The important group ALIPAC revokes their illegal immigration endorsement of President Trump based on his failure to accomplish his key campaign promises in his first 100 days.

Twisting and turning the truth will not help the country.  Under these circumstances, my readers must try to analyze if allegiance to the country is their overriding interest.

Presidents come and go.  The country and the people remain.

Immigration is a key topic that will shape the essence of the American soul and nature.

In the words of William Gheen, President of American for Legal Immigration PAC:

Donald Trump’s decision to not end Obama’s unconstitutional DACA Amnesty and dangerous Muslim refugee resettlement are his own decisions to break those promises and have nothing to do with courts, Congress, or Democrats who are powerless to stop him on those topics.

Each day Donald Trump engages in the same despicable Amnesty program Obama created is a day all Americans are deprived of a Constitutionally governed nation! DACA Amnesty nullifies existing laws created by Congress as a result of the outcome of many elections! Americans have rejected amnesty again and again, yet Amnesty is our policy through dictatorial actions by Obama and now Trump! Upholding the Constitution, our existing laws, and resisting this kind of tyranny must be the first objective of all Americans otherwise our elections and laws mean nothing!

100+ days is more than enough time for Trump to violate the Constitution, violate his oath of office, violate his campaign promises, and violate our existing immigration laws by giving jobs, ID, and Amnesty to illegal aliens before we have finally spoken out.

On the other hand, were you aware that Trump has signed an Executive Order raising critical refugee resettlement programs to Obama’s average of 62,000 per year?

Below is the letter of William Gheen explaining why they are the first ones to revoke their (important) endorsement of Trump for “betrayal of immigration promises.”


Real News: ALIPAC Revokes Trump Endorsement Due To Betrayal on Immigration Promises

For National Release

May 2, 2017

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) | [email protected] | (919) 787-6009

After months of activism efforts to encourage President Trump to honor his campaign promises, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is regretfully announcing the revocation of the organization’s endorsement of Donald Trump originally issued February 29, 2016.

ALIPAC’s supporters have endorsed, contributed to, volunteered for, and attended events and rallies to help Trump in response to his promises to enforce all existing immigration and border laws while ending Obama’s DACA Amnesty and building a wall on our southern border.

While Trump promised these things, he quickly caved and retreated on budget negotiations with Congress on funding for the wall this week, while continuing Obama’s overtly unconstitutional DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Amnesty for illegal immigrants! Trump is sending a message that most illegal aliens have nothing to fear from federal law enforcement and that implementation of US law will be based on his personal feelings instead of the Rule of Law. Trump has also issued an executive order setting dangerous refugee resettlement programs he promised to end at 62,000 imported per year, which is the same average Obama brought in during his terms. ALIPAC has also recently discovered Trump administration spokeswoman and Bush family ally Helen Aguirre Ferre promising future amnesty to illegal aliens on KJZZ radio! (Listen)

“We were so hopeful that Donald Trump would be a man of his word because the campaign promises he made to Americans were the things America needs to do to survive and thrive, but unfortunately, Trump has made it clear he cannot be trusted on his most powerful campaign issue of stopping illegal immigration and amnesty,” declared William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Our organization’s supporters have been fighting against illegal immigration and Amnesty for many years, and they say it is time for us to end our endorsement of Trump because a close inspection of his actual immigration policies show he is similar to Bush and Obama on Amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

ALIPAC is America’s only Political Action Committee focused on stopping and reversing illegal immigration and amnesty through the adequate enforcement of the nation’s existing immigration laws which are the product of our elections and Congressional votes on legislation.

Anticipating lots of consternation, disappointment, and confusion within the ranks of Trump’s base supporters in reaction to ALIPAC’s dropped endorsement, William Gheen is also releasing an open letter further explaining the PAC’s decision. (VIEW LETTER)

“Our organization ALIPAC will not support any elected official who violates the Constitution, their campaign promises, and their oath of office as Trump is doing by his continuation of DACA Amnesty, which Obama created out of thin air with memos,” said Gheen. “Trump promised to end DACA on his first day with a simple notice canceling Obama’s illegal directives. This was the most important thing Trump could have done to restore Constitutional governance in America, but instead, he is choosing the path of dictatorship Obama did.”

ALIPAC is also dropping the endorsement for Trump because Trump has placed numerous illegal alien amnesty backers into his cabinet and staff such as Reince Priebus, Alexander Acosta, Kellyanne Conway, John Kelly, Rick Perry, Rex Tillerson, Elaine Chao, Kevin Hassett, and Helen Aguirre Ferre, while anti-Amnesty figures such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and author Ann Coulter have all been left in the cold.

Trump endorsed pro-Amnesty lawmakers Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), and Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) during the GOP primaries of 2016 while each was being challenged by candidates endorsed by ALIPAC due to their promise to oppose amnesty for illegals.

ALIPAC recently discovered that Bush administration transplant and amnesty backer Helen Aguirre Ferre, who has been hired as Trump’s White House Director of Media Affairs, has been telling audiences that the White House is looking forward to Congress to pushing bipartisan immigration reform amnesty for illegals, but right now, the federal government will focus on the first step of enforcement. In an interview on Phoenix Arizona’s KJZZ radio, Trump spokeswoman Helen Aguirre Ferre said “We do look forward to working with Congress, in a bipartisan faction, to enact meaningful immigration reform, but we begin by securing our border. That’s step one…” (LISTEN TO INTERVIEW AT 10:55 mark)

Donald Trump never campaigned on passing any new immigration legislation or “immigration reform.” This “Secure the borders first” language is the same Americans have heard from those in Congress pushing Amnesty for the last four years.

This revocation of ALIPAC’s Endorsement of Donald Trump is being added to the Endorsements Page (View) at

For more information about illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, border security, and related issues, please visit


Rush Limbaugh has supported the organization and their President’s decision to sever their endorsement.

Time is of the essence.

America has an overflow of migrants.  Sadly candidate Trump led the American people to believe he was sincerely committed to their security and prosperity.

ALIPAC is demonstrating the contrary.


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