Trump and Biden?  Why would President Trump allow the Bidens, remnants of the horrendous Obama era, replace his wife, the First Lady at the Invictus Toronto?

The President has too many interests at stake during his term which could be his only one. Given his circumstances, time will tell if he will finish it.

Browsing on the Daily Mail Online, I found a story about Prince Harry and his American girlfriend, Meghan Merkle.

Shockingly, I bumped on a photo of former Vice President Joe Biden who was with his wife Jill Biden sitting next to the Prince at the closing ceremony of Invictus Toronto.

Bitter remnants of the Obama era that we thought we had behind us in the past. And, yet…

The moving games focused the attention of the world on physically challenged athletes whose inner strength, iron will, and perseverance have moved them to cross the impediments of their limitations. A topic close to this author’s soul.

That made me resent even more seeing these abhorrent remnants of the Obama era.

In fact, what would not be my disappointment when I learned that even Obama had been in attendance.

Thus, rightfully, my question: Why has President Trump allowed that?

After all, it is Trump who is the decision-maker behind this.

What about the First Lady, Melania Trump, how could her husband sideline her?

To prove my point, Prince Harry was there from the beginning. Here the moment when he met the American First Lady:

The regular procedure should have been to allow Melania to stay there until the end of the games, maybe even attend with Barron.

It would have been a golden opportunity to allow Master Barron to share in the compassionate, athletic event.

Had it been impossible for the First Lady to stay there, well, she could have flown in for the closing ceremony. After all, Canada is a stone’s throw away from Washington, D.C.

Be it as it may, this kind of closeness between Donald Trump and Barack Obama/Biden leaves a bad taste of abuse of trust. It is not what Americans signed for when they got him elected.

How could the nationalist, patriotic candidate now turned President Trump choose to have these elements close to his presidency at any moment, in any way?

There may be many answers, but I for sure know that many are disgusted, disillusioned and disheartened by the apparent abandon of their President of that which is dear to their hearts and valuable for their lives.

Once again the answer to this enigma may well be close to home. The President could well be preparing the terrain for his daughter’s presidential bid in 2020.

After all, he brought her Kushner husband to his Administration, easier done because of the different family name, but the waiting time for the daughter was not long: March 2017.

And all indicates Trump may be preparing the globalist background to make her path a smooth one.

G-D help America.

Eliana Benador

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