The Donald Trump Western Wall Train Station named after Israel’s national hero, the American President who officially recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.  

Observant Jews are used to incessantly thanking G-D from awakening until the second before falling asleep.  Jews’ say endless blessings thanking the Creator of the world for everything.

That sentiment of gratitude is also ingrained in Jews in general, whether not so observant or not observant at all.

The Donald Trump Western Wall Train Station will commute Israelis to this Holy Site of Judaism, the Kotel or Western Wall

President Trump praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, May 2017

As I write these lines, my heart and my soul rejoice.

On the other hand, as many may know I firmly supported the presidential campaign of candidate Donald Trump. I did so exclusively because I considered he could be the best among all the candidates to be the President of America.  That was my only concern, as it should be.

Trump’s decision

While many question the wisdom of Mr. Trump’s decision, I know that along the road, events will unroll, and all will be clearer then.

Below, candidate Donald Trump promising his Jewish audience that, “We will move the American Embassy to the Eternal Capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.”  Watch the sentiment and the standing ovation:

He did it.  The courageous President has done what was overdue, right and just for the land of the Jews which until now and since it was Modern Israel, lacked a legitimate Capital as all other countries in the world.

The Muslim reaction 

As seasoned Jews know, Arab Muslims pal-estinians will react as usual, with their impenitent insolent violence.

Whoever has not yet gotten it, in a nutshell, the only goal they have is to push the Jews out of their homeland into the ocean.

Have the pal-estinian “authorities” ever said they recognize the right of Jews to live in their land?  No.  Never.  Not even one time.

The President has now fixed that wrong

As many Jews are saying in Israel and abroad, Donald Trump should be receiving many honors for his good deed.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that Minister of Transport Israel Katz has chosen to name the life-changing Western Wall Train Station after the President:

The Western Wall is the holiest place for the Jewish people, and I decided to name the train station that leads to it after president Trump – following his historicall and brave decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.

As a side remark, please note that the Jewish people have some holiest places in Israel besides the Western Wall, more known as the Kotel.  There is also, of course, the Temple Mount, as well as Ma’arat Hamachpelah also known as the Cave of the Patriarchs, which include Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives, our Matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah.   The fourth Matriarch who was Jacob’s second wife, Rachel is buried in Beit Lechem.  And so goes on the millennia-old-history of the Jewish people and their ancestors.

The Donald Trump Western Wall Train Station

As one can expect, the Donald Trump Western Wall Train Station is not just ‘any’ train station, but an extraordinary one, for its significance to the Israeli population, for its religious importance, as well as for the technological progress it will entail.

An Israel Railways train passes through Ein Yael in Jerusalem. Photo Credit Marc Israel Selem, The Jerusalem Post

The project began back in 2001, and naturally, it has gone through upheavals along the path.

America’s builder billionaire President Donald Trump will be proud of this honor.   He of all people will understand the endeavor and the effort, work, and the sacrifice invested in building his train station.

Among the benefits for the population are the fabulous 28 minutes ride between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, for a ride that normally takes at least 45 minutes and up to 120 minutes, or even more, depending on traffic.

It will also mean a significant advantage for tourism, as the only Israeli airport, the Ben Gurion Airport is in Tel-Aviv.

Katz said that he sees the project of extending the length of the railway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as the most important national project, and ordered officials in the Transportation Ministry to define it as a top priority mission.

In a statement, Katz said that the total sum of the price of this project is NIS 2.5 billion.

“Some 11 million Jews and tourists from the entire world visit the Kotel annually. According to the plan, two underground stations will be built, at a depth of 52 meters each,” he added.

Transportation Ministry Spokesman Avner Ovadia told The Jerusalem Post that without any delays or problems, this project could be finished in five years.

The Donald Trump Western Wall Train Station to improve commuting conditions for Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem commuters 

A nation of passengers will be delighted to welcome the opening of the Donald Trump Western Wall Train Station, in roughly five years which the Ministry of Transports estimates will take to build the last part between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

The wait will be worthwhile and hopefully, before that the brand new American Embassy in Jerusalem will also open its doors to the public.

As Minister Katz said:

 “The high-speed train… will ensure the status of Jerusalem and the ability for people to live there and to open businesses. It will completely change the relationship between Jerusalem and the rest of the country.”


In any event, The Donald Trump Western Wall Train Station will mark a new era in Israeli national commuting and more Israelis religious needs to pray at the Kotel or Western Wall will be facilitated by the highspeed train and its state-of-the-art train station.

Katz said a high-speed rail station would allow visitors to reach “the beating heart of the Jewish people — the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.”

With this most befitting first honor bestowed on America’s President, The Donald Trump Western Wall Train Station, Americans should be proud to see their President duly appreciated by Israel and the vast majority of the Jewish community in Israel and the diaspora.

We Jews, pray for President Donald Trump, the best ally Israel has ever known.

May G-D continue blessing him to do the best for the United States of America and to keep the alliance with Israel as strong as it has never been before.





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