About Obamacare then candidate to President Donald Trump said in one of his tweets: “We will immediately repeal and replace Obamacare -and nobody can do that like me.”  That was on September 2, 2016.

Mr. Trump used to rouse the crowds addressing their reasons for their sorrows and how he, the knight in shining armor, would come in and as President and would do wonders for them.

Indeed he did.  From the beginning, he signed executive order after executive order.

What a great move, because it indicated his willingness to get to the action as he had promised.

(AFP OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump shows the Executive Order withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) (Photo by Ron Sachs – Pool/Getty Images)

Little did Americans know that an executive order can be stopped, injuncted, delayed, sequestered or hijacked, even by little-known judges in some desolate places.

They were not aware of that vital detail because it was only exceptionally that the prolific executive-order-producing-former-President Obama had his EOs stopped by anyone, especially the Republicans.

Coming out of the liberal fascist ruling of a globalist anti-American Democrat, Americans conservatives knew that only a fierce conservative President would reverse the damage done by Obama and (all) his predecessors.

G-D, country and traditional family values were kidnapped, sabotaged and criminally attacked during the Obama era.

The Left had to do that because it was the only way to set the path for globalism to take over America.

In Comes Trump

After a glorious presidential campaign that ended up crowning him as President of the United States of America, the people thought they had their man in the White House, “one of them.”

Alas, his immigration executive orders were stopped one after the other.   Surprisingly, the President remained subdued.

The Litmus Test 

It happened with the health care bill, the one about which the President had said: “…nobody can do that like me.”

On March 6, the infamous Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, presented to Congress for approval his Obamacare-Lite.

It appears Ryan had worked on this lite version of Obamacare, in hiding, during years.

Here comes the issue with this.

During the whole campaign, Mr. Trump knew health care was a catastrophe for regular Americans of all venues.  People have been dying in dire circumstances because of the Obamacare debilitating system.

So, when Mr. Trump said: “We will immediately repeal and replace Obamacare…”  he was not being straightforward with the millions who mobilized to hear him and to vote for him.

He should have said it was the Ryan health care he was referring to.

Alas, he couldn’t do that because he knew American conservatives would not agree with him and would not vote for him under those circumstances.

It is evident that the President knew “his” health care plan to do the “replace” part of his promise was Ryan’s.

Frankly, the American people trust Trump, and he has not been open on this.

Have the President or anyone in his team read the COB report that informed that, for instance, the Planned Parenthood provision was only there for a 1-year period?

Not even Steve Bannon knew about it?

Let it Explode 

And so, President Trump issued an ultimatum to Congress:  Pass the GOP heath care bill, or else, he was going to leave Obamacare as it is and work on other matters.  Seriously.

Despite the presidential threat, thanks to the conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus, the bill had to be withdrawn for lack of support which amounted to the first defeat for the new President.

Between the President’s will and the well-being of the people, those conservatives chose the latter.

America owes them eternal gratitude.

The Human Suffering 

What was the President’s reaction?

He tweeted:  “Obamacare will explode…”   Read below:

Literally, what does it mean “Obamacare will explode?”

It says that there will come the point in time where the majority of Americans who need health care and use it, will be unable to pay for their medical insurance because it will be unaffordable.

In over 330 million people, sadly many will be sick or will be victims of accidents, and they will need to be treated either in emergency rooms or unexpected regular doctor visits, long-term treatments, life-and-death situations, where people will have no backup insurance to cover for their medical needs.

Once again, pain, tears, and sorrow are on the menu for the American people.

Sadly, not everybody is compassionate in the face of human suffering.

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 28: Widow of Fallen Navy Seal, Senior Chief William Owens, Carryn Owens (2ndL) attends Pres. Trump’s Address to Congress. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

We Will All Get-Together

When the President says “We will all get together…”  he is referring to “together with the Democrats.”


Does Trump think there are “Democrats” who are like the RINOs, DINOs?   It’s laughable.

Democrats are liberal fascists and rarely if ever will we see any DINOs.   They are mostly party beasts.


We hope the President will reconsider and take the highway and push for Freedom Caucus to present to him another feasible health care plan exclusively free-market based.

On the other hand, the President should not open the doors of the White House to the Democrats.  No way.

As a businessman trying to protect his children as he is, the President may be reluctant to make enemies.

Right, in business one does not want to make enemies, so we avoid it as malaria.

But this is politics and the top priority for any American president must be the well-being of the people.

It has been proven throughout eight undescribable years that Democrats only want the destruction of America and that Americans well-being is not on their list.

So, why is the President listening to Priebus when he says the President must begin to “govern?”  With the Democrats, that is what Reince is implying.

We must hope that President Trump sees the light, not with the switch on-off of Reince Priebus who is a typical RINO and whom we needed to achieve our goals.  But it’s time now to move on.

It’s time to realize that Democrats have already made all they could for America:  Hate her, destroy her, undermine her, weaken her, etc.

It’s time to get an RINO-free government to shake the Establishment and re-establish true conservative values that will ensure America’s survival.

It’s time for the President to think of Americans first, of their well-being, and give them a free-market health care plan that will be enacted as soon as possible, not in one year.

The President needs to do whatever it takes to fulfill his promise and give them an excellent plan worthy of having his name, Trumpcare, one that history should record as the best health care plan for the XXIst century.


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