Alabama, the time of truth has arrived on this 12 December 2017. 

Conservative America is holding their breath until the end of the day to find out who has won:  The Democratic manipulators of elections who back Doug Jones?  Or, the America First pro-Trump Conservative backers of Judge Roy Moore?

The stakes are high as even the realization of the President agenda could also depend on the outcome of this election.

Roy Moore’s nemesis, Jones, defends abortion, open borders, unlimited immigration, and the rest of the anti-American agenda.   He has no problem with any of it.

When even Planned Parenthood defends Jones, dismissing abortion as a critical element in the election, then we know how wrong he is for America.  Never forget the 55+ million American babies aborted during decades in America.  Imagine.  If they had not been murdered we would never have needed migrants or immigrants except in low doses.

“Planned Parenthood Votes — which lobbies on behalf of abortion rights for women and works to elect like-minded candidates for public office — hired Clarity Campaign Labs, a Democratic polling firm, to attempt to find out why many Republicans would not switch their vote from Moore to Jones, given the accusations of sexual misconduct against Moore.”

Naturally, Planned Parenthood and Clarity Campaign Labs come to a convenient conclusion:

“Clarity says results of the survey of 707 Alabama voters — conducted before the time the allegations against Moore were in the news — found abortion is an insignificant issue in the race.”

Doug Jones’s ultra-liberal extreme positions on abortion should not be erased or dismissed.

“To be clear, I fully support a woman’s freedom to choose to what happens to her own body. That is an intensely, intensely personal decision that only she, in consultation with her god, her doctor, her partner or family, that’s her choice.”

The trouble is, that once a woman is pregnant, she is hosting an entirely new person inside her and the proof is in the baby’s DNA which is not the same as neither mother or father.  And that, precisely, makes abortion a crime (unless the abortion is a must to save the mother’s life, of course.)   Giving one’s baby for adoption is a legitimate option.

Roy Moore hours before election

He gave an exclusive interview to Aaron Klein, where he declared his intention “to bring Alabama values, American values to [Washington,] D.C.”

In the last hours leading to the election, Judge Moore said at a Christmas gathering that

“… people from all across the world are watching the results of his battle with radical leftist Democrat Doug Jones for signs of what it may mean for the future of President Donald Trump’s agenda moving forward. He specifically shouted out to Breitbart News and Stephen K. Bannon, Breitbart’s Executive Chairman who was the White House chief strategist of President Donald Trump’s successful general election campaign against failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.” 

And he is right.  Indeed, in my many professional travels throughout the world, I have seen first hand the magnitude of America’s influence.

We, therefore, have an enormous responsibility not only vis-à-vis Americans but also must bear in mind the repercussions of all our actions at an international level.

This situation is even more critical on the moral ground, as the level of our moral commitment and allegiance to G-D will also influence the path the world will take on the spiritual quest and the growing conflict between right and wrong.

Judge Moore continues:

“I was just told by our sister that on Sunday they had people from France at our little church in the country — and Norway, different places, are watching this election. Why? I don’t know. They think it is probably a referendum on the direction of our country in the future about President Trump’s agenda and what he wants to do. I think he feels that. I know that Breitbart and Mr. Bannon feels that. I think I don’t understand that — but I have been told that by people intending to run out in Oklahoma and Missouri and that area. So, be that as it may, I guess we’re learning a lot.”

Alabamans electing Roy Moore will give Trump an ally for his agenda

Indeed, President Trump’s Agenda, as well as his America First and the Make America Great Again, Trump-doctrines, can only be enforced and achieved if the President has the necessary support by true Conservatives inside the Government.

That is why we Alabamans desperately and massively need to give Roy Moore their votes.

Many Americans ignore this, but the young country that is America enjoys a level of influence that is inversely proportional to the few 241 years old she is.

That number pales compared to European countries that, sadly, now are too keen in allowing in, peoples who want to destroy their millennia-old countries, their histories, their monuments, their cultures and their languages.

Given the size of the United States, the task of the invaders is a bit more difficult, but they are now inside.

That is why it is of utmost importance to elect a real conservative to represent Alabama so that the President can have the support he needs to do his job.

The Money is Pouring for Roy Moore’s Enemy

Indeed, the Democrats not only have tried to zap Judge Moore’s bid for this election on moral grounds just to slowly and inevitably see each of those lies uncovered.

Besides that, on the one side, there have been Democratic elements busy trying to register convicted felons to vote in the Alabama election.

“An organization partnered with a George Soros-financed group and led by a radical leftist who is the half-brother of the infamous controversial Rev. Al Sharpton has been diligently working over the past few weeks to register convicted felons across Alabama.”

On the other hand, the infamous Rosie O’Donnell “has maxed out donations to get Democrat Doug Jones, who is trailing behind Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore, elected to Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat on December 12.”

But, money does not buy everything 

Luckily, American conservatives have felt G-D’s Presence in their midst ever since Donald J. Trump launched his candidacy for President of the United States and whose incredible success was a testimony of G-D’s Ultimate and Almighty Power.

Mr. Trump a sober billionaire, showed Americans how not to waste money needlessly during a campaign.  Even Bloomberg had to surrender to the evidence:

He didn’t win the money race, but Donald Trump will be the next president of the U.S. In the primaries and general election, he defied conventional wisdom, besting better-financed candidates by dominating the airwaves for free. Trump also put to use his cash, as well as the assets and infrastructure of his businesses, in unprecedented fashion. He donated $66 million of his own money, flew across the country in his private jet, and used his resorts to stage campaign events. At the same time, the billionaire was able to draw about $280 million from small donors giving $200 or less.”

Impressive.  Thank you, Mr. President.


Now it is   G-D who will determine the outcome of today’s election in Alabama.

In Roy Moore’s words,

“It’s God’s will, whatever happens, so we’re expecting God to do whatever he does will be the right thing to do. This election is probably as big as any election has been.”

Meanwhile, Alabamans should take the road to the polling stations, help each other to get there, and cast their votes for Roy Moore to try to save the soul of America.

And we shall pray.

The rest is up to G-D.

G-D bless America.



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