“I am Russia,” is absent from almost the entire Western hemisphere with the glorious exception of Israel, where the Mayor of Tel Aviv had his City Hall light with the colors of the Russian flag in the aftermath of the St. Petersburg massacre at the hands of a Muslim terrorist.

The Mayor of Tel-Aviv had his City Hall lights with the colors of the Russian flag.

On his part, United States President Trump called President Putin immediately to offer condolences and help if needed.

Prime Minister Theresa May barely sent a condolence note to the Russian President; surprising from the leader who slapped the EU with Brexit Article 50 no less.

Sure enough, Berlin and Paris, as well as other capitals from the “civilized world,” have been criticized for failing to light up their most famous landmarks in solidarity with victims of the St Petersburg massacre.

An Explanation to the Indifference to Russia’s Pain

It’s, of course, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, who is shattering globalism’s lull as they mostly unopposed proceed to take over the world.

The bottom line is that globalists hate President Putin because he is a nationalist and a patriot who wants to keep Russia safe, secure, and prosperous.

Pure poison for globalism.

In one stroke, Putin denies the large Russian territory and people as potential subjects to globalism.

Just visualize that, and you will understand how high the stakes are.

Globalism and Islamism, Hand in Hand

We would be wrong if we thought that Islam’s terrorists are isolated, moving along the lines of war devoided of any plan and no goal other than their Koran.   But there is more to it.

Let’s move briefly to Syria, where globalists need to get rid of President Assad to empower the barbaric Islamic State’s take over as they did in Lybia and subsequently impose sharia just as they did in Lybia after the tragic demise of their President Colonel Gaddafi.

That’s why it’s not only Muslims but also the globalists who do not see favorably that the Russian President interferes with their plans and is helping President Assad survive, thus aborting former President Obama’s and the globalist cabal’s evil designs to hand Syria on a silver platter to their accomplices, the Islamic State.

Sophisticated Planning for St. Petersburg’s Massacre

It was perfectly coordinated, with insider information as well, and the goal was not only the global impact but above all, to begin scaring the Russian population against their President.

Bonus:  Lots of media focusing on the President and his guest, the President of Belarus.

Rabid Globalists Running Amok 

Of course, there is no room around the world for “I am Russia,” when innocent, defenseless Russian civilians are slaughtered at the hands of a Koran adept.

In the wake of a deadly explosion on the St. Petersburg metro, you could bet on conspirators of all kinds to come up with their own versions of events immediately after the tragic news broke. This time around, US liberal media darling and News Corp. executive Louise Mensch took the prize for wildest conspiracy theory — and not just one.

Indeed, they could not wait to dissect the St. Petersburg attack to present their results slanted enough, so public opinion once more is inclined to condemn President Putin, the one who does not put up with globalism.

One of the most incendiary enemies of Putin is Russian chess champion, Garry Kasparov, as you may read in his tweet below.

The blood of the victims was not yet dry but Kasparov did not hesitate using them to spew fake news about his nemesis, President Putin.

Putin and Trump

A big issue for the Russian president will be Mr. Trump, who is trying to find his way in the American Administration.

That’s also why from the onset of the Trump era, the media has desperately tried to put one on the other, Putin and Trump.

They knew Trump was gullible.

As soon as he took power the race was on who was going to get first to the American President because that person would be able to influence him from then on.

That was globalist King Abdullah’s job, he rushed to meet Trump almost before anyone else.

That was also the Saudis sent their young prince, and it must have been arranged in coordination with Trump for whom the job of President comes after his role of pater familias.  `

Islam in New York City

Did you know that in 2010, New York City had 175 mosques and counting?   The population in the City is roughly eight million (2010.)

Comparatively, Islam in Moscow.

According to the 2010 Russian census, Moscow has around 300,000 Muslim permanent residents, while some estimates suggest that Moscow has around 1 million Muslim residents and up to 1.5 million more Muslim migrant workers.

While there were 175 mosques in New York City, there were only four mosques in Moscow.  Both per 2010 data.  


Globalism is using Islam as a weapon of mass destruction to depopulate the world for their own evil agenda to create “a perfect global world.”

Instead of wanting to raise the live standards of the masses, globalism is intent in their total annihilation.

There is only one leader obstructing their goals.  Putin.


That’s why the world had no time for “I am Russia.”

That’s why landmark buildings around the world did not deign to send any soothing message to the innocent and defenseless victims and their families and to Russians at large,

“Your pain is our pain,  I am Russia.”

No.  The globalists are in control.  And the liberals in the world are their useful idiots.


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  • Posted: April 6, 2017 01:26


    Thank you very informative
  • Posted: April 7, 2017 09:13

    David Smith

    Eliana, What I do not understand is the Globalist's plan to use Islam to destroy the West and "build a perfect global world". How do you see a "perfect global world" emerging after the spread of Islam throughout the world? This would appear to be the precise opposite of a perfect world but rather a fatally-flawed world of voilence and destruction, both of which accompany the spread of Islam. I'd appreciate your viewpoint on this. Perhaps a new blog article on this? Thank you and very kind regards, David Smith Paris, France
  • Posted: April 8, 2017 08:56

    Roy Guimond

    I read your commentary ; and I fully agree with you . This Islam / globalist relationship is working to enslave the world & kill any & all Christians / Jews / hindus / & opposing religions : The Beast of the new world order is beelzebub ( prince of devils ) : Islam and Muslims are His invasion army ; An army who seek to dominate & rule the world . They hate The king of kings Christ Jesus , who will come to rescue Israel & install 1000 years of peace on earth ; But first the 7 years of the Great Tribulation ! The book of Revelation 18 : 9 , 10 , 11 . Speaks of the New Babylon , whore of fornication ,( America ) , no one buyeth her goods anymore ; All in one Hour her judgement come , burnt to dessamation ! ( U.S.A. is nuked ) . Now is a frightening time because we are very close to world war; Trump tipped the scales against America's place in a globalized world , and as with Russia nationalism is under attack ; Our chances are slight that we will win WW III . God help us !