Rogue Trump has ordered Syria strikes.  And so, Trump abandons his America First agenda on a thoughtless decision influenced by globalist manipulators.   He is taking America on a war that we know how it has begun but we have no idea how it will end.

Trump Siding with the Islamic State

I have been warning all along that if Assad is the less evil, we had to beware who his successor could be, i.e., none other than an operative from the Islamic State.  That’s the choice.

It happened in Libya.  If and when Assad would be deposed, which we fervently hope he will not, the President Doctor would be replaced by one of the ruthless murderous terrorists from the Islamic State.

Therefore, with his Syria strikes, Trump is for sure promoting and elevating the Islamic State status to being “allies” of the American military.

In other words, Trump is doing what Obama did.

Thanks to both of them, now American troops are working alongside terrorists and in this case, they are empowering them.

Trump Siding with Globalists

The American President has joined the globalists he antagonized during his fiery patriotic campaign.

The reversal began the instant he decided to establish his cabinet mostly composed by billionaires.

How many of those were globalists?  That’s anyone’s guess.

Then the President received some distinguished guests from Muslim countries, royals from Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Curiously, those visits were not surrounded by much publicity.   In hindsight, those meetings had a nefarious influence on the Trump agenda.

Trump’s Conflict of Interests

The President has been keen in satisfying legal requirements to the t in order to avoid any conflict of interest between him, his family and his new position.

But Trump is umbilically tied to his children, especially daughter number one.   He knows his every move will impact on his brood.   No legal document can control that.

Just an example.  Last February 2017, Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric headed to Dubai for the inauguration of the new Trump International Golf Club Dubai.

Thus, being amenable to the globalist demands of Muslim royal families of Saudi and Jordan will give good points to the family’s potential businesses once they are out of the political world, one day.

Syria strikes.  U.S. fires missiles at Syrian airbase

The United States Commander-in-chief ordered to fire cruise missiles earlier today at a Syrian airbase from which reportedly a deadly chemical weapons attack had been launched.  And so began the Syrian strikes.

Donald J. Trump is now finishing the job Obama left unfinished.  Who would have thought that!

Air Striking a Place from where Chemical WMD attack was launched?

Such an adventure should have been coordinated with chemist scientists who should have determined what could be the dangers of exploding chemical poison in the neighboring area.  Was it?

American Military Efficiency? 

Interestingly, before launching his Syria strikes. the President forgot that “our military has been depleted.”  That means not much training as well as lack of modern weaponry.

No wonder the vexing results.

From the 59 tomahawk missiles against the Syrian airfield, only 23 hit their target, per the Russian Defense Ministry.

Additionally, Russia says Syrian air defense systems will be bolstered after 6 jets and the radar system was destroyed in the airstrike. Four Syrian militaries are reported dead and 2 missing after the strike. Courtesy:

“Steps Under Way” to Remove Assad

Some had argued that Trump only intended to order Syria strikes on the base from where chemicals were reportedly launched against civilians.

But Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has clearly said that “steps are under way” to form an international coalition to remove the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad after Tuesday’s chemical bombings in Syria.

With this, Trump and his gang are decidedly meddling in political affairs of another country that have no bearing on America’s interests.

Where did “America First” Go?

Sure, we can find all kind of excuses for Trump’s decisions, like “he may have intelligence that we are not privy about.”

Trump was a candidate whose avowed goal was to focus on making America great again.

The immediate view he exposed to happy Americans right after his inauguration, were photos of him signing executive orders.

As we have seen, those are just documents whose execution depend on the whim of some little judges in forlorn places in America.

His health care reform was not his but Ryan’s, one the most committed globalists.

Jobs are the candies with which he has been assuaging jobless Americans, so thank you so much.

Trump Now, President of the World

He may insist that he is not the president of the world, but his actions indicate the opposite.

Trump said: “Assad choked the lives of men, women, and children.”  Maybe.  No one can know for sure who caused that.

There is NO proof whatsoever it was the Syrian President who ordered the chemical attack.  Think about it.  Assad enjoys Putin’s protection, he did not need to do such an attack.

But the Islamic State, on the contrary, needed to accelerate the situation already set up throughout the meetings Arab leaders had with gullible Mr. Trump.   Soros presence is looming all along this choreographed scenario.

We condemn in the harshest terms the suffering of defenseless victims wherever they may be in the world.

At the same time, we have the right to expect the President of the United States to consider above all the interests of the American people before anything else.

So, unless America has been attacked, we have no right to go attacking other countries.  Period.

America has enough to worry about 

Do you hear the media complaining about Trump?   No.  That says it all.

Now Trump is behaving like the dream president they wanted, a globalist.  You can bet his progressive daughter number one is now glowing with a victorious grin.

It is not too much to expect from the President to remain focused on this country and on the American people’s well-being.   Is it?

Costly War for a quasi-Bankrupt Country

According to Bill Moyers, the cost of war for the American taxpayer in 2012 was:

$1.3 trillion in Congressional War Appropriations to the Pentagon — the official budget for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

$3.7-4.4 trillion estimated total costs to American taxpayers. This includes the official Pentagon budget (above), veterans’ medical and disability costs, homeland security expenses, war-related international aid and the Pentagon’s projected expenditures to 2020.

$1 trillion more in interest payments through 2020 on money the U.S. borrowed for war.

It all adds up to $6.5 trillion, in 2012.

On the other hand, the new Congressional Research Service or CRS report says the war in Iraq ended up costing $814.6 billion and Afghanistan has cost $685.6 billion.

Consider this as well, just because U.S. troops in Afghanistan no longer have a combat mission doesn’t mean they’re a bargain: the CRS report says the cost of keeping a single American soldier there this year is an eye-watering $3.9 million.

And, last but not least, at $1.25 million each, the one-ton missiles do not come cheap either.


No President of the United States should have the luxury to make mistakes.  That should be the goal despite knowing they will end up making mistakes.

Likewise, responsible American citizens must hold all presidents immediately accountable for their actions.

The litmus test?  Is he acting in the best interest of the American people?

Beware the personality cult.

Elections give people a president, not G-D.

The Syria strikes have been unprecedented.

Donald J. Trump should be ashamed to have America’s traitors like McCain and Rubio applaud his Syria strikes.

We know where Trump’s Syria strikes began, we don’t know when, where, and how will his aggression end.

I join Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannopoulos Katie Hopkins, right-wing blogger Paul Joseph Watson, Ukip leader Paul Nuttall and Ukip donor, Arron Banks, staunch Trump supporters like me:   We are disappointed, to say the least.

Trump was a heroic nationalistic, patriotic candidate to the presidency who made us dream of Justice for Americans.

He was our hero.

Now the hero has fallen off his pedestal.


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