It was Russia’s turn to be once again the victims of the unavoidable plague:  Muslim terrorism.

It happened precisely the day President Vladimir Putin was in his hometown the gorgeous St. Petersburg hosting the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

Was it a coincidence that this attack happened a year after Russia’s involvement in the liberation of the city of Mosul?

Of course not.  None of the above was a coincidence.

Over a year has passed since the start of the Iraqi offensive to liberate the city of Mosul and the surrounding region from the Daesh terrorists. Russia’s Expert magazine provides a succinct summary of the campaign, and why the Blitzkrieg campaign which was supposed to ‘wrap up by Christmas’ ended up becoming a long, bloody, drawn-out struggle.

In fact, what should have been a short-lived Russian campaign in Syria has become as usual in the Middle East a long-term commitment.

However, the following may give some context to yesterday’s attack on defenseless Russians:

The conflicting reports on the city’s [Mosul] capture are nothing new. Last September, ex-President Barack Obama optimistically declared that Mosul would be liberated “fairly rapidly,” with pundits immediately suggesting that the White House was hoping that the city would be freed prior to the November 8 US presidential elections, giving a much-needed boost to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. 

Unfortunately, it has now been nearly six months since the operation to liberate Mosul proper began, and over a year since the start of Operation Conquest, the offensive to free the surrounding area.  [Bold, mine. EB]

Analyzing the current state of the operation, Russia’s Expert Magazine started off by recalling that in June 2014, Daesh managed to capture Mosul in just six days. In the operation to regain control of the city, the Iraqi Army, Shiite militias, Kurdish forces and a ragtag collection of volunteers gathered an estimated 150,000-200,000 troops, with the US, the UK, France, Germany, the UAE, and Turkey all providing air support. However, this massive force has not been able to speed things along.

That explains the magnitude of Russia’s enterprise.

Had the Russians not intervened, President Assad would have already been deposed and the Islamic State could have been in place making sure to implement sharia as the law of the land, just as they did in Lybia in the aftermath of the murderous overturn of President Gaddafi.

Meanwhile, the terrorists from the Islamic State have been thinking about intensifying their scope of activities in Russia as we can see in this poster below calling lone wolves or others, to “kill them where you find them.”

ISIS poster calling on attacks against the Russian people “wherever you find them.”

As if it was not enough, underneath they added:  “We will burn Russia.”

It was Russia’s turn this time.

Naturally, for some in the media, such as Peter Bergen from the fake-news factory, CNN, they will delude themselves and try to convince the public at large that there may be another suspect, the Chechens, for instance.

Citing Leo Tolstoy, Peter Bergen can get away making his point using the oratory of the great Russian writer to achieve his goal.  When Tolstoy served in an artillery regiment in the Caucasus, he wrote in “The Cossacks” about his experience, saying of the Chechens:

When Tolstoy served in an artillery regiment in the Caucasus, he wrote in “The Cossacks” about his experience, saying of the Chechens:  “No one spoke of hatred for the Russians. The feeling which the Chechens felt, both young and old, was stronger than hatred.”

Thus the doubt is sowed in the mind of the readers, it could also be the Chechens.

Be it as it may, Chechens are also

a largely Muslim ethnic group that has lived for centuries in the mountainous North Caucasus region. For the past two hundred years, Chechens have resisted Russian rule. During World War II, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin accused the Chechens of cooperating with the Nazis and forcibly deported the entire population to Kazakhstan and Siberia. Tens of thousands of Chechens died, and the survivors were allowed to return home only after Stalin’s death.”

It must be ISIS

That said, only one group has the track record to carry on sophisticated plans via asymmetrical attacks on innocent, defenseless and unsuspecting populations, and the world knows who they are.

Whether Al Qaeda or Al Nusra, it doesn’t really matter as they are no longer divided but ruled under the Islamic State that has assumed the hegemony among them.

Russia’s turn came and the attack on the train in St. Petersburg has very likely been planned to mark the first year of the Russian incursion in the Syria war.


The barbaric attack and the carnage remain the same.  But it was Russia’s turn.

Thus the only different factor is the country’s strongman, President Putin, and how he will plan his next move.

Treacherous Muslim terrorism is not about to stop.

On the contrary, now sleepers have been sent throughout the West camouflaged among the migrants and one will never know when, where, and how another Muslim will forget or throw his backpack at a crowd of innocent Western civilians.

It was Russia’s turn, now the world should wait and see what’s next.


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