allegiance to Islamic State in late 2014.

The death sentence for IS hacker should be a lesson to all liberal governments who up until now are ordering their armies to either exert “courageous restraint” or “stand down.”

In another development in the region, the Joint Operations Command denied yesterday news announcing the arrival of 2000 US Marine soldiers in Anbar Province where is located the military base, Ayn al-Assad.

In fact, more than 4000 American troops are currently stationed in military bases in the western provinces of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. provide training to Iraqi forces fighting the Islamic State group.

They provide training to Iraqi forces fighting the Islamic State terrorists.

As usual, the half-truths, the semi-lies, and the untold will continue disorienting the public instead of informing them correctly and without doublespeak.

Our main wish is that the peoples of the world be safe.


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