Russia has enough, and the world is about to learn what that means.

State Duma After American Media in Russia

The lower house of the Russian Parliament, The State Duma, has ordered an “audit” of Radio Liberty, the Voice of America, CNN, and other American media to see if they are breaking any of the nation’s laws,

Naturally, this move does not come out of the blue.

Democratic Shaheen from NH gives DoJ new Authority to Investigate RT America

Little known to the American public is that on March 14, Jeanne Shaheen, the Democratic representative from New Hampshire, introduced a bill to investigate Russian RT News as a foreign agent.  Seriously.

As part of the Democratic distracting-engine, Mrs. Shaheen once again uses the language to twist and turn facts into realities convenient to the cause of disturbing and destroying the Trump presidency as well as any chance for President Trump to fulfill his intentions to have good relations with Russia and President Putin.

Far from succeeding, an immediate result of Shaheen’s actions and aggression against a professional Russian media outlet is that the Russian Parliament has immediately ordered a probe of the U.S. media in their territory.

The State Duma, or lower house of parliament, called on its committee on information policy, information technology and communications to conduct an “audit” of Radio Liberty, the Voice of America, CNN  and other U.S. media “for compliance of their activities with Russian legislation,” according to the legislative body’s website.

VOA is a federal entity, while Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, nonprofit organization funded by a grant from the U.S. Congress. 

“We have good reason to believe that RT News is coordinating with the Russian government to spread misinformation and undermine our democratic process,” Shaheen said.

“The American public has a right to know if this is the case. RT News has made public statements boasting that it can dodge our laws with shell corporations, and it’s time for the Department of Justice to investigate.”

The good reason for Shaheen to “believe” this comes from “a recent report by the U.S. Director of National Intelligence concluded RT News officials structured their affiliate organizations to deliberately circumvent U.S. reporting and disclosure requirements under The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA.) 

Another Globalist Democratic Effort to undermine USA-RUSSIA Relations For President Trump

This is yet another way the globalist Democratic party and their operatives are trying to nefariously influence the essence of the Trump Administration.

It is well-known that President Donald Trump came in with an open mind regarding his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin.

The fact that those two have shown a similarity in style of leadership and anti-globalist approach has given the progressive leftist remnants the wish and the will to try to annihilate any potential good relationship between Trump and Putin.

This magical formula, Trump-Putin would be the most serious blow to globalism at a time when its arm the EU is collapsing and surviving on a day to day basis.

Trump nationalism and patriotism is reminiscent of Russia’s nationalism and patriotism personified by Putin.

Both are a most contagious inspiration for the rest of countries in the West that are struggling and are powerlessly looking on at their people go jobless into destitution, and all that it entails.

Russia will Never Bow to the American Democratic Assault 

It has been Konstantin Zatulin, a member of parliament from the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, who requested the probe two days ago to combat what he called a “repressive” move by the U.S. against RT.

Repressive it is.

And, what is worse, it reminds our Russian friends of the McCarthysm implemented against Communism back in the 1950s, with the only difference that the President is Donald Trump who had and hopefully now more than ever wants to develop a friendship with President Putin of Russia.

Mr. Zatulin said he was reacting to U.S. politicians who have moved “from words to deeds” after endless complaining that the Russian media interfered in the internal affairs of the United States and particularly the presidential election.

Maybe now one understand better why large countries like Russia and America need to have a strong man who is surrounded by his friends and not by his foes, or else, the anointed one will be held hostage by his enemies within.

RT News is a reputable media outlet that has always run smoothly various media operations worldwide, including RT America, a slick, English-language network providing unbiased news.

Unsurprisingly, RT’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan “told the Russian newspaper Izvestia this week that such moves were reminiscent of Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s anti-Communist campaign in the 1950s.”  

She is right.

Russia will get to the Bottom of it and American Democrats and their Fake News Media will Regret it

Russia will get to the bottom of their investigation without much delay, unlike the Americans.

One thing is sure.

The American outlets, CNN, Voice of America, Radio Liberty, as of now can count their days.

In hindsight, as we walk into the future, most likely the Democrats will realize what a disservice they did to themselves on March 14, 2017.

G-D is blessing America.


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