Where is Trump?  Ever since the President was sworn in, he began working full speed, signing Executive Order after Executive Order, selecting, choosing and designating his nominees to the various portfolios in his Cabinet.

Almost two months after his inauguration, the President has been the target of most vicious attacks from the media and its ferocious beasts, the journalists who under Obama’s destruction of America, had remained silent.

Likewise, the deafening silence we are witnessing from members of Congress and especially their globalist leadership, like Speaker Ryan, Senate Majority Leader MacConnell, and others, is indicative of their animosity towards the President’s nationalist, patriotic agenda.

On the one hand, the American people have elected a President who cares.

Then, the American people can see how big a mistake they have made electing representatives and senators who could not care less about Americans well-being, safety, finances, or health.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that the American people’s taxes remunerate the gang of crooks abundantly for doing whatever they want.

Unthinkable scenario if it was a private enterprise and they would not defend the interests of those who pay for their daily bread, butter, luxury homes, high-level networking and elite vacations.

Any CEO would mercilessly fire the crooks within 24 hours of their first misdemeanor.

Where is Trump?

Some affronts have shaken America last weeks.

The first one happened when President Trump signed an Executive Order for a three-month-immigration control from seven Muslim countries.

In fact, it was the same EO signed by Obama for six months.

A rogue judge blocked the President’s order.

Now, the President is at his second EO, and yet again, a Hawaiian judge has stopped Trump’s order.

The rogue judge is a friend of Obama who was with him in Hawaii the day before.   No coincidence, of course.

President Trump had reassured the American people this second time his EO was iron clad, and no one could object to it; true if one is referring to individuals who follow the law and not to liberals who are used to twist and turn the language to advance their agendas.

The judge this time went beyond just the district of Hawaii.

He said no state could enforce President Trump executive order.

Nobody in any part of the country can implement it.

No one anywhere in the administration can apply it.

He issued what’s called a nationwide injunction, and it precludes any application of the order on any aspect of the order until there is further review.


Obama Looming

Who could have given this insignificant, rogue district judge the grand idea that he presides not only over his district but the nation?

Only one person could have sent this judge to commit such an act of lawlessness, one who specialized in violating the American Constitution time and again under the watchful eye and consent of the American Congress.

After eight years suffering under the most criminal leader, Americans can still feel the offensive presence looming to continue harming them, to support and move along his globalist and Islamic agendas.

Obama’s deep state allies in his subversive, lawless shadow structure are attempting to sabotage the Trump presidency.

Where is Trump?

In all of this, President Trump is notoriously absent.

History may tell next generations what this President had to give in to access power, given the virulent enemies inside the government working against America.

How far, how much, Trump had to give up to at least try to bring in jobs for almost 100 million jobless Americans and their families, is anyone’s guess.

We know the President cares.  And as the master of the deal, he has to prioritize.

In my opinion, only that could explain how he is letting these miserable rogue judges stop him from protecting the American people.

Trump and Islam

While President Trump considers the annihilation of the Islamic State as “the” most important item on the agenda against Muslim terrorism he is, sadly, being ill-advised.

Stealth Jihad goes on, not only in Syria or Iraq.

The Islamic State has placed operatives inside the tide of million “migrants” reaching the West.

Furthermore, there are subversive Islamic terrorist camps training inside America.  Proof:

There is also one key element in the Islam issue.  It is the use of deception in all its forms.

The most well known Muslim fraud imposed in the Koran is called taqiyya.

It is the right and the duty to use the truth, twist it, change it, not mention it, anything, to advance the prophet Mohammed’s agenda:

Islam’s invasion of the West.

Whoever uses taqiyya is not lying.   Of course not.

That’s Islamic culture.


The President seems to be watching as his immigration bans are one by one neutralized by mediocre lawless, rogue judges.

Meanwhile, at the borders, who knows who of all those moderate Muslims trespassing the entrance will metamorphose, one day sooner or later, into a mass murderous terrorist inside America.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.




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