Migrants in Sweden will go through the necessary training to make them prison guards.

Jaw dropping news from Sweden inform that migrants or asylum seekers from the Muslim Middle East are now undergoing training to become professional prison guards.

The training is part of a new program at the Mariefred prison and it has been set up by the Swedish government.

According to the Swedish probation and prison system the goal is to see 450 recent migrants and disabled people placed in various internships that include prison guards, cooks and other jobs within correctional facilities across the country.

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson visited the Mariefred prison where two Iraqi asylum seekers are training as guards 

Mariefred prison chief Mohamed Gulied and project manager Helena Lönnkvist introduced the minister to the candidates enrolled in the program including the two Iraqis Khaled Taha and Dheyazan Sadeq who are also learning Swedish at the facility. ” I want to work, and am very happy here at Mariefred. Now I hope that I will manage to get basic education,” Khaled told the minister.

Helena Lönnkvist who is the project manager for the program said, “trainees become role models, both in our own operations and for the relatives and friends outside the Prison and Probation Service. Our hope is that they will want to stay and go on to permanent employment.”

Mohamed Gulied added, “We need to recruit and this is a good way into the profession,” and said he hoped to receive more migrants into the program.

So far the program has not run into a glaring issue that plagues many prisons across Europe, the growth of radical Islam and radicalization of inmates.

In France, a report to the French National Assembly last year claimed that French prisons, in which 60 percent of inmates are Muslim, had become a breeding ground for radical Islamic indoctrination.


The situation in British prisons is not much better as the former chief inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick said in 2015 that prisons were a conduit for radical Islamic recruitment.

In HMP Gartree, a maximum security prison in the UK, entire cell blocks are run under a variation if Islamic sharia law according to reports.

“It is so bad non-Muslim prisoners are refusing to move there as they feel intimidated,” a source said and added, “there is huge pressure put on them to convert and a threat of violence if they don’t. The Muslim gangs have their own rules and use Sharia law to sort out disagreements. In effect, they are setting up their own prison within a prison.”

Sweden is also experiencing a surge of support for the Islamic State terror group due to fighters returning from the Middle East and spreading their extremist ideology according to the Swedish security service. As far back as 2006 reports emerged that radical Islamists were recruiting in Swedish prisons as well.

Giving the Fox the Keys to the Hen House 

The Swedes insanity is beyond anything thinkable.  Only the exposure to six months living in day light or the other six months in the long darkness of the night can explain in some way the mental insanity.

This author has visited Sweden a few times until 2010.  It was an idyllic country, with its historic side, its countless islands, their castles and villas, with a great standard of living.

Sweden, a place where both mother and father could enjoy up to two years leave to raise their new babies.

But already then, it was a place filled with deranged people.

Once in the plane I saw a Muslim woman, a refugee most certainly unhappy with the weather.  dissatisfied with everything Swedish but was staying there for convenience as her son was severely ill and they were receiving full medical attention without disbursing a penny.

Sweden’s Capitulation

Globalism, liberalism are empowering Islam and its adherents to invade the West and shake it to the ground.

They are well on the path to conquering the West and we cannot see anything or anyone stopping them.

On the contrary, the terrain is so fertile that they seem to be accelerating the speed at which they are entering our countries and bringing down anyone/anything they want.

Sweden’s capitulation is well under way.


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