Paul Ryan is still holding on to the Speakership of the House, even after the gross defeat inflicted on his health care farce.

After working seven years on it, Paul Ryan has come out severely wounded, and hopefully, soon, change is going to come.

During the press conference that followed his bill’s failure, the Speaker of the House said: “We came close today, but we came up short.”


In fact, there are rumors on the internet insinuating the Speaker visited former President Obama right after the health care failure.  But as it may be fake news, we cannot confirm either way.

As our readers know, the above-mentioned possibility is not far-fetched at all.

Ryan has been the Obama pawn placed in the middle of the so-called Republican contingent together with McCain, Graham, McConnell, and others, who have betrayed the national interests of America to favor of their unpatriotic globalist allegiance.

Ryan has supported and enabled the most anti-American President to move his agenda of destruction further.


Ryan’s 7-year long effort to cheat on the American people with a “different” Obamacare was miraculously aborted by the most conservative wing of the Republican party, the Freedom Caucus.

Mission #1

The next “ordre du jour” for the Speaker is to come up with a plan to fund the federal government and avert a shutdown.

Mission #2

“Lower taxes” has been another goal in candidate Trump’s agenda.

In fact, President Trump wanted to begin the sweeping changes he had promised the American people by bringing taxes down, but Ryan convinced the President to start his era with repeal and replace.

Now the people are expecting the promised tax reform.

But after the health care disaster, Ryan is saying that “The bill’s early failure may make it more difficult to move ahead with tax reform,”

Cherchez la femme:  Janna Ryan

Janna Ryan is a liberal tax lawyer and corporate lobbyist with a blue Democratic pedigree who attended Wellesley College outside Boston, where maybe they sprinkle some globalism in the students’ meals.

Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright, ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer and correspondent Cokie Roberts are among Wellesley’s most infamous alumni.

The Speaker’s wife is a tax specialist, lived in Washington, D.C., for about a decade. She continued to work as a congressional aide for some time and then as a corporate lobbyist, representing some of the biggest names in a range of industries.

Among her corporate clients were Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Marathon Oil, the United Parcel Service and the Cigar Association of America.  (Bold, mine. EB) 

In a period of about three years, Ryan’s 20 corporate clients paid more than $2.7 million in lobbying fees to her two employers, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Williams & Jensen, according to an August 2012 Huffington Post article.”   (Bold, mine. EB) 

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan 

A young and intellectually united couple are each other’s bouncing boards.

Speaker Ryan has an acute interest in America’s health care plan, now we know why.

Priebus, Trump, and Ryan

At one point during the campaign, President Trump must have reached a compromise with Priebus and Ryan to get the party support he needed.

The initial agreement may now be turning into a cumbersome burden.

Reince and Ryan are both globalists at the service of global corporations that want to decide what the fate of America will be for their benefit.

Those are the kind of people surrounding President Donald Trump who campaigned tirelessly to make America great again.

Did Ryan Fail?

The Speaker of the House has time and again been instrumental in Obama’s successful agenda to destroy America.

So, considering that has Ryan failed or succeeded?

Failure, in this case, has meant success in keeping Obamacare “for the foreseeable future.”

It is evident that the Speaker has more in common with Obama than Trump will ever want to admit.

One can wonder if the President cares that the Planned Parenthood provision appeared on the plan, but it was only for one year.

Drain the Swamp

It seems as if though the nationalist, patriotic, family defender, candidate Trump is vanishing in the past.

Mr. Trump committed to “drain the swamp,” a phrase he coined regarding Washington, D.C.

However, lately, seems as though the President has decided to swim in that marsh.

Has he already forgotten the pristine waters off Monaco or wherever his yacht took him?

Someone should tell the Commander-in-Chief that the waters of the moral and political swamp are murkier than those of a regular swamp.

Instead of Trump making sure to drain that moral swamp, he is diving head on in its disgusting waters, together with his children.

Ryan is an anti-American Globalist; He Must Go

We have heard Reince Priebus telling Chris Wallace that “the President doesn’t want Paul Ryan to step down.”   Really?

The President should fire Reince.

And Ryan must resign. Because he will sabotage America via Donald Trump, no doubt about that.

Next on the official agenda are the tax reform and the plan to fund the federal government in order to avert a shutdown.

Make no mistake, Ryan’s ominous presence means that Obama is still roaming around in the corridors of America’s government.

The President must realize that there is no way to make America Great for as long as the RINO saboteurs are at his arm’s length.

It’s time for Trump to think America First and withdraw his inexplicable support for the current treasonous Speaker of the House.

It is imperative to replace radioactive Paul Ryan, ASAP.


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