Marine Le Pen is a heroin, rising to save France, against all the odds.  Elections are underway in France.  The challenge could not be more urgent and dramatic.

L’enjeu ne pourrait être plus dramatique, la survie du pays, mais aussi sa culture millenaire et sa population entière auront leur avenir fracturé si les français ne se mobilisent pas en masses sur tout le territoire pour donner la victoire à la seule candidate qui veut sauver le pays, Marine Le Pen.  EB

It is not only the political fight that is in place.   It is above all the fate of France’s thousand years old history and culture, the anatomy of their society, the existence of cities, religions, and freedoms that today are at stake.

Who would vote for Marine Le Pen?

It would be the masses whose daughters have been harassed, raped already by Islam’s riffraff, the indigent Muslims who are traveling with their iPhones miraculously charged so they can roam and connect with “home.”

It would be the jobless in France, which comparatively to America, is not that many but for them it is meaningful.

It would be the nationalists, tired of giving up France’s hegemony for the European Union, those who want to hold French money instead of Euros.

It would be the French millennials, who want to have their country back so they can have jobs and raise their families in the France that belongs to them.

Who is against Marine Le Pen?

Just as it happened with Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen is running against all the odds.

The right and the left.  All religious groups, most notably the Chief Rabbi of France, Haim Korsia, who has broken with the tradition that religion and state do not mix.

Given that Mrs. Le Pen opposes the Jewish Kosher killing of animals and the Muslim Halal killing of their animals, the Chief Rabbi felt compelled to voice his opposition and has called on Jews in France to vote for Macron, the “unifying candidate,” in his view.

Little did the Rabbi consider first the national interest of France above any other element.  Macron wants to open all borders and give free entrance to all?  Oops, the Chief Rabbi forgot to think about it?

Marine Le Pen, on the contrary, will renew France’s sovereignty and independence, she will for sure make France First as well as French First.

How could the Chief Rabbi not think of France first?  We are Jews and our job is Tikkun Olam, help repair this world and be good to each of our country host and our compatriots.

Did the Chief Rabbi of France also forget Muslim rapes of French women, female genital mutilation, honor killings, rammings, stabbing, beheading, marriage to underage little girls, and more?

This morning, even her father seems to have come out against her, despite supporting his daughter on Twitter: “Moi, Je vote Marine Le Pen.”  We hope it was fake news.

Meanwhile, the French media received instructions making it a criminal offense to publish any anti-Macron information, especially his off-shores accounts.

But they see nothing wrong with posting a personal vendetta from a bitter elderly and jealous father against his daughter.  The lack of human decency is simply deplorable.  But, globalists will stop at nothing.

What a choreography they are putting in place to beat the heiress of Jeanne d’Arc!

IF Elected Marine Le Pen will be Much Better Than Trump 

Donald Trump was a wild card and Americans had to go with him as none other was better but they knew they were taking a risk.

He convinced the masses.  His delivery during his speeches at the rallies he financed was spectacular.

Indeed, Trump swept the masses off their feet.

But Trump is a family man.   His family and his family’s interests have been and always will be his first priority and examples proving this abound.

In comparison, Marine Le Pen was born into the Le Pens home.   Her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen is a staunch French patriot, decades-old politician, founder, and head of the Front Nationale, the nationalistic right-wing party.

Marine Le Pen is a lawyer by profession.  She has spent her entire life as a politician.  Compared to her, Macron is a kid who has to tell her she is a liar simply because he has no argument to counter her massive patriotic presence and her deeply rooted political stances.


I am writing this short article to say that as an Orthodox Jew, I support Marine Le Pen as President of France.

Her father was anti-semitic based on wrong information and we are here speaking about the next President of France, not about Israel’s Prime Minister.

Marine Le Pen brings new blood.   As Trump, she also carries some baggage, like not being enough conservative for our taste but rather a defender of freedoms.

Random, absolute freedom has not given good results for this world.

Freedom yes but there is a missing word:  Responsible Freedom, the one that makes people decide by themselves in a mature way that unless we respect boundaries of decency, humanity, then there will be growing chaos as we see it today.

And yet Marine Le Pen is the best candidate, no question about that.

If G-D decides that she has to win, she will.

We would see her victory as a plus for the world, for she has no family business brand to protect.

The Le Pen family are no billionaires, we doubt they have any businesses and therefore she would act solely for the good of France’s interest.

Nigel Farage has endorsed Marine Le Pen, a meaningful gesture by the man who stood up to the EU and who launched Brexit to victory.

Barack Obama endorsed her opponent.  And, the good news is that so far, Obama has always backed the losers, therefore we should take this as a good omen.

Madame Le Pen would be an excellent example for those politicians or pseudo-politicians that tend to compromise bearing in mind other interests than those of their country and the people they represent and whom they should have as their first priority.

I applaud Marine Le Pen’s remarkable courage and her unbreakable will to risk her life to defend her country.

France is worth saving.



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